Globus Naturals Purifying Coffee Foaming Face wash 150 ml |Enriched with Sugarcane & Salix Caprea |Deep Cleanse Formula |100% Natural | Paraben Free | SLS Free | All Skin Types


Our face cleanser is free from SLS, Paraben & other harmful chemicals. It’s packed with natural coffee, sugarcane & salix caprea extract. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant that makes your skin look younger and also fights acne & pimple. The super coffee grounds naturally exfoliates the skin and leaves it smooth. Glycolic & Salicylic acids are naturally derived from Sugarcane & Salix caprea. These acids help clear out skin and exfoliate it deeply. Both these acids help in combating acne breakout and controls oil and sebum production in skin. It effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities from skin and makes your skin look soft and glowing. Get a healthy and glowing skin everyday with Purifying Coffee Face wash. Free from Sulphates & Parabens.

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