Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

By Saumya Gupta

It can be a little bit complicated when you’re using multiple social media platforms to promote your brand. But as marketers, you must be looking for a new audience, and Medium is just the place for you to do that. Medium likes to think of itself as the YouTube for writers. It’s a space for writers, poets, journalists, and artists to share their work and get recognized by an audience that’s looking for as well as appreciating such kind of work. And what’s the cherry on top? You can publish your work here for Free and get analytics of your posts at the same time! Writers certainly thank Evan Williams, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, for giving them a bigger space to get their thoughts out in the open.

It’s easy to use Medium even as a beginner, and the features are new and unique! You can start going through our own list one-by-one, and you don’t have to hesitate before saving it. Keep it as a cheat sheet!

Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

Medium allows you to send letters to your followers

In an attempt to make the process easier, Medium has an in-built feature that allows users to send virtual letters to their followers. You can use this feature for your brand, and customize the format like normal email customization.

Like any other strategy, this will build your brand over time. When you send that very first letter to your followers, make sure that you add visuals to make it look more attractive. You can also include links to other posts on medium or any other website in the letter. To make it more personal, sign off the letter with your name instead of ending it with your brand’s name.

When you’re regular with medium letters, your engagement with your followers increases as they get creative and new content consistently.

Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

This feature is only for users with a publication account. To send a Medium Letter, follow these steps:

  • Press the publication logo available on the upper right side and select Letters from the drop-down menu.
  • Write the letter. You get almost all the features that are available while writing a Medium story.
  • Add relevant tags that match the letter’s content.
  • Preview your letter to see how it would look when your followers will open it.
  • Click on Send. Medium will give you a warning message, in the form of a pop-up.
  • Click on send once more, and Ta-da! Your letter will reach your followers.

Try posting on weekends as well

As a brand, you should try posting on Medium at least 3 times a week. In addition to that, you can try to post on Saturday and Sunday because there are fewer posts during this time. Due to lesser competition, your post will make it to the top quickly. There are fewer viewers on weekends, but at this point, you can target an audience that’s active and well-engaging even during holidays.

Submit your work to publications that have more followers than you

Medium is quite proud of all the Publication accounts that people create on their platform. Because it actually bags a lot of users, publications on Medium get to be in the big league. As a brand, look for those publications that have more followers than you and send in articles that are relevant to the topics they discuss or ask for. Your article in someone else’s publication means that their follower base can read it. Also, the probability of getting new followers increases as more people get to engage with your content.

Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

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Post pieces with an average reading time of 5-7 minutes

Such pieces are more desirable on Medium, as they match its optimal length for a post. Automatically, Medium will promote your post because of its length and put it before longer posts. This will result in increased reads and recommendations.

Publish evergreen content

Evergreen content is your own written or artistic piece from a while back. The advantage here is that if your marketing team is ever out of posts, they can pick a post from before that will be relevant for today’s market. This way you get a new audience to reach and increase brand awareness by giving them a blast from the past.

Medium allows you to import stories from other platforms that you were working on before. Go to Stories and click on Import a story. Insert the URL in the space given, and Medium will copy that article, including links. It also gives the option to format it, if you want to put in trending keywords or some other links. However, images are not copied. You would have to manually add images. You can also put in a featured image, but there’s no option to upload a new one so you have to manually format the blog. Once you’re done, publish the article.

Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

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Promote your Medium posts across Social Media Channels

Promotion of content is the key to getting more views from various channels. You have the opportunity to tap a wider and diverse audience, don’t let it go to waste. Start building a prominent social media presence from the very beginning. There are various platforms where you can try different tactics. For example, you can make a Facebook Business Page and post links to your blogs. You can also summarize your blog in short on video and post it as a reel on Instagram. Or you can have a dedicated Discord Server for your brand. Another option is to hold regular discussions on Clubhouse and give out links there. Hobo.Video works with online video content, which is also a great way to tap and use this type of content to gather a bigger audience. As influencers make their way to one of the top marketing strategies, it’s never too bad to try everything you can. Whatever you choose or how many you choose depends on you and your Social Media team. As links are generated and spread, you’ll get reads apart from Medium’s audience base.

Write a blog about your experience on Medium

Any platform absolutely adores it when people post about it. Since you’ll be using a particular keyword a lot, there’s a high chance that your post will be noticed by their team. In turn, they will promote it even more. And also, because you’ll be tagging them, followers of Medium will be able to see that and view your blog.

Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

Medium comes with Networking opportunities

Search for topics and writers, write to different publications on Medium, and blog about trending topics that are relevant to your area of expertise. These are some very good ways to attract an audience as well as get connected to industry leaders and prominent professionals. Medium is also a platform where authors and businesses leave their contact information. So, if you’re planning to make a list of potential contacts, you can begin with your research. While you’re reaching out, ask if they could post about your brand or feature it in an article that talks about other brands or about the industry you work in. Again, your audience expands every time your brand is mentioned by famous pages.

Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

Create a calendar to schedule your posts

It’s always good to be up to date with trends and popular cultures. In this way, you will have topics you can write about and post on Medium. It’s a simple content marketing strategy that is a must for every marketer. You need to be thorough with developments that are taking place in the market and try to sync your ideas with them.

Once you have a calendar, you can create blogs and schedule them on Medium, which will automatically post them as per the time slot you chose. This feature makes the whole process more organized and fuss-free. Once the blog is published, Medium provides the user with analytics to see what type of content is pleasing for readers. This will give you a hint to create blogs according to what interests the audience.

Medium Marketing: The Complete Guide for Marketers

Learn how to format content

You can make the blog attractive by using simple features that are very much a part of Medium. They provide you with formatting options that you can use to highlight texts, align them as per your need, include quote formatting, and make headings stand out. You can also insert images and links of your previous blogs that you think would fit in.

A very good way to promote your content on Google is to use specific keywords. These keywords get into Google’s algorithm and ensure SEO suitability if used in the right place.

Try to be authentic and mention those sources that you used while creating the blog. Give credit to someone else’s work to show that you respect the rules of the writing community at large. For instance, if you’re using statistics from a study, mention the organization.


Like all platforms, it’s important that marketers are aware of Medium’s features to use the platform in the best possible way. You have to promote your brand, yet make sure that your page doesn’t seem too promotional. If the platform works on knowledge-based content, try it out that way. And to reach out to a larger community, create a presence on social marketplaces like Hobo.Video in your marketing plan.

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