Globus Naturals Intensive Care Tea Tree Conditioner with Wheatgerm oil & Lemon Extract 200ml



Dry hair can lead to splitting and breaking, not to mention frizziness and static. Your scalp secretes oils to moisturize your hair, but this oil tends to build up around the scalp. If you have long hair, the roots may be oily, but the rest of your hair can be dry and brittle. Wheat germ oil in this conditioner which is comprised of long-chain fatty acids that give it emollient properties, to relieve dryness and add softness and moisture to your hair. It is used to condition and soften your hair, particularly if you frequently use heat or colorants.Special PH balanced formula is gentle enough to use everyday. Discover silky soft hair with Wheatgerm oil and Lemon Intensive care Conditioner. 


  • Special PH balanced formula is gentle enough to use everyday 
  • Stimulate Hair Growth, Reduce Hair Loss 
  • Prevent or Treat Dandruff and Dry Scalp 
  • Improve Overall Appearance of Hair 
  • No sulphates and no parabens infused with organic Wheatgerm oil, Lemon, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe vera extract 



After cleaning your hair with wheatgerm oil & lemon shampoo apply conditioner. Run this through the end of your hair,try to apply it to every strand of hair. Lather and let it settle.Leave for 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.

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