Pink Woolf Synthetic Shaving Brush (Black Handle)


The Synthetic Bristle shaving brush with cruelty-free bristles gives you a close & smooth shave. And is best suited for shavers transitioning from cartridge razors/ electric shavers to the wet traditional shaving worldnThese bristles have taken the wet traditional shaving world by storm as it whips up dense lather with a shaving cream or shave soap with its advanced bristles. The brush raises your facial hair and has a fantastic face-feel to give you an irritation free shavenA simple, classic, and easy to grip handle resin handle completes the aesthetics and is a welcome addition to your bathroom decor. The shaving brush bristles dry out fast, making them easier to clean and maintain. And its medium size makes it easy to use in every day’s shave or while travelingnCome to think of it, it rivals the badger brush in both comfort and performance with comparable water absorption levels. The 22mm knot hits the sweet spot in flexibility, rigidity, and durability to produce the best lather for younCombine the brush with our shaving brush stand and start your day with the Pink Woolf shaving products. We use quality ingredients & traditional techniques that make shaving an enjoyable experience. Made in India

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