By Saumya Gupta

Owning a business has become very regular nowadays. The number of ideas in the market runs parallel to the types of businesses that are being set up. The task of starting it might be tough, but it’s not the toughest of it all. There are several things that need to be taken care of, one of them is running it successfully. It’s the most important point that needs constant attention. For this, outreach is important. The digital age essentially relies on Content Marketing amongst other marketing strategies. Through content marketing, a business can attract and engage with the right audience. Big or small, businesses have to follow trends and tactics to boost the website’s traffic. Why more traffic? To list your business on one of the top search engines that are available on the internet. It’s important to please people virtually. That’s why marketing on the internet has acquired a lot of attention over time.

Content Marketing Tactics to grow your Business

How can Content Marketing help your Business?

Since your business is unique, it indulges with a different audience when compared to other brands. Every customer has requirements and choices that are different from others. That’s why the market is becoming more diverse each passing day. So, to make people buy products from you, you need to give them something. Content, per se, is a very competitive field. It also carries the power to bring traffic to your business’s online profile. Through this, content creates a link between you and your audience. It helps bring more people to your website, drives sales, and increases profits. To top it off, it gives you a chance to engage with the leads generated.

Content Marketing Tactics that are extremely essential to increase Search Traffic and Grow your Business

If you don’t have a content strategy to run your business, then success and failure becomes a very random affair. That’s because your customers, or even search engines, are unable to find your business’s unique identity. In this digital age, content creation matters a lot. So do the marketing tactics to promote that content. We have a list of such tactics that we’d like to share with you:

1. Content Marketing and SEO

It’s very important for a business to know its audience before creating engaging content. Perform a keyword search to understand and discover what’s trending in the market. That’s what your target audience is looking for.

There are many online tools to look for keywords specific to the demand. One of them is Google Trends. All you have to do is type your main keyword into the search box, and Google will present you with a graph. This graph shows how many searches were received on that keyword during a specific period of time. Time-period can be set on the basis of the options provided above the chart.

Do this, and you’ll get a rough idea about how the keyword is performing in the market.

Content Marketing Tactics to grow your Business

If you want a more detailed analysis, type ‘SEO Keywords Tool’ on Google and hit the search button. Digital content creation has seen a rise over time. That’s why there are several such tools on the internet to help businesses create the right content for their audience.

2. Adaptive Content

Millennials and Gen Z are the reason why digital content creation is hyped up. They drive Social-marketplaces like Hobo.Video, and it’s possible that they make up a large chunk of your target audience too. These two groups practically grew up on technology. That’s why they have high expectations, and certainly believe that technology can boost business sales. And since these two groups have a good number, the tactic is working, as well as needed.

Understand the vitality of visuals. Use infographics, and relevant images in your blogs that support your content.

Another very successful way is to create promotional videos. Explore Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Hobo.Video. You’ll come across online shopping videos promoting brand products. See? Videos are not only for fun but can actually bring in profits for your business if used properly.

Content Marketing Tactics to grow your Business
3. Craft content with a sense of personal touch

Explain how your business functions. Relate them to trending topics and show that you care.

Put your users on top, and devise a marketing strategy to make them relate to your content. For instance, explain a particular aspect of your brand that makes it one of a kind. People love to explore, but they want a description before buying a product. This is a possible way to bridge the gap with your customers. With an apt description, they get the feeling that your idea is authentic which influences their buying decisions.

Another way is to write your content in the form of a story. Who doesn’t love stories? Craft it in a way that readers find appealing and interesting. Also, it’s easier to tell stories since you already understand your business and have seen it evolve over time.

4. Figure out your Competition

It’s easy to know about your competitor these days. Do a keyword search on Google for the definite list, and see which sites are using the same keyword and in what ways. Now, this is a rough analysis. Another way is to perform competitor analysis with Ubersuggest. Enter your website’s link, and you would be able to see a list of websites that are using the same keywords. You can dig deeper with further analysis that the site provides.

Once you have the required information, you would get an idea of what keywords you should use more often to divert more traffic to your site.

5. Work on producing high-quality content for your business

It takes a lot of effort to achieve passion towards gaining success. Keep adapting like everyone else around. In this digital age, people value digital content creation. Why? Because those groups driving today’s markets practically grew up on the internet and various technological advancements. So, it has become a way of life. Especially with this pandemic, online content is more in demand. If you yourself find it difficult to produce content, then hire someone else to do it. Get in touch with a content creation agency, or simply ask a freelancer to do it. Since they’re experts, they would ensure the quality of content, which would further expand content output. All you need to do? Learn how to manage your business creatively along with managing those who work for you.

You can also sign up on Hobo.Video as a brand and list your products there. Influencers who would be interested in your brand would collaborate with you. This way you can distribute work and gather a larger audience through the work of nano and micro influencers.

6. Encourage UGC (user-generated content)

One very good example of UGC Marketing is online video shopping. Through this, customers who bought the product post a video on it. It works like video reviews. Video reviews by customers authenticate the product and encourage other people to buy it. It also builds trust and supports marketers in their campaigns.

Content Marketing Tactics to grow your Business

How can your business gather users to generate content? Start working with a unique hashtag on social media platforms. Ask users to use that hashtag in their videos, and incentivize this whole process. You can do this through lucky draws. Increase engagement with the audience by posting this content on the brand’s social media handles.

7, Engage with the audience on your own SM handles

Build a social media presence and engage with your followers on a regular basis. This includes posting good and creative regularly, promoting your products, highlighting customer reviews, and much more. It’s your own platform, and you have more control over it. Start your own blog or Instagram page and compile an email list. Share links of posts across platforms. Give shoutouts to influencers who promote your brand. Do everything, but don’t leave your SM space empty. Social media marketing is one way of connecting your brand with more people.

Content Marketing Tactics to grow your Business


Now that you have a list of content marketing tactics, start using them step-by-step to promote your business. Understand what’s best, since every business runs on a different idea and model. Considering the diversity, not all tactics would work on every idea. So, it becomes your responsibility to choose the one that would increase engagement with people, as well as search engines.

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