Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush and Shaving Brush Stand for Bathroom Rosewood Finish


The Pink Woolf Polished Wooden Shaving Brush stand for bathroom is a must for storing your Boar Shaving Brush from Pink Woolf. Includes a 1 screw and a plastic anchor for easy mounting on your bathroom wallnnThe Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush’s bristles are now softer than before and glued together better so the bristles don’t come out. This large soft shaving brush makes rich lather from any shaving soap or shaving cream to apply on your beard. The brush raises your facial hair to give you a smooth Pink Woolf shave and exfoliates your face while you shave. Always hang your brush upside down in a shaving brush stand.nnPLEASE NOTE – the shaving brush may have the characteristic boar smell and the bristles may shed in the initial shaves. Both reduce after a few shaves. HANDLE: Resin, TOTAL HEIGHT: 108-110mm, LOFT: 55-58mm, KNOT DIAMETER: 27-28mm, HAIR: Boar BristlennNow comes with four Bumpons to ensure standing water does not damage the base of the stand. It is also a great way to place it on a cabinet. After Shaving, wipe the brush bristles with a towel and hang it upside down so they dry out. Keep your bathroom looking elegant, tidy and air-dry the shaving brush for optimal performance the next day. nnCombine the brush with our brush stand for bathroom and start your day with the Pink Woolf shaving essentials. We use quality ingredients & traditional techniques that make shaving an enjoyable experience. Proudly Made in India

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