Pink Woolf Pre Shave Beard Oil – Oceanic Blue – Contains Olive Oil for Smooth Skin – 50ml


Start enjoying shaving with the Pink Woolf Pre Shave Beard Oil. The shaving oil softens your beard and and eliminates all shaving irritations and razor burns for a smooth and comfortable shave. nnEssentials Oils – Grapeseed, Wheatgerm, Sesame, and Tea Tree moisturize, condition, and prepare the skin for a smooth shave. And slow absorbing Essential oils – Olive, Sunflower, and Almond stay on the surface and provide a lubrication barrier for a razor glide. There is no oily residue and your skin feels softer & healthier.nnOur pre-shave oil has a subtle, clean, and uplifting scent that works wonders on your skin & senses. Start your day with it. nnHOW TO APPLY: Before shaving, apply a small amount of PreShave Oil onto hands and massage into the beard to help lift the hair.nnPacked in small batches to help keep the freshness of the product. Combine the PreShave Beard Oil with our shaving essentials Made in India. We use quality ingredients & traditional techniques that make shaving an enjoyable experience. We do not use toxins, parabens, sulphates, or dyes. This pre shave oil is a notch above other shaving products and leaves your face buttery smooth & supple.

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