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    Barter Collab For Male and Female High Margins
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Indian Hemp Organics – Barter Collab – Nutrition – 10k+ Followers

India Hemp Organics (IHO)

Consciously curated cannabis experiences for your best self🌿

About Brand & Products:

Consciously curated cannabis experiences for your best self🌿
Locally sourced, sustainably grown from the Himalayas 🏔

Founded by two visionaries who believe in the power of holistic health and wellness, IHO was born out of a grander purpose of healing the lives of our people, enriching our farmers, and helping Mother Earth to flourish. Cannabis, a plant that offers innumerable uses, has a deep-rooted history with our people, and one that is considered sacred as per our Vedic scriptures, still remains to be widely misunderstood. And so, India Hemp Organics (IHO) works to recreate and reimagine the way Cannabis is perceived and consumed in India. As a means of that, we have developed a wide range of Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines from the Hemp seeds and leaves, to offer our people a wholesome form of nutrition and a sustainable source of medicinal healing that’s holistic in nature.

Products in Barter Collab:

You will get below combo of the products:

Hemp Starter Pack ( Hemp Protein Powder – 100g, Hemp Hearts – 100g, Hemp Seed Oil – 250ml)

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Only Instagram or YouTube Influencers with 10k+ followers and having more than 3% engagement rate can participate.
  2. You should be a registered user at Hobo.Video for this brand barter collab.
  3. You should have uploaded at least 3 any videos in the past 15 days at Hobo.Video to participate in this.
  4. Should have created Instagram Reels videos actively in past with good engagement rate.
  5. Age: 21 years to 50 years

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Legal Guidelines:

Read thoroughly  Terms & Conditions Agreement for an Influencer before applying.

For Any Queries:

Reach out at [email protected] or Whatsapp at +91-8800260387

To apply for this campaign please visit hobo.video.