10 Steps to Create an Effective Content Strategy to Grow Your Brand: Ultimate Guide 2021

 By Rabjot Kaur

Looking at the growing digital world around us today, makes us realize how important it is for a business or brand to exist successfully on a social media platform. In this story, we are covering 10 Steps to Create an Effective Content Strategy to Grow Your Brand Whether you are a micro-influencer or a big Instagram brand you are required to have effective content to grow your brand on your platform, which definitely requires an effective content strategy. Hobo.Video is the right place to come if you want your social media growth. 

Firstly as a budding influencer or a brand, it will always seem easy to post whenever a creative idea strucks. But later on, when it grows, you will require an effective strategy which will make your work much more organised. 

So firstly, let’s talk about what exactly a content strategy is !

grow your brand
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Content Strategy

A content strategy involves planning, development and management of the content. Applying this strategy will lead you to gather more attention and engagement from your target audience, and will help you boost your brand.

The social media growth in India has increased by 21% from 2020, and over 78 million people joined the social platforms according to Digital 2021 : India . Over 91% of businesses are using content marketing strategies for the growth of their brand today according to SEMrush.

Grow your brand with Effective Content Strategy

In addition, to apply the strategy successfully you will have to include the use of technical aspects such as SEO and use applications that can schedule your posts. Most businesses are using different types of calendars to organise their posts. Applications like Trello and Loomly help the team to organise and grow their social following. You should stick to the online platforms as they also help in connecting to online scheduling applications like Hootsuite.

Most importantly keeping in mind the availability of resources. You will have to ensure the availability of the content creators in your team such as graphic designers, SEO experts, social media managers, tech writers etc. The availability of resources also include content organizing applications such as powtoon, hootsuite, penji, CoSchedule, Post Planner etc. 

But How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

So the question arises is how to create an effective content marketing strategy. To create an effective content marketing strategy you will have to include all the important elements which make a content strategy work. So let’s talk about the important elements which will come together and form an effective content strategy for your social media growth. 

Elements Of An Effective Content Strategy 

  1. Define Your Goals
Elements Of An Effective Content Strategy
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Firstly, to build an effective content strategy to grow your brand is to define your goals. Defining the short term and long term goals of your business in the very beginning will give you a clear direction in which you will have to put your efforts to achieve the growth. The goals you build have to be SMART i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Without these goals your content strategy will lose direction and will not lead to success.

  1. Build Your Brand Identity
Build Your Brand Identity
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Building your brand’s identity plays a huge role in targeting your audience. When you are aware of what exactly your organisation does and what are your brand’s missions and values, you create your own unique identity. Being consistent in your work style will also help in creating your brand identity. Creating your unique brand identity will help you in standing out amongst those hundreds and thousands of businesses who are striving to gain the customer’s attention. After the successful generation of your unique brand identity you will be much more consistent, which will bring trust and confidence amongst your target audience.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience 
Build Your Brand Identity
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Try to identify whom you are trying to reach! Your content strategy will only be effective if you identify your exact target audience. You should know what your target audience needs, how they want you to communicate with them, when they are most active and what they like. 

Here are some social media demographics which will show you a clear picture of what platforms are being preferred by audiences these days :  


  •  Monthly Active Users – 2.7 billion
  •  Largest Age Group – 25-34
  • Gender – 44% female, 56% male
  • Time spent per day – 38 minutes


  • Monthly Active Users – 1 billion
  • Largest Age Group – 25-34 (33.1%)
  • Gender – 57%female, 43%male
  • Average time spent per day – 29 minutes


  • Monthly Active Users – 187 million
  • Largest Age Group – 30-49 (44%)
  • Gender – 32%female, 68%male
  • Average time spent per day/week  – 3.53 minutes per session


  • Monthly Active Users – 738 million
  • Largest Age Group – 46-55
  • Gender – 51%male 49% female
  • 63% of LinkedIn users access the network monthly, and 22% weekly.


