How To Make Money On Facebook For Influencers

By Paul Harisson

With around 2.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook has been the most used platform till date. Many social media influencers create engaging content and make money on Facebook. It is also the pioneer of the social media revolution. With communications happening through Email in the early 21st century and people journaling through blogs and making it public. Facebook became the new virtual hangout spot for college goers and other youngsters. It became the go-to place to check on friends and communicate with them. The advent of Facebook made people realize that one doesn’t have to go out physically to socialize. All you need is a device with internet access and a Facebook account. And you gain access to Facebook. You can easily be a part of the Facebook community.

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Facebook became the sole reason for the increase in internet consumption around the globe. It would be an understatement to say, many people had their introduction to the internet through Facebook. 

The Internet, which till then was primarily used by the workforce for work related communications, was utilized by youngsters who were necessarily not part of the workforce. This was the period where the internet was starting to become a part of everybody’s day-to-day life.

Facebook is a pioneer in social media

It caused the arrival of many other social media platforms in the industry. Having been at the top of its game for more than a decade and gained popularity just because of its reach in every nook and corner of the world. Facebook went a step ahead from just being a community for users. It became a community which promotes businesses and service among its users. This forged a path for people with a large following to make money on Facebook. They use the following they have garnered on Facebook.

Before reaching out to brands or starting to promote products of brands, making sure there is an audience base to receive your advertisements. The key to strike deals with brands, is to showcase your capabilities as an influencer by showing the following you have garnered. 

Gaining a following is a difficult and time-consuming process. Anyone who is an Influencer now started with 0 followers to become what they have become now. Gaining an audience as an influencer is a barter. Engaging the audience without keeping them entertained or giving them what they need is impossible. Making followers stay with your page takes content that keeps them connected with your profile. 

In this article, Hobo.Video provides influencers with the tips to fare well in influencer marketing on social media platforms in general and how to make money on Facebook for influencers in particular. Moreover, the ideas listed below are tested and proved to be effective by many influencers and strategists. 

Building audience is the key to successful Influencer marketing

Before thinking about making money on Facebook, choosing the niche is important when it comes to influencer marketing. It can be done either ways by choosing to promote in what you are interested, like health & fitness, Photography, travelling, etc, or choosing which sells best and which the audience are interested in mainly. 

 The entire explanation that influencers are doing well on Facebook is that they have gone through the ordeal of building an audience already. 

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You need to develop your skill on Facebook by sharing a line of astounding posts – fascinating connections, pictures, and updates. To truly prevail as an individual you should develop a territory of interest where you can get perceived as a specialist. 

While organizations may decide to utilize influencers to showcase for them, they will likely likewise need to develop some type of Facebook presence themselves. After some time they can utilize it to assist individuals with remembering them as specialists in their specialty. Considering your expertise in a certain niche is one of the requisites brands and businesses look for in an influencer.

While trying to expand your following it is important to stay relevant to your followers.

“To sell on Facebook you need to stop treating fans like a commodity and start treating them like your friends.”Kim Garst

It is imperative to keep them engaged with your page as much as possible. Alienating yourself with them is a blunder to be avoided in the first place. Regular interaction helps in nurturing your follower base.

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When you start having a significantly large following and looking at it growing at a steady pace, there are people who are not your followers yet but check out your content from time to time. This is normal with any influencer, with the stats and data available from Facebook look at the types of content that had their attention and try creating more content in the future just like the earlier well-received ones to rope in your potential followers.

1. Influencer marketing on Facebook

All new brands or the ones already in the game, have a difficulty in taking their product to potential consumers and convincing them to choose their product. Influencer marketing helps brands and businesses in making their products known to the consumers. 

The main reason why Influencer marketing is considered the most effective medium of advertisement is, the products and services are promoted in a medium where the audience engagement is more which ensures the certitude of fulfilling the purpose of marketing. 

Studies conducted by a UK-based marketing agency concluded that in 2020, most products purchased are done from customers who are influenced by marketing done through social media.

With the consumption of Television content decreasing rapidly, television commercials are not received as well as they did earlier. 

Social media like Facebook and Instagram have started to host various content ranging from funny videos to news published by giant media houses, which leaves the users with no reason to check out other mediums like television or newspapers for information about current affairs, latest news in technology and fashion. 

Since people started spending a significant part of a day’s time on social media. Many influencers came up with the idea of promoting products to their followers, seeing a rise in the newfound marketing tactic the social media platforms too have started to empower businesses brands and influencers. 

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Facebook has made it a point to improve the features available for influencers to carry out marketing through every update it rolls out.

