Pink Woolf Boar Bristles Shaving Brush (Black Handle)


The Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush’s bristles are longer than normal and of natural boar hair. This medium-large brush makes quick work of any shaving soap or shaving cream. With its stiff bristles, it exfoliates your face while you shave. And as you keep shaving, the brush breaks in and starts softening & bloomingnThe brush raises your facial hair to give you a smooth, perfect shave everytime. Handle: Resin, Total Height: 110mm, Loft: 58mm Knot Diameter: 25mm, Hair: Boar BristlenThe brush’s super-absorbent holds water longer allowing you to enjoy wet traditional shaving. It comes with an elegant & easy to grip handle that complements your bathroom decornPLEASE NOTE – the boar shaving brush may have the characteristic boar smell and the bristles may shed in the initial shaves. Both stop after a few shavesnCombine the brush with our shaving brush stand and start your day with the Pink Woolf shaving products. We use quality ingredients & traditional techniques that make shaving an enjoyable experience. Made in India

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