Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

By Saumya Gupta

The task of starting a business is tough. But we can all agree that running it with success becomes even more important. This area demands constant attention. The digital age relies on quality Content Creation amongst several marketing strategies. Billions of posts are published every day. It’s clearly tough to make your posts stand out in such a crowd that has talented people at the same time. To grab the attention of your audience, you NEED to upgrade your content marketing strategies. Every business has different requirements, which is why only a few tactics work for every one of them. Through the chosen and right content marketing efforts, it’s possible to attract and engage with the right audience. Big or small, businesses have to follow trends and tactics to boost their website’s traffic. Why more traffic? To list your business on one of the top search engines that are available on the internet. It’s important to please the virtual age.

To make the process easier for you, we have come up with a list of 10 such secrets. Copy them down and see what’s best for your brand!

1. Create a catchy and unique Headline

Your headline is the very first line of your article that your audience reads. If your reader sticks with your headline, they probably will go through the whole article. It defines your whole article, so working on it means your work on the article won’t go in vain. Make sure that it is unique because digital content is in abundance and people are looking for new inputs. Try making a big deal out of it. Through the headline, try to make them think that if they’re not reading it, they’re missing out on some very important information. You have to make your audience think that they could learn something from it.

Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

There are tricks as well as tools to create unique and engaging headlines that have the potential to make it to Google’s search results:

  • Search your topic of interest on Google and see what type of headlines come up. It will give you a rough idea of what all can make your headline as well as the content more engaging.
  • Run your headline through a Headline Analyzer. Google again has several free tools where you get a score and suggestions that would make it more engaging. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is one such tool. A score above 70 is good for your headline.
  • Use the primary keyword in your headline.
  • 50-60 characters is good for an ideal headline.
  • Try to be more positive. People turn to articles for content that serves their purpose and that would motivate them to read the article.

2. Introduction should be brief and interesting

A long introduction is not the key to grabbing the attention of potential readers. It should be short and simple. After the headline, the introduction is the second most important and noticeable part of any article. For the reader to keep going, everything is there in the introduction. It’s like an insight into the long article that was prepared by your team. And since our generation lives on a short attention span, it’s important to work that magic within a few seconds.

Readers have a reason and purpose to refer to an article online. The introduction should be able to target that purpose and aim to solve the problem. You can either do this or be narrative about it. A narrative introduction acts like a pre-break from an informative article. It also briefs the reader about the contents of the article in some way or another.

3. Write according to your target audience

Know your audience. This would help your team to work on content ideas that would appeal to them. You cannot try to please every kind of audience, because if you do, your content won’t serve the actual and specific purpose. Explore different communities on Hobo.Video to understand what’s trending right now. Since these communities are based on specific themes, you will get audience-specific ideas for your brand too. It’s also a great way to get in touch with leading influencers or create a list for your client base.

Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

Millennials and Gen Z are the reason why digital content creation is hyped up. They drive Social-marketplaces like Hobo.Video, and also make up a large chunk of your target audience. These two groups practically grew up on technology. That’s why they have high expectations and believe that technology can boost business sales.

At times, people have to go through many rounds of searches on Google or Bing to come to the final solution. You can try to include all the solutions in one article so that they do not have to wander around. For instance, there are sites that compare the prices of products across brands for their customers. It’s serving an overall purpose and is also very informative at the same time.

If your article is something that is irrelevant to the audience’s needs, they will not share the article on other social media platforms. The first step to finding a relevant topic is searching about it on top search engines like Google and Bing.

You can also use tools like Buzzsumo and Ubersuggest to find articles and keywords that are performing best in the market. When you have content, go through them. Then write an even better article that targets the right audience, has more details, and is in line with the latest trends.

Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

5. Use Visuals in your article

Understand the vitality of visuals. Use infographics, and relevant images in your blogs that support your content.

Another very successful way is to create promotional videos. Explore Hobo.Video, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. You’ll come across online shopping videos promoting brand products. See? Videos are not only for fun but can actually bring in profits for your business if used properly. Plus, Millennials and Gen Z crave visual content in comparison to written content. For them, it’s like a mixture of entertainment and knowledge. For the brand, this combination is like harboring future profits.

Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

6. Learn Content Marketing and SEO Strategies

It’s very important for a business to know its audience before creating engaging content. There are many online tools to look for keywords that are in demand. One of them is Google Trends. All you have to do is type your main keyword into the search box, and Google will present you with a graph. This graph shows how many searches were received on that keyword during a specific period of time. Time-period can be set on the basis of options provided above the chart.

Do this, and you’ll get a rough idea about how the keyword is performing in the market. It also gives you a list of keywords that are relevant to the keyword you searched for.

Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

If you want a more detailed analysis, type ‘SEO Keywords Tool’ on Google and hit the search button. Digital content creation has seen a rise over time. That’s why there are several such tools on the internet to help businesses create the right content for their audience.

7. Make your content available in different formats

Your content might be informative, but you also need to make it more accessible across platforms for readers to go through it and follow your brand for more such updates. You can summarise the whole article, make a checklist, and put them in the format of a poster to easily share it. Apps like Canva and Adobe Sparks have thousands of templates you can choose from. In addition, if your audience downloads an article, you can give them a pack of other articles or mail it directly to them. For this, you might have to include a CTA (Call-to-Action) Button on your page to make your articles downloadable.

8. Check for Readability

Long sentences and complex words confuse readers. But it’s also tough to edit a 2000-word article on this basis. But we have a solution for this too. Hemingway Editor is one such tool that you can use to check your content for long and complicated sentences. It also points out technical jargon which can be replaced with simpler words for the audience to understand. A score of 7 and below is considered to be good.

Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

9. Produce high-quality content for your brand

In this digital age, people value digital content creation. Why? Because those groups driving today’s markets practically grew up on the internet and various technological advancements. So, it has become a way of life. Especially during this pandemic, online content is more in demand. If you find it difficult to produce content, then hire someone else to do it. Get in touch with a content creation agency, or ask a freelancer for it. Since they’re experts, they would ensure the quality of content, which would further expand content output. All you need to do? Learn how to manage your business creatively along with managing those who work for you.

You can also sign up on Hobo.Video as a brand and list your products there. Influencers who would be interested in your brand would collaborate with you. This way you can outsource your work and gather a larger audience through the work of nano and micro influencers.

Top 10 Content Creation Secrets to Wow your Readers

10. Refer to trusted sources

It’s always good to mention other good brands or marketing studies to make your article more credible and authentic. But you need to choose the most trusted sources from the vast amount of online content. It shows that your research on the topic can be trusted over other articles. Plus, it pushes your article up on search engines as more and more people share it. You can always support an argument with a study that was conducted by a reputed organization. Or you can mention universities, government sites, media sources, and other brands to make it more credible.


Consider the diversity and understand the points, not all tactics would work on every idea. It’s your responsibility to choose the ones that would increase engagement with people, as well as search engines. Since every business runs on a different idea and model, their needs are different.

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