How to make money blogging: Guide for Blogging in 2022

By Yash Raj Mishra 

  • The 21st century brought in a lot of revolutionary changes especially in regards to the internet and one the first trends to ever pick on was money blogging. 
  • Blogging as a profession has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last two decades.
  • Still there remains something very authentic about blogging as a medium which has had a very passionate group of people around the world which have managed to turn this trend into a career by monetization.
How to make money blogging: Guide for Blogging in 2021

Blogging as a career 

It was only in the second half of the 2000s that blogging took the internet by storm , but until the later half of the 2010s it could even be viable as a career. One of the biggest reasons for this was globalisation and the availability of smart phones all around the world.

Platforms like Hobo.Video to this day the cores of picking up blogging as a profession have remained more or less the same like 

  • Finding your niche 
  • Creating an audience 
  • Opting for self hosting platforms 
  • Find the right trafficking for your blog 
  • Making engaging content 

Essentials for creating a blog in 2021

People are no longer just confined and restricted to just a few mediums to consume content , due to smartphones everyone has become an avid consumer and critic. 

There are some specific things that one has to keep in mind in order to create a successful blog in 2021. Since there an overflow of content in order for anyone to stand out they need to keep in mind the following things

How to make money blogging: Guide for Blogging in 2021

Create mobile friendly content 

Since there are no more barriers in between the consumer and the content , the creator has to create things which seem optimal in every medium and appeal to every demographic.

Making a fanclub 

Blogging is just like any other form of content creation where in the end it all comes to creating a community of people who are in sync with the creator and feel passionately for their content. 

Hobo.Video not only enables the blogger to find an audience but also creates a platform for them to interact.Over time this connection forms into trust which in turn might act as fuel for the creator to not only create better but might also turn into a way of sustaining the blog through monetisation.

First impression is the last impression  

The decreasing attention span of people is not a myth anymore, especially when it comes to blogging. All you have is the heading to catch someone’s attention and only then they might dive into the article but if you fail to do that they might not even bother opening it even if it is the greatest thing ever. 

Aesthetic say it all 

Money Blogging in the 21st century is longer a mundane job , it is vibrant , colorful and breathtaking. So it no longer is just about the writing or the topic or the perspective the writer is providing a lot; it also depends on how the blog looks. 

That’s why the blog theme and blog design become a major part of the blogging profession. Not only the topic of a particular blog has to be explained by the blogger but there also needs to be an overarching theme that the blog has to try to promote , so that more people who associate with the topic engage with the blog and it ends up being a collaborative experience both for the consumer and the creator.

Money blogging and sustainability 

Over the internet there is an abundance of blogs right now , blogs about almost any given topic. So at times it becomes a very relevant question for any blogger to ask themselves what is the motivation behind doing this and will it be a sustainable monetary resource. 

In order to answer these questions one needs to create a system around the blog itself which helps in reaping the rewards. There are different ways of monetisation like  

How to make money blogging: Guide for Blogging in 2021

Ads on blogs 

For any blogger the easiest of making money is to have running ads on their blogs. Not only it helps them in attracting an audience to their blog but if they associate with a brand which matches their sensibilities it helps in attracting the right audience.

Affiliate marketing                   

This is the safest trick in the book , if you think your brand Isn’t enough for people to invest in you collaborate with a      well established brand and promote their products. This not only gives the blog the much needed exposure but also creates a healthy and productive relationship between the blogger and the established brand.

Making money blogging through Sponsored ads

Monetization as a concept can be explored through many ways. After creating a certain brand of the blog the wisest thing to do is give other new creators a platform to show their products. 

So other than collaborating with an established brand the blogger can also look towards up and coming brands which are looking for exposure. This helps in the transformation of a blogger from a performer to an enabler.

Growing and optimizing 

How to make money blogging: Guide for Blogging in 2021

A blog needs to be a way of communicating to yourself and in that process becoming a better writer. At the end of it , its all relative. You want an engaging blog that will lead to an audience more importantly the right audience and that audience will eventually turn into an collaborator that will lead to sponsorship with collaborators like Hobo.Video which will result in monetization. 

A few pointers that can work as a constant reminder for any blogger who aims to eventually make money through blogging 

  • Generating passive income 
  • Constant display ads on blogs 
  • Referencing other creators 
  • And most importantly creating your own brand!!!

Because after all people will only associate themselves with anyone or anything if they feel that there is genuine connection between them only then that will lead to a long lasting journey between the blogger and the reader.

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