Organic Harvest Pink Lip Balm(Lily), 10gm


Organic Harvest Pink Lip Balm(Lily), 10gm

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Organic Harvest?s Lip Balm is a rich concoction of shea butter oil, organic jojoba, and lily extract. Since two of the three ingredients are packed with vitamin E, the properties of nourishment are par excellence. The product is ideal for removing dead cells and surfacing new cells, leading to youthful and plump lips. It can be used by both men and women to counter dry and chapped lips.
As a skincare and haircare brand, Organic Harvest takes immense pride in being the first home-grown brand. Our motive is to bring to you the goodness of nature in its rawest form. Hence, we refrain from adding parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, or any harsh additives to our products. Furthermore, all the processes that we employ to derive raw materials or process the product are in strict adherence with the eco-friendly norms. Our practices have been acknowledged by global organizations such as Natrue, OneCert, and EcoCert that have certified Organic Harvest.

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