  • Monthly Active Users – 738 million
  • Largest Age Group – 46-55
  • Gender – 51%male 49% female
  • 63% of LinkedIn users access the network monthly, and 22% weekly.

Knowing what your target audience wants is of utmost importance. The content you deliver on your platform should always cater to what your audience demands. Initially, gaining followers on your social media accounts can be easy, but keeping those followers engaged and intact is totally a different game. To sum up, being up to date with new and engaging trends will always help in keeping your audience entertained as well as will boost your engagement. 

  1. Brainstorm Your Content yo grow your brand
Brainstorm Your Content yo grow your brand
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You should have an impressive feed with a mix of content. It should include blog posts, social posts, white papers, email drip campaigns etc.

So, let’s consider some tips to make your feed impressive !

  • Use specific colour tones or similar filters to keep your feed consistent.
  • Keep your posts in the correct order.
  • Crop your photos as per the grid’s dimension.
  • Post only the content which has been thoroughly planned.
  1. Organize Your Content
Organise Your Content
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Keeping your content organised will save you from the last minute haste! 

A lot of time can be saved by organising your activities. You can use online scheduling applications or calendars which can assist you in keeping your posts on track. Some of the examples of social media scheduling tools are as follows :

  • Sprout Social – This tool helps you schedule your posts on calendar and also lets you publish your content on multiple profiles in just a simple step.
  • Airtable – This tool helps in content planning as well as social media scheduling. Teams or individuals can also decide the future post promotion across various social sites.
  • Tweetdeck – This tool can be used specifically for Twitter. It lets you set a time for your tweet to go. It includes a twitter dashboard for users.
  • Sked social – this tool allows users to prepare their photos, captions and hashtags for repeated use. 
  1. Analyze Your Content
Analyse Your Content
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Analysing your content will lead you to the important information of what type of content your audience really wants to see. The reach of your content will let you know what is trending and what is not on your social media account or business platform. Furthermore, daily analysis of your posts, videos, and hashtags is necessary. You should create more content of the type which was earlier appreciated by your audience, which will lead to the ultimate growth of your brand.

  1. Consider Your Competition
Consider Your Competition
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Carefully observe your competitor, their work, their strategies, and always try to learn from them. You need to know what your peers are up to. Incorporate your competitors’ tactics and strategies in your own plans. Try to be aware of what strategies are working for them and whatnot, whether you are missing out on some important tactics which they are applying. In short, after analyzing your competitor’s strategies, compare them with yours and try to build your own unique identity in the market. 

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization 
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
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Search engine optimization will help you bring traffic to your platform. Your audience should find your content easily and for doing that you will have to identify the keywords you are going to use as a part of your SEO strategy. To sum up, keywords will help you to come up in customer searches. Using the keyword strategy you can improve your chances of a better ranking. It improves your visibility on search engines which will lead traffic to your website and encourages people to buy your product / services. 

Here are some SEO statistics for marketing to grow your brand :

  1. Billions of searches do happen on Google everyday, 15% of daily searches are new to Google.
  2. Google receives  3.5 billion searches per day.
  3. The two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search are high-quality content and link building.
  4. 57% of marketing executives say on-page content development was the most effective SEO tactic.
  5. Google Search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank websites.

9. Promote Your Content 

Promote Your Content
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Since you now know how to present your content, let’s move on to brand promotion. You will have to find the appropriate channels to promote your brand, the best suitable channel which connects you with your target audience. in short, you can reach out to bigger platforms which will help you reach a higher range of audience and will grow your brand.

10. Implement Your Content Strategy !

Implement Your Content Strategy !
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Moreover, when you have come to know everything about an effective content strategy, don’t sit back and wait! Let your plans come to the action! Try to be up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Bring new changes to your strategy accordingly and keep your strategy well documented. Use your content strategy effectively. 


In conclusion, you are now fully equipped to work on your content management strategy by including all these important elements. That’s all on today’s story 10 Steps to Create an Effective Content Strategy to Grow Your Brand. If you want to increase your influencer reach, Hobo.Video is the perfect platform for you.

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