Globus Naturals Anti-Ageing Foaming Face wash with Pomegranate Lemon Banana Milk 150 ml Pack of 2


Globus Naturals Pomegranate facial foam is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, it helps delay the signs of aging. These antioxidants also fight skin inflammation and treat acne breakouts and dark spots. They also naturally brighten the skin. It is perfect cleansing solution for oily and congested skin. FEATURES:- Formulated with 100% pure herbal extracts- Pomegranate, Banana, Lemon Peel Free from harmful chemicals, colorants Dissolves makeup and impurities, softens skin and helps lighten the complexion Light hydrating face wash with moisture balance formula combat acne breakouts Delays signs of aging Helps in controlling collagen depletion HOW TO USE:- 1. Apply the cleanser to your face by rubbing hands along your entire face 2. Rub the cleanser gently into your skin in circular motion with your fingertips 3. Wash off the cleanser by splashing water onto your face 4. Pat dry with towel.

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