Larel Body Balm With Hyalronic Acid And A Scent Of Silk (300 ml)


Aids skin moisturizing.Improves tension and resilience
Prevents premature ageing
Gives an effect of beautifully brightened skin

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Illuminating body balm contains micro particles of gold ,making the skin and giving natural freshness and glow .its innovation moisturizing formula Is rich in many beneficiary components ,such as: Hyaluronic acid -aids skin moisturizing ,prevents water loss ,improves tension and resilience ,prevents per-mature  almond oil  smoothness and moisturizes the skin ,helps prevention of stretch marks smoothness and firms the skin .silk extract -smoothness the skin and reduces its unevenness ,is capable of binding and retaining moisture in the skin Application :Apply a small amount of the balm and massage the body gently .suitable any type of skin. For everyday use.

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