5 Reasons Influencers Seek Long Term Partnerships With Brands

5 Reasons Influencers Seek Long Term Partnerships With Brands5 Reasons Influencers Seek Long Term Partnerships With Brands

By Chandra Shekher Iyer

Influencers are dreamers. They are dreamers with a vision.”

Johnny Hunt.


The penetration created by social media influencers is immense. As there might be a slight chance that you may not follow a particular influencer but you might be aware of the content they create. According to research made by IZEA (NASDAQ), more than 62% of people wanted to consume products marketed by Influencers rather than script-based advertising. In today’s story Hobo.Video is here with 5 reasons influencers are looking for Long term partnerships with Brands.

In fact, Social media became the driving force behind new-age marketing. There has been an exponential growth in the number of people becoming influencers.

Long Term Partnerships
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66% of people say they would buy a product endorsed by an influencer as they have used the product themselves. These sorts of statistics have pushed brands to collaborate with Influencers dissing traditional paid advertising.

An example is a change in the marketing of sports giants Nike. The Swoosh jumped into the influencer marketing campaign when they posted a photo of the athlete Colin Kaepernik. The athlete was famous for speaking out against the prevailing racial inequalities. This campaign led to a rise of 31% in their sales.

An example is a change in the marketing of sports giants Nike
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Another example of Nike is a collaboration with the Youtuber channel “What’s Inside”. As Nike is viewed as a sports-oriented brand the swoosh collaborated with them allowing them to review a shoe on their channel.

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Another example is a change in fashion campaigns rather than hiring perfect models. Clothing brands have started collaborating with influencers more and more. This marketing strategy has set real and logical beauty standards which have been greatly approved by people.

If you are an influencer who’s looking to make a mark then you should check out Hobo.Video. A unique blend of social media space of video commerce with resellers and trusted brands. These brands are looking to collaborate with content creators and influencers. In today’s story, Hobo.Video is here with 5 reasons influencers are looking for long-term partnerships. 

Effects of Marketing Growth on Influencers.

The digital world is always in a state of flux where expansions and changes take place every second. Influencers are always on their toes to keep up with the viral trends and sometimes due to pressure doing things that don’t come to them naturally. They sometimes try to do things out of their comfort zone which may backfire and result in trolling and losing followers.

Effects of Marketing growth on influencers
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Brands, for maximum penetration targets, try to collaborate with influencers who have a lot of followers, for instance with celebrity influencers which make influencers keep in mind to get as many followers with every post which sometimes hampers the quality of content.

But Hobo.Video is a space where budding influencers can form a partnership with trusted brands and work their way towards social media superstardom.

As a brand approaches a number of influencers for a product there is to develop a sense of competition among influencers as to which influencer endorses a product better. Sometimes a brand negates a fact that social media is all about showing your effortless personality and some products might be endorsed better by a particular influencer.

Reasons Influencers are looking for Long term partnerships

1.Long Term Partnerships Promote Trust.

       A long term partnership between a brand and an influencer creates a strong sense of trust inside the influencer. After that, The influencer knowing that the brand trusts him will work with more ease and confidence and the result will be the content created by the influencer will be more engaging.

Reasons Influencers are looking for Long term partnerships.
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2.Long Term Partnerships Promote Security. 

         Security is what everyone seeks as the social realm is a creative place with its ups and downs. With a long term partnership, the influencer feels secure about the endeavour with the brand. With this sense of security influencers creating content without any hesitations or fear, this in return makes content more refined.

3. Long Term Partnerships Boost Influencer’s Creativity.

       Long term collaborations are lucrative for both brands and Influencers, in turn, both can benefit from it. As Influencers create content with confidence trying new things which will work for the product.

Long Term Partnerships boost influencer's creativity
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When Influencers realise that the brand has trusted them. They push themselves to a greater extent to create content that will benefit the product campaign and respect the relationship between the brand and the influencer.

4.Long Term Partnerships Help in Detailed Analysis.

      Long Term Collaborations also help in a deep analysis of the product since the influencer is committed to a brand for a time. Brands can find the insights of reach of products with every post created by the influencer for the product. Hence, long term relations even help brands in finding the right influencer for their product/campaign.

Long Term Partnerships help in detailed analysis
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5. Long Term Partnerships Promote Sponsored Posts in a Better Way.

      Since the brand and influencer have been working for quite a time there is no hesitation at the end of the influencer in revealing or creating a post for sponsored posts. This is something which is asked of social media influencers but if they have a long term collaboration with them they are more confident in posting about it. 

Long Term Partnerships promote sponsored posts better.
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Moreover, the long term partnership is an advantage here as when an influencer posts a story or post with just hinting about the product/ brands followers know about the product/brand and will be more eager to buy it.


Social media as it’s a space that is in a state of flux. Long term relationships between influencers and brands create a positive impact and bring stability to the platform. 

To Sum up, Influencers should be garnered with trust and confidence in the form of long term partnerships. By adopting this policy the brand can get the best out of the influencer.

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That’s it’s from our side on this story about 5 reasons influencers are looking for long term partnerships. Got any suggestions? you can let us know in the comments.

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