Pink Woolf Boar Hair Shaving Brush & Natural Shaving Soap Combo (Seabuckthorn & Aloe Vera), Makes a Perfect Shaving Kit for Men


The Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush’s bristles are now softer than earlier and of natural boar hair. This large soft shaving brush makes rich lather from our natural shaving soap (with an ayurvedic recipe) to apply on your beard.nnWith its mid-stiff & super-absorbent bristles, the shaving brush raises your facial hair to give you a smooth Pink Woolf shave. It also exfoliates your face while you shave. PLEASE NOTE – the shaving brush may have the characteristic boar smell and the bristles may shed in the initial shaves. Both reduce after a few shaves. HANDLE: Resin, TOTAL HEIGHT: 108-110mm, LOFT: 55-58mm, KNOT DIAMETER: 27-28mm, HAIR: Boar BristlennThe Pink Woolf Shaving Soap is a pleasant combination of soothing green tea, blueberry, and neem. From the first whiff to creating lather to shaving, the shaving soap energizes, cools and feels fabulous on your skin with its unique combination of essential oils (Tea Tree, Olive, Almond, Grapeseed, and Coconut) and Shea Butter, Glycerine, Neem, Ashwagandha, and Licorice Roots. Perfect ingredients for anti-aging and a smooth, soft skin.nnThe Soap comes in a 100 g jar that allows for superior lather creation and lasts (as reported by customers) an average of 6 months or 140 shaves. The wide jar allows the thick shaving brush to rotate and create the best lather for your beard. nnFor best results, drop a few drops of warm water on top of the soap for a few minutes before you start lathering with a moist boar shaving brush. Its a notch above other shaving products with an all-natural cast. Combine the shaving brush and shave soap with our shaving essentials that are Proudly Made in India. We use quality ingredients & traditional techniques that make shaving an enjoyable experience.

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