Many influencers perform influencer marketing by two methods, Sponsored posts and Affiliate marketing. Brands approach influencers to promote their products by posts dedicated for the products or turning the influencers as affiliates and providing them with links to their E-commerce stores where the products are sold. By every sale conducted through those links the brands and the influencers can track the influencers contribution to the sale and award compensations to them according to the number of sales happening through them.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace has given every user to perform business through its marketplace option. It helps people with things to sell conduct the trade without anyone to help with the business. The business is carried out by a seller who has a commodity to sell and a buyer looking to buy it, through Facebook. 

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“Think global, act local” – Patrick Geddes.

Facebook marketplace functions by making the seller’s products available within a radius of the seller’s geographical location. Which appears to the potential buyers looking for products to buy within the seller’s radius. 

These goods can be used ones, which is of no use to you anymore or goods you manufacture for sale. Facebook comes in handy when you have your own business and goods to sell. Facebook Marketplace has become the forum to post goods for sale and conduct trade through it. Searches in Marketplaces are conducted through two main methods, by distance and filtered by price the seller can afford. 

3. A pool of people interested in your niche. 

The best way to find a host of people interested in your niche is to create or join in a Facebook group. This group is a pool of people interested in your niche and can be your potential customers too.  Getting into a group with people who share your interest is the best way to acquire an audience quickly. Promoting your page and the products you endorse in these groups ensures a good reception as there are followers in your page who are still not willing to purchase. Posting in this group increases the number of people proceeding to make the purchase as they are also interested in the products you endorse. 

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Despite the fact that there is little incentive in running a Facebook group with the sole focal point of making deals, they can be a valuable manner by which to tell individuals what you offer. 

Facebook Groups can be especially helpful in the event that you sell data items. You can set up a gathering, urging individuals to help one another and share thoughts. By and by you need to guarantee that you offer users helpful information, and occasionally you can propose your item as an answer for their issues.

Delivering engaging content in these groups can also help in bringing more followers to your page by making yourself familiar in your niche. 

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads attract people’s attention towards the product you sell.  Creating video Ads is said to be the most effective tool to make the audience buying the products you are endorsing and making money on Facebook.

Making the best of Facebook Ads can be done by following four steps, identifying the right products to sell, creating the right Ads, channelizing it to the right audience and spending the right budget on the Ads. 

Identifying the right products

It can be done by researching products that are selling well on Facebook. These best-selling products can be identified by the number of views and the longevity of the Ads. Basically, running Ads on Facebook costs money. Ads are tactics used to bring in consumers through them, they will not be paid regularly in order to be running if they are not bringing in enough revenue. 

No matter how long products have been on the market, they can still be sold in the future as it has always been sold. All it takes is to create advertisements that are new and creative to pursue more audience to buy your products. 

Creating the right Ads

Among hundreds of Ads about the same product, it is important to create Ads that engage the audience during the first few seconds they look at the advertisement. An idea to make your advertisement stand out from the others is to give the purpose of your product, an insight on how it saves you from the trouble you are facing and how it will impact you once you start using it. 

By talking about the troubles faced without the product you are breaking a barrier between you and potential customers. This might give them the hope that bringing the product into their lives will make things easier. 

Channelizing the Ads on the right audience

Facebook is all for influencers doing well through their platform and making money. Facebook Audience Insights gives you data of the demographics who consume your content and how to control them. With the tools the Audience Insight features offer you can maximize the percentage of reaching the right people who genuinely show an interest on your profile. This can be started by choosing the Geographical location your Ads should appear in and the right demographic you are catering to through the product you are endorsing.

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Spending the right budget on Ads

This is where people lose confidence on Facebook Ads. When coming up with concepts for advertisements, getting large numbers on sales is not a given. It has to be redefined multiple times. Just like investing in any business and waiting for a period of time for it to perform well, Facebook Ads do take time to perform its magic. In the meantime you still get access to the Insights through which you can learn about what is not working with the Ads. This is one of the main ways to make money on Facebook.

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A rule to follow

When spending on Ads is spending thrice the amount of one unit of the product you are selling and not more than that. This helps you to play safe in terms of spending it on advertising. Influencers recommend taking the right decision on when to kill an ad you have posted and come up with different ads, as to engage different audiences to grow your business. 

To conclude

When to want to make money on Facebook, every tactic employed in the process should be done right. Though there are many ways to monetize, money has to be in the periphery when it comes to leveraging your status as an influencer. Always remember, Content is king. It is not you who urge the followers to get products but the content that is put out for the followers which ought to do the talking. Your page is only as relevant as the content you produce in the grand scheme of things. Staying authentic and genuine to your followers is more important than the strategies and Insight data. 

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