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    Barter Collab Contest For Male and Female High Margins
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Barter Collabs and Continuous Earning For Male Influencers | Pink Woolf

Pink Woolf

Healthy, Natural, and Enjoyable Shaving & Skincare Products

Drive Sales and contribute 2% to the Covid19 Relief Fund on each Sale! + Earn a huge commission on each sale! + Contest!

Pink Woolf is an Indian brand having natural and organic products for men and women in the category of shaving and skincare. Products can be directly purchased at Hobo.Video. In this collaboration with the brand and Hobo.Video, you will be receiving the products free of cost at your doorstep to experience the healthy, natural, and enjoyable Shaving & Skincare products that are well researched and Internationally benchmarked.

Platform Guidelines:

  1. By applying to this brand collab, you are entering into an agreement with Hobo.Video as mentioned in the link of T&C while you apply for the campaign. 
  2. Once you receive the product, you need to follow the Video and Post Guidelines mentioned below to create the video. 
  3. To participate in this campaign, you need to have an account at Hobo.Video as you will be asked for user name. 
  4. Keep your profile complete and with videos at Hobo.Video to get selected for this and future brand collabs.
  5. Once you post the video over Hobo.Video and your social media, please update us by submitting your post link/URL of social media at this link
  6. Keep your details complete in your Profile under Edit as shown in the below screenshot:

Video and Post Guidelines:

As per the brand’s need, you need to create a video of products within 7 days of receiving the product where you talk about the Top 5 benefits of Pink Woolf products and How to use Pink Woolf products in the video itself.

How to use:

  1. Prepare the skin with pre-shave oil,
  2. Lather with shaving brushes and soaps/ cream,
  3. Shave with a high-quality double edge safety razor,
  4. Moisturize with skin-specific aftershave products,
  5. Protect with the sunscreen SPF30,
  6. Cleanse with face washes, and ultimately,
  7. Protect your skin with the recovery night cream.

Additional Video Guidelines:

  1. Make the video in natural lights, with no background noise. Avoid using filters on the video.
  2. Ensure the background is nice and appealing to the eyes. Preferably, plain and light-colored.
  3. Be happy and full of energy in the video. Also, try editing and transitions in the video.
  4. Once you create a required video, please share the same at Hobo.Video. Once you upload it at Hobo.Video, you need to click on the Share, below the video and copy the link.
  5. Go to Instagram and use IGTV (preferable) or Reels to upload the video.
  6. Copied link from Hobo.Video platform after clicking on Share should be pasted into your bio and the post description of your social media post.
  7. Don’t forget to tag @thepinkwoolf and @in.hobo.video on Instagram in your post description.
  8. Use proper description about the post after the link.
  9. Use Hashtag as #HoboVideo and #WinPink in your post description.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You should be a registered user at Hobo.Video for this brand collab.
  2. You should have uploaded at least 3 videos in the past 15 days at Hobo.Video to participate in this.
  3. The participant should be a Diamond member.
  4. Open to Male participants.
  5. The engagement rate should be more than 2%.
  6. Be a citizen of India.
  7. Age Group- 18+ Years
  8. Clean shaved Influencers or Influencers who will get clean shaved while shooting the video are eligible to participate

Earning Criteria:

  • In exchange for the created and posted video, you are earning the free products.
  • Once your followers click on your shared link and purchase a product from it, you will receive 30% of the product’s value in your account on each sale. 
  • When users of Hobo.Video watch your posted video and purchase from it, you will receive 2.5% on each purchase.
  • Once you refer your influencer friend i.e. recruit them at Hobo.Video and when they earn, you shall earn 1.4% of their revenue.
  • When recruits of your recruit make sales, you earn 0.7% of their revenue

Free Products in Barter Collabs:

You can order two products for free as per your choice from the below:

  1. Choose One product from below and order for free:
    1. Pink Woolf Pre Shave Beard Oil – Oceanic Blue – Contains Olive Oil for Smooth Skin – 50ml
    2. Pink Woolf Pre Shave Oil – Seabuckthorn & Aloe Vera – for Men with Sensitive Skin – 50ml
    3. Pink Woolf Pre Shave Oil – Oudh & Sandalwood – Provides Razor Glide for a Smooth Shave – 50 ml
  2. Choose another product from below and order for free:
    1. Pink Woolf After Shave Balm – 50 ml for Normal to Sensitive Skin – Oudh & Sandalwood
    2. Pink Woolf After Shave Gel – 50 ml (Blue) for Smooth and Moisturized Skin

Free Ordering Guidelines:

  1. Login at the platform Hobo.Video
  2. Go to the Product Detail page by clicking on the above links
  3. Add Items to the cart which are allowed for free in this collab and go to Cart
  4. Apply coupon code Collab100 on the cart and proceed to checkout
  5. Add your Billing and Shipping Details
  6. Scroll down and select the option of Credit Card/Debit Card/NetBanking
  7. Review if the order amount is Rs. 0. If yes, place the order

Legal Guidelines:

If you don’t comply with the guidelines and harm the brand or Hobo.Video platform in any manner, legal actions would be taken against you after sending you a notice.

For Any Queries:

Reach out at [email protected] or Whatsapp at +91-8800260387

To apply for this campaign please visit hobo.video.