By Taniya Santani

Learning the ins and out of lead conversion can be your business’s greatest weapon if you learn the basics and how to use it. 

Once you have tried and tested marketing strategies to generate leads online, you need to take action to convert those leads into paying customers. 

 From the point of view of your business’s bottom line, new contact is only valuable if you can make them become paying customers or advocates of your brand, so it’s important to get this part of the marketing and sales process.  

5 Proven Ways to Convert Paid Ad leads

When you invest in online advertising, you have to make sure you have a strategy in a place to support traffic and potential customers. Just remember that all the money, time and effort invested in getting more leads won’t pay off if you don’t focus on converting them into paid customers. 

Here are the 7 proven ways to convert you paid ad leads: 

1. Invest your great copy  

High converting landing pages have a clear and compelling value proposition. To come up with the best wording, research your customers, their pain points, and the language they use. Instead of writing a catch all copy, make your copy sound like your customer wrote it. 

To sum it up, a quality landing page’s copy is: 

  • Value-critic, not product-critic 
  • Specific and uses figures instead of salesy slogans
  • Customer focused 

2. Create a compelling offer

Offers, also called lead magnets, attract visitors and convert them into leads. The most widely used types of lead magnet content are coupons, eBooks, demo versions of a product, quizzes, checklists, webinars, and so on. The only limits are your creativity.

Below are some tips on how to make your offer irresistible. 

  • Consider your offer as an investment: As many businesses already employ lead generation techniques, the content you provide should meet the highest standards. It should be useful, easy to comprehend, and beautifully packaged.
  • Use the “jobs to be done” approach: Think of your leads and their daily tasks and routines. Which of them are the most puzzling or time-consuming? 
  • Make your offer video: Today, it goes without saying that video is one of most in-demand formats. The impact of the Video Marketing report of claims that video content can increase your CTR. 

3. Use call to action 

A call to action is a message that motivates a person to learn more about your offer. It can be a button, a link or embedded in a blog post, website. Or email. It is an important part of any marketing campaign. As it routes traffic to your landing page. 

5 Proven Ways to Convert Paid Ad leads

NOTE: Personalize your CATs: personalization is a fast-growing trend for 2021. CATs are no exceptions; the more relevant the message, the better is the response. 

4. Invest your time (time is key)

Leads (a.k.a) don’t wait around – especially online, where they can move from one site to another with one click. They tend to stay on sites that provide one of the following 3 benefits:

  • Educational materials
  • Utility 
  • Or feedback 

Implementing a routine for handling income leads will not only ensure quick management, but also a way of capitalizing a golden opportunity. You can either use customer services software, or a company mail to which specifically trained people have access.

5. Always follow up 

This may seem like it should go without saying, but following up with a potential client is extremely important. Just a simple email or call asking a prospect if they have any questions can often kickstart a sale. 


Lead generation is not only the process of collecting your visitor’s contact info and personal data, it is about building a long-lasting relationship and providing value.