Trell: Learn How To Gain Monetary Benefits On This Blogging App

By Harneet Kaur

Trell is a social commerce platform owned by Trell Experiences, headquartered at Bangalore, India. It’s a lifestyle application where you can find reviews, experiences, and recommendations about various products with categories spanning over Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Electronics and Gadgets, OTT Movies and series, and many more.

All of the reviews and recommendations are given through the help of videos of around 3 to 5 minutes of duration. 

With the ban of Chinese apps like TikTok, Indians are migrating to homegrown apps like MX TakaTak, Josh, MOJ, etc. Trell is another competitor in this fast flourishing Made In India app league. 

This article will take you through the process of getting started on the Trell app and how you can eventually monetize that platform.

Trell App: What Is It?

So far, we’ve briefly understood what Trell is. 

The concept of Trell actually originated from TRail experiences and tELL your friends, in November 2016. The app was developed by IIT Bombay Alumni Arun Lodhi, Prashant Sachan, Pulkit Agrawal, and NITIE Alumnus Bimal Kartheek Rebba.

Through an Instagram handle just like another food/ travel blog, (@trellingmumbai), Trell gained a few viral posts, which thus increased their reach. 

What started as an experience sharing and discovering Instagram handle, Trell has become an e-commerce platform for buying and purchasing, but with a twist. The platform encourages users, especially influencers, to make short videos (4-5 minutes) of themselves using the product and give their opinions about it. The app’s official launch happened in 2017.

(Source Republic World)

Travel Blogging And Vlogging

For travel experiences, users have an option to record their travel. In case they’ve explored an unexplored and hidden gem of the city they live in they are able to share their experiences and their findings with their followers.

Other users who watch these videos can eventually add these places/experiences in their bucket lists.

Another interesting feature is that there are 8 different languages in which people can post their content! It helps increase diversity and inclusivity on the platform. This cutting of language barriers helps Trell reach great heights.

Isn’t that amazing?

Noteworthy Trell Statistics 

  • It has now over 80 million downloads
  • Content can be posted in 7 different Indian languages viz. Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, and one English.
  • The growth rate of Trell over the past 1 and a half year is an impressive 27x
  • There are over 18 million creators on the platform 
  • The content spans over 20 categories including food, travel, personal care etcetera.
  • It has got a feedback rate of 4.6% on PlayStore.
  • It won the Time Business Award 2020’s ‘Best Technology Startup of The Year’ award.
  • They’ve partnered with Chennai Super Kings to launch their new campaign.

How To Start On Trell?

Below are the steps you need to take to start on Trell:

1. Firstly, you can sign in using your Facebook Account, Gmail Account, WhatsApp No or Phone Number.

You’ll have to fill up your details as best as possible. It happens with a good memorable Username and a decent profile picture.

Plus, don’t forget to make your curated bucket lists!

2. Next, you can associate your social platform like Instagram and Twitter to your profile. It helps in increasing the shareability, discovery, and content exploration of your Trell account.

3. To upload content, click on the Plus button. You’ll have the option of making a blog or a vlog. The main difference is that blogs contain text and pictures while vlogs are made using videos.

Make sure that your content is of top-notch quality and well written. People interested in your videos would want to know more about them and your written content can help them with it.

(Source YouTube)

4. Add good quality and decent photographs/ videos for your content. The title should be eye-catching and appropriate too. 

5. Another feature of Trell is the inclusion of tags in your post. The more relevant and appropriate tags you use, the better the chances of your content being discoverable.

Activities And Games On Trell 

Trell app also lets users take part in various activities and games, invite their friends and family to play, all within the app.

These games let you win coupons, discount codes, and many more amazing prizes from Myntra, Swiggy, Ajio, OYO, Cleartrip, McDonald’s, Foodpanda, and other reputed companies!

What Trell Helps You With?

Since you can browse through a plethora of content and products, you can gain knowledge about how you can present yourself too.

It’s not a one-thing-specific app. It’s an umbrella application that has underneath it different sectors and categories.

So How Does It Benefit You?

1. Through Trell, you can explore the latest beauty trends and be able to refine your looks based on the occasion.

2. Enjoy tasty foods and cuisines by watching interactive recipe videos by content creators and making them at your home. Yummy!

3. Read reviews of upcoming movies and TV shows before you go spend your money on the tickets.

4. Groom yourself better with tips and tricks on styling for men. You can check out OOTD inspiration, DIY hacks, and much more in short videos.

5. Explore your area and get recommendations for the places to find the best food, best drinks, and best music!

Monetize Your Trell Account 

To start earning on Trell, you have to create viral content. But first, you’ll have to earn points. Below are 3 ways through which you can earn points on Trell:

1. By Creating Videos: you can earn upto 50 coins per day by creating videos. These have to perform well and show great engagement rates.

2. By Invites: you can earn 30 points by inviting your friends and family on Trell. You invite them through WhatsApp and your link would contain an affiliate code that will keep track of the people joining through you. You can earn 30 points per person who joins.

3. By Sharing Content: when you share your video/blog, getting likes and comments can help you earn points.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t earn money, but credits which can later be used to get discount codes, coupons, free trips etcetera. According to, here are the ways you can convert your content and points into monetary benefits:

Prizes And Required Points:

50 Points: Rocketium Free Membership

150 Points: One Night Free Stay At A Backpack Panda Hotel

200 Points: Rs. 1000 Free Paytm Cash

250 Points: One Year Amazon Prime Membership

1000 Points: Free M.A.C. Lipstick Worth Rs. 1500 

These rewards get updated regularly and you can find different options or benefits in exchange for the points.

Some previous rewards:

(Source Trell)

Hopefully, this article gave you insights on how Trell works and how you can earn monetary benefits through it. You can find more guides on how to earn money in our blog at Hobo.Video.

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