20 Best Discord Bots: Discord 202120 Best Discord Bots: Discord 2021

By Simran Sardana

You might be aware of the application Discord, which is divided into different servers that users can join or create but what is the actual definition of Discord, what is it used for? Who can join it? How can we create a server on Discord? There might be so many questions that come to one’s mind when we hear about a new social media application and we at Hobo.Video is here to resolve all your doubts and queries and help you out on this venture of discovering every possible thing about Discord.

P. S: Check out these wonderful and full of knowledge articles related to Discord before jumping into this one.

I am hoping you read both of the articles and now have ample knowledge regarding Discord, how to create an engaging community, how to build your very own server, its marketing strategies, and much more.

20 Best Discord Bots: Discord 2021

What is Discord?

An application launched in 2015 by Stan and Jason to let people come closer as a community and not just casually talking to each other. At first, the main focus on gaming but now the world of Discord has changed. It was an application that was built to help people stay in touch with their friends but it is so much more now, Discord is used by art communities, content creators, study groups, or even traveling groups wherein they talk, hang out virtually, and build relationships.

Discord was started by gamers for gamers to create a common and proper text, voice, and video chatting platform for communication.

Although it has been co-opted by various other genres and organizations for private as well as work-related communications. Gamers are still one of their most active demographics, and these bots are just the cherry on top of the sundae of features that discord houses.


Why every influencer should be on discord?

What influencers need to do is focus on all the wonderful features Discord is offering them. It allows the influencers to create their community based on their niche and let like-minded people have access to their content. People can interact with the influencers and others who are using the server, it might as well be one of the reasons for gaining some passive income.

All you influencers out there, want to know all the benefits of being a part of the Discord Server?

  • You can add a moderation bot
  • Adding human moderators adds as a benefit

Top 20 Discord bots

1. Rythm Bot

Rythm bot on Discord offers the following:

Playing your favorite music, letting you enjoy with your audience

Rythm bot is highly configurable which allows you to set up DJ roles, blacklist channels, prevent song duplicates.

This discord bot makes it very easy to reorder, add, view, or even remove songs from your queue. That’s why it included in our list of top discord bots


2. Groovy Bot


The groovy bot is considered to be the quickest and easiest way to play music on your server. Just like the Rhythm bot, this bot lets you enjoy hanging out virtually with your friends while listening to music.

3. Dyno Bot


The Dyno bot is a customizable server moderation discord bot that features a simple and intuitive web dashboard. Users of this bot can easily enable, disable, and configure everything they want.

4. Craig Bot


The Craig bot is a voice channel audio recorder for your Discord Server. It enables multi-track and multi-channel recording as well, i.e., the user gets a different audio track for each of the speakers along with an editing feature available.

5. Sentinel Bot


A multipurpose bot that provides features like message reaction roles, advanced moderation commands, and customization of the server.
To give an insight into the bot, it was launched to help fight disinformation and targeted harassment.

6. Slash Bot


SlashBot is a new innovative Bot that brings slash commands to your server. You can easily get started by inviting it and typing out “/” and selecting from the available commands.

7. Xenon Bot


Being an influencer, keeping the backup of your data is very essential, right?
Xenon bot is here to help you out in creating backups, transferring your messages, and syncing your data as well.

8. Fred Bot


Another Discord bot that became very popular for its high quality that advanced music. You can easily add music to your discord server with absolutely no configuration.

9. DISBOARD Discord Bot


A place where you can find anything and everything is really helpful, isn’t it?

The Disboard bot does the same work on Discord, it is a place where we can list or find different discord servers and help make our work easier.

10. YouTube Discord Bot


A must-have for streamers and YouTubers, the YouTube Bot gives you a detailed report on your statistics, be it a specific video or channel. It also gives you the ability to keep track of your channel in terms of other channels and their statistics. And thats why it is on our list of top discord bots.

11. MEE6 Bot


This bot has many features like customized messages for welcoming new users, easy creation of commands, very quick setup of streaming and other social media channels and you can even assign roles to different people on your server. A fun bot, isn’t it?

12. BlargBot


Your server is like your domain and there is a strict NO HARASSMENT Policy. But how many people can you manually track? This bot uses Google’s Perspective API to help in detecting Insults, Profanity, Spam, and even Flirtation. Say hello to a clean discord experience.

14. Tip.cc


15. Dank Memer bot

dank memer

All Professional, No Jokes makes the server a dull place to be; not anymore though. Dank Memer Bot comes to save the day with jokes, memes, and a great sense of humor. One command and this bot will send you several memes you would need to lighten up the day.

16. Helper.gg


So many suggestions and so many issues but nowhere and no one to go to, this bot has your back. Helper.gg helps to create a proper ticketing system so that everyone and everything is heard, in a proper and ordered format.

17. ProBot

pro bot

A one-stop bot that does everything you can think of. Isn’t that the dream? Not anymore though. ProBot is a very customizable and multipurpose bot that not only welcomes the members to your lovely humble abode. From Moderation, logs, and social commands, this bot is a goldmine.

18. Octave Bot


What’s life without a little music? Octave brings your favorite beats to your server with an innovative and easy-to-use UI and framework that keeps evolving with the community that evolves with it. Your music comes to you.

19. Community Hubs Bot

community hub

Sometimes all you need is privacy in a sea of chats and talks. This bot helps you create a group for only people that share the same interests as you. They are special channels that help you create a community, in the community.

20. Arcane Bot

arcane bot

All those messages and time spent on voice chats and nothing to show for it? The arcane bot is the solution. A leveling bot that levels you up based on the chats and voice chat accordingly. Not only that, but it also acts as a multipurpose bot that further helps you make your server a better place to hang out on. Its uniqueness compelled us to include it in our list of top discord bots.

Now that you know everything about Discord servers and various bots that you can create and join, ready to share your content with the promising audience on Discord?