Fantraa Beard and Hair Growth Oil Enriched With Coffee Bean Extract – 50ml


Beard and hair growth oil with all-natural coffee bean extract and deep absorbed technology, which restores your hair health.

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Fantraa – Men’s professional essential Beard & Hair Growth Oil is formulated by Cosmeceutical experts. The growth oil designed by Deep Absorbed Technology (DAT) provides quickly absorbed to a deep layer of the skin which resulted in rapid anagen phase growth of the hair follicle and remove bald, patchy Beard & Hair loss (alopecia) problems.

The unique formulation is made with the best hair promoting essential oil, co-promoter and carrier oil. The Coffee Bean extract is clinically proven the promoting hair cellular proliferation and block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to resulted in new hair follicle cell development and stimulate keratinocyte proliferation. Grape Seed Oil is the rich source of Procyanidin b2 help to promote new hair follicles. Rosemary Oil improves micro blood circulation to ensure enough nutrition supply for the hair follicle.

Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla & Vitamin E provide antioxidants, nutritional support to help in hair follicular enlargement and prolongation of the anagen phase of hair growth cycle. The essential ingredient easily crosses the skin layers using Coconut Oil and Glycerin performed as the carrier. Fantraa’s Growth Oil ensures your healthy, natural, sustain Beard and Hair growth.

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