GLOBUS REMEDIES Naturals Skin Brightening Rice Water Foaming Face Wash, 150 ml



Globus Skin Brightening foaming facewash improves complexion, nourishes and makes the skin soft. It is a unique formulation with natural ingredients. Its natural action involves reduction of the black melanin in the skin without changing the skin’s natural balance. Saffron is used to nourish and lighten the skin. 


  • Formulated with 100% pure herbal extracts 
  • Free from harmful chemicals, colorants & parabens
  •  Skin lightening & brightening formula Rich in vitamins & minerals 
  • Leaves skin hydrated & refreshed
  •  Foaming Face Wash, Suitable For All Skin Types 

How to use: Apply the cleanser to your face by rubbing hands along your entire face.Spread it to your forehead along your cheekbone and nose, and on your chin.Rub the cleanser gently into your skin in circular motion with your fingertips.Wash off the cleanser by splashing water onto your face.

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