7 Incredible Strategies for Memorial Day Sales 

By Riddhi Kapoor 

For many people memorial day weekend is all about chilling and it marks the kickstart of summer months. However, originally, it’s a day to celebrate the fearless American soldiers who died fighting for the country.  

Shopping is something that is preferred by people when they are free and in the mood for it. Memorial day is indeed the perfect time to shop. Even the sales shoot up during the memorial day weekend. 

However, there are certain tactics and strategies which the companies and brands should know to achieve the desired sales. 

Well, Hobo.Video has got you all covered. Below are the 7 key strategies that will help your company or brand in shooting up its sales. 

Run a Flash Sale on Memorial Day

Memorial day sales last for just a couple of days, unlike the winter or summer sales. So during this time, it becomes the duty of the seller to encourage his customers to make an impulsive buy.

This is the time when it becomes extremely necessary for the seller to offer huge discounts to their customers. Discounts should be too good to refrain from.

Apart from the sales, the seller should focus on the products too. Products which are best suited for summers are more preferred. 

Run a Paid Ad Campaign 

To stand out in the market, brands need to advertise. 

Big brands usually do it through TV commercials whereas small brands do it through social media due to the affordability factor. However, it is advisable to use both platforms to generate a large number of potential customers. 

Two key factors that are important to keep in mind while conducting a paid campaign are; the platform one is advertising on and the creative that needs to be used. 

The ad should not be loud, it should look sober and should give out a positive vibe as it is being created for the day of remembrance and not fun. 

Give Tribute to the Veterans and Honor their Families on Memorial Day

Memorial day is not a happy day but a day fully dedicated to the fallen soldiers. So it is important to stay positive but not much celebratory about it.

The veterans and their families are not very keen to hear thankyou messages from the brands. Nevertheless, there are many ways to honor them, one such way is to give them preferential access to the sale and discounts. Along with this, brands can give small gifts too. 

Besides all this, there is another special gesture that the brands can show, the brands can donate some amount of the money from their Memorial Day sales to the NGOs and charity trusts supporting the families of the fallen soldiers.

Sell Winter Articles at Great Discounts

This one strategy is planned more in the interest of the brand. The brands can get rid of their old winter stocks and can earn a lot too. 

Brands experience double benefit from this strategy. Also, many people buy items before the season arrives at lower costs. 

Tease the Sales on Social Media Without Disclosing What they are Actually Until Memorial Day

This is the most effective way in building up a potential customer base before the big day.

By running the campaigns on social media, the brands can get many more new users, who have never shopped with the brand on the board. However, the brands need to be well prepared with the posts and the dates in advance, to avoid any fuss later. 

Keeping things well prepared and planned will give the brands more time to engage with the users and to build up a positive image of themselves. 

Arrange a Virtual Event with Live Sale Segment

This option opens various new doors for the brand, the brand gets recognized the world over, a huge customer base gets built up in no time and the sales increase rapidly. All this is done at very low costs as setting up virtual events does not require much money. To make this work, brands need to make the event fun and exclusive. Brands can run giveaways to give their new products to some of the customers for absolutely free.

This strategy helps the brand to get recognized by the public in no time. With the help of such sites, the brand can draw traffic to their stores and websites easily. 

Well to get started and to get more attention from the users with this strategy, the brand has to first search for a popular publishing site and then the brand needs to customize an email mentioning all the necessary details about them and why they are different and better than others in the market. 

These are some simple strategies to shoot up the Memorial Day sales of a brand. If these are executed well then they may work wonders for your brand! 

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