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Frequently Asked Questions

Hobo Overview

What is Hobo.Video?

Hobo.Video is a premier global destination and a social commerce platform driven by videos where billions of generation Z and millennial influencers, resellers, buyers, and friends are connecting and interacting with each other to make a perfect purchase with the help of community-driven recommendations.

How is hobo a fun and money making app?

Become a Creator

Create fun videos and tag products from your wardrobe or after purchasing at Hobo.Video. You earn the royalty every time endlessly when people purchase via your video. 

Become a Diamond Member (For Fat Margins)

Free membership, training, and lowest-priced products for 1000 early birds. Diamond members earn 70% more than VIP Members

Recommend Products and Recruit More Diamond Members in Your Network

Become an entrepreneur & own a micro store over Hobo.Video to share with your network and fans over Instagram, Facebook, MX TakaTak, Josh, Chingari, Mitron, Roposo, Zili, Moj, ShareChat, Changa, Rizzle, EloElo, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. Let us handle logistics and after-sale service for you.

Earn on yours or your recruit’s sale

Yes! You also earn when your recruit sells products. 

Who should use Hobo.Video?


Influencers, Resellers, Housewives, Students, Influencers, Part-Time Workers, Full-Time Workers, and Many More. 

It’s good for making extra income.

How much can I earn using Hobo.Video?

There are multiple categories of campaigns at Hobo.Video to monetize your network. 

Hobo.Video offers the highest revenue share in the market. Starting at 10% to as high as 40% depending on the campaign, brand, and membership. Influencers have the opportunity to start their own brand with zero investment. 

Can I work at Hobo.Video platform as a full time?

Yes! You can work on the Hobo.Video platform full-time. You can set your personal micro-store on the platform, drive sales, collaborate with brands, sell your own products, post reviews, and even create contests to earn over this platform. Being a mobile focussed platform Hobo.Video has a much larger reach as it is easily accessible across the globe.

Can I work at Hobo.Video as part time?

Hobo.Video gives an opportunity to work part-time as an influencer or reseller or video creator or reviewer on the platform. You can create engaging content at your convenience and post it from time to time to drive revenue for brands through your link. 

How can an influencer earn via Hobo.Video?

Hobo.Video helps influencers to showcase their creativity through video-driven content and monetize it through brand promotions, barter deals, paid collaborations, driving sales, owning their own store, re-selling, and connecting with trusted brands for product promotion and reviewing. 

How can a reseller earn via Hobo.Video?

As a reseller, you can set up a micro store on the platform and drive sales through a personalized link by sharing with your network who come to your micro store and make a purchase. Every time, they purchase, you earn a margin of 15% to 45%. You can also earn by recruiting Diamond or VIP members for them to make a sale. With every sale that your diamond or VIP recruit makes, you earn a share of the revenue generated. 

How can a student, part-time worker or house wife earn at Hobo.Video?

If you have a good phone, you can create a video to post at Hobo.Video. When members watch your videos and make a purchase from them, you earn the royalty every time endlessly. You can also set up a micro store on the platform and drive sales through a personalized link by sharing with your network who come to your micro store and make a purchase. Every time, they purchase, you earn a margin of 15% to 45%. You can also earn by recruiting Diamond or VIP members for them to make a sale. With every sale that your diamond or VIP recruit makes, you earn a share of the revenue generated. 

What different methods are there to earn at Hobo.Video?

Hobo.Video provides endless ways to earn for GenZ and Millenials via modern methods. For more details, please go through our expert advice:

Who all can earn over hobo?

Anyone can make money on Hobo.Video. It is easy and fun. To start making money over Hobo.Video, you can be a micro-influencer, nano influencer, brand, reseller, college student, part-time worker, full-time worker, or homemaker. If you’re committed, consistent, and creative, this social commerce platform driven by short videos is an amazing platform to work and earn.

How to make wealth at Hobo.Video?

There are many ways of wealth-making at Hobo.Video. You can earn via creating engaging content. You can earn through sharing and tagging content. You can also make wealth by recruiting new VIP or Diamond members. You can make commissions from the earnings of your recruits. You can also earn when a user makes a purchase from your Micro store. You can also make money by collaborating with brands for different campaigns and contests.

Who is a Diamond Member?

Diamond membership can only be achieved by reaching a few predefined goals on the platform. Unlike VIP membership, it is not free. Diamond members can earn almost double of VIP members. They can make commissions as high as 25 to 45 percent of the revenue they generate. The percentage of revenue share is highest at Hobo.Video.

How can I become a Diamond Member?

Once you register with Hobo.Video and join the platform successfully, you will be a VIP member automatically. This gives you an opportunity to start working and become a Diamond Member. You need to reach some predefined goals on the Hobo.Video platform to be eligible for Diamond membership. You will have access to all the required data once you register with Hobo.Video.

Who is a VIP Member?

Any eligible influencer joining Hobo.Video will automatically be a VIP Member once they have been qualified by our team. Moreover, VIP Membership is absolutely free. A VIP Member typically earns through video creation, content sharing, content tagging, and recruiting new VIP or Diamond Members. As a VIP member, you can earn 10 to 25 percent of the revenue you generate as a commission.

How can I become a VIP Member?

The process to become a VIP Member at Hobo.Video is very easy and absolutely free. You can access the two-page registration form here. Fill out the application form without any mistakes and submit it. After running a due-diligence, someone from Hobo.Video will reach you within no more than 7 working days.

How would I check my earned money from Hobo.Video?

You shall be sent a weekly report by our team over email or WhatsApp about your earned money or you can access the same report after requesting to our team.

What is meant by a recruit?

A recruit is a new member who joined the Hobo.Video platform as either a VIP member or a Diamond member. In case you are responsible for a number of recruits joining the Hobo.Video community, then they will be called as your recruits and you will make revenue from the earnings of your recruits. Every time your recruit earns money, you earn a percentage of the same. Yes, that’s how you create wealth!

More FAQs

What is a Micro Store?

A Micro Store is an online store that you can create, own, and operate, once you successfully join the Hobo.Video. You can find products from the Hobo.Video commerce platform. Create videos having these products that are relevant to your niche and add them to your Micro Store. You can make money through commissions from the sale of products from your Micro Store.

How can I create a Micro Store?

After registering and joining the platform successfully, you will have access to the tab to create a Micro Store in the left menu. You can follow the simple and clear instructions provided for your assistance and easily create your own Micro Store on Hobo.Video. Once the store is created, you can post the videos to your store and tag the products. You can share the link of your micro store with your network or followers on social media. You can also buy a product, use it while making a video and share the video on your social media platforms. Every sale generated through your Micro Store will earn you a commission. 

What is the payment cycle to receive money in my account as my earning?

We have a payment cycle of 14 days to disburse your earned money into your pocket. You need to provide and verify your bank account details or Paytm details to activate and start receiving money.