Top 15 Twitch Streamers

By Riddhi Kapoor 

Twitch has come to the force as a brand new platform just like Hobo.Video but for gamer to connect and flaunt their skills. Top gaming influencer’s have huge followers on Twitch and dominate the site and become the best twitch streamers. 

Twitch is that one platform where streamers can rise and grow a large following in no time. Followers can interact with their streamers in real-time, this, in turn, creates a strong bond between the two. 

There is a reason why Twitch streamers earn so well and why is the site becoming popular day by day!

Here are the top 15 Twitch streamers who are leading the scoreboard;

Riot Games

It is an American games video company. They live stream eSports championships on their channel. Their main emphasis is on the North American and European League of Legends Championship Series. They also live stream legend or league tournaments with twitch streamers.


Micheal Grzesiek aka shroud is a top-notch professional Counter-strike player. He is one of the most popular players and his audience is entertained through watching him in action. He is one of the biggest twitch streamers with more than 50 hours a week of streaming. 


Auronplay is a Spanish streamer with 84M views on his channel. He is one of the fastest-growing streamers. He is often find playing Rust, a survival game. 


Jaryd Lazar, summit1g (online name) a 28-year-old from Colorado, USA, streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Fortnite. On January 25, 2018, he became the most followed Twitch streamers. Earlier he was a competitive counter-strike player but now he is a full-time streamer. 


Tyler Blevins aka Ninja plays for Luminosity Gaming. He plays and live-streams games on his channel 5 days a week and for around 80 hours a week.  While playing he also interacts with his audience. He usually describes himself as a professional Halo player. Currently, his focus is on Fortnite, although he also plays League of Legends.


Imaqtpie is a former league of legends player from Florida. He often spends his nights playing and is one of the biggest twitch streamers. Imaqtpie streams for 6 days, 9 hours per night. He is the champion of the flippers360 LAN and a former member of Dignitas, a professional gaming team. 


Thomas Morris has been streaming for the past 6 years. He started when he was just 17 years old. He plays and streams a new game every day. Apart from streaming, he is the co-owner of the NRG esports gaming team. 


Also known as Bean Bandit. He started streaming in 2011 and he streams regularly since DayZ was released. He is a PC gamer and plays Arma 3, Fortnite, H1ZA, and Playerrunknown’s Battleground. Bean Bandit is a super private person and rarely uses his real name even after being one of the best twitch streamers. 


Ali Hassan and Ninja are fellow teammates (Team Luminosity). SypherPk actively collaborates with other YouTubers and streamers. He is also a professional Fortnite player. 


He plays as a part of the FaZe clan. He is popular for playing the games Call of Duty and Fortnite. Nick Kolcheff is also an esports pro and a bodybuilder. 


Marcus Hill is a Hawaiian-born ex-professional league player. He retired from his professional tournament gaming in 2015 but still continues to be a part of it as a streamer. He has been one of the biggest ragers in professional gaming and has been to 5 world championships. 


Rabia Yazbek is a 23-year old from Michigan, USA. He’s known as Nightblue3 in the gaming world and has been playing League of Legends for 7 years. According to him, his Twitch channel is a place where he can share gaming tips, tricks, and advice while having fun. 


One of the most popular League of Legends gamers. With his good sense of humor and quirky personality, he has won many hearts and this helped him to get a huge number of followers. His gaming style is quite energetic too! He has a huge following on other social networking sites as well. 


He is most likely to be found playing Call of Duty or Minecraft or organizing talk shows. Tom Cassel is probably the most entertaining Twitch streamer and quite down to earth too. The reason for his success is the amount of content he posts regularly on his youtube channel. 


His real name is Timothy John Betar. He belongs to the USA and is a full-time streamer. He is a family-friendly Twitch streamer, he is often found asking his audience to mind their language. TimTheTatman streams with his wife and his audience pays $5 to subscribe to his channel. Counterstrike and World of Warcraft are his most favorite ones. 

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