Pink Woolf Ceramic Shaving Soap Mug with Handle (Black)


The Pink Woolf Ceramic Shaving Bowl is a perfect tool for all shavers. You can use the mug to create consistent & thick lather with an almond (or two) size shaving cream or simply put a shaving soap puck in the mug and enjoy unparalleled lathernThe bowl is wide enough to create a large amount of foamy lather with the Luxury Cushion Ultra Moisturizing Shaving Cream and is the perfect partner for the Pink Woolf range of Synthetic and Boar shaving brushesnEasy-To-Use: The convenient & designer handle allows you to conveniently hold & create lather at any angle with its light weight of just 305gs. Enjoy your Sunday shave like never beforenUse Hot Water: The thick ceramic walls retain temperature longer, for best results pour warm water in the mug a few minutes before generating lather and feel the warm lather caress your face and provide a sublime shave, just like at the barber shop!nThe smooth surface starts your day on a luxurious basis and is easy to clean. Its dimensions are diameter: Base 5.2 cm, Top 9.4 cm, and Height 7.7 cm. Till you get your razor and shaving brush stand, it will serve as an organizer for your shaving tools thus saving space. Black and elegant, it makes the perfect gift with its functional and classy packaging. Proudly Made in India.

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