Everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing and Meme marketing

By Riddhi Kapoor

Influencer and meme marketing both are connected and dependent on each other in some sense. In order to understand that link, we need to first understand what they both are individually and then how they work together.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the developing and most promising sectors of marketing. It is the conventional form of online marketing and Hobo.Video allows the opportunity for all its users and other non-users to come to join the platform and experience the influencer marketing sector of marketing.

Influencer marketing is an amalgam of old and new marketing gimmicks. It works on the concept of celebrity endorsement. It takes this idea and then assigns it to present-day content-driven marketing strategies. Basically, influencer marketing is all about collaborations between brands and influencers or celebrities. Hobo.Video is one such platform where various new and already established influencers can come and collaborate with high-end brands. 

Well before discussing influencer marketing in detail, it is important to know who an influencer is.

Who is an influencer? 

An influencer is someone who has a lot of followers on social media platforms and has the power to influence the purchasing nature of its audience because of their knowledge, authority, and relationship with them. Every influencer has a distant niche and the topic of niche is something that makes them stand out from other influencers and increases the number of people who interact with them. 

What is Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer marketing means collaborations of a brand with an influencer to market their products or services. Or sometimes it can be just brands collaborating with influencers to improve their brand image or for recognition. 

However to make such collaborations easy, Hobo.Video offers various campaigns to influencers as well as brands. 

All celebrities can be influencers but not all influencers are celebrities. You can find influencers in any field. They are everywhere and can be anyone regardless of their profession. Only their large following on social media platforms makes them highly influential. Influencers are reliable and trusted people who answer people’s questions. According to their expertise, they make engaging content on social media platforms. They create eye-catching videos and posts. 

Well to clear the air, influencer marketing is not just about making money for influencers. As they put their heart and soul into gaining the popularity and trust of the people, influencers not just promote any product or service for money, they promote products and services according to the needs and wants of their audience.

Influencer marketing can also not reap quick results. It is indeed a slow and steady approach where your campaign is not about straight selling of products and services but it is about showing your credibility, authority over other brands in the market. 

Hobo.Video provides such campaigns and a team of excellent and experienced influencer marketers with a good sense of current trends and techniques and tricks to help brands maintain a positive image in the market. 

We have seen a remarkable rise in influencer marketing in the past few years. Between 2016 and 2019 there has been an increase of around 1500% in Google searches for the phrase ‘influencer marketing. Through these stats, we get to know that many were willing to educate themselves on influencer marketing and now in 2021 influencer marketing has become quite popular and mainstream and many people have taken it as a career too. 

Many new companies have entered the market in the last two years and many traditional companies have added influencer marketing as a service. 

Lastly, the best platforms or the most preferable platforms for influencer marketing are Tiktok and Instagram. The engagement rates are very high than any other social media platform. 

influencer marketing

What is Meme Marketing? 

meme marketing

In today’s scenario meme marketing is one of the strongest marketing strategies. Memes are that part of social media that can never be ignored. Due to their funny and distinctive hilarity, they are being used by brands to increase their social media presence and followers. Memes have the ability to go viral as soon as they are posted and to increase the brand exposure, brands take the advantage of it and utilize it as their central social media strategy. 

Now prior to discussing meme marketing in-depth, what is a meme? 

A meme is a piece of text, an image, a video etc, which is commonly humorous in nature and is spread out rapidly by internet users with slight changes in it. 

Memes have become extremely popular in recent years. People share memes regularly with slight changes. However, memer’s need to keep themselves updated with the latest meme templates and designs. 

Memes are beneficial to marketers as they are cheap and consume less time and effort in making. There are innumerable online meme creators available these days so for brands it becomes easy to just approach any one of them and get as many as many memes they want in no time and at very little cost. This in turn increases the chances of a return on your investment. 

Memes not only help in increasing brand exposure but also drive huge traffic to the brand’s website as they have a substantially longer life span and stay in the market for longer periods till the time their overuse doesn’t frustrate the users. 

Memes are great at aiming at the younger generation because of their weird and relatable humor. 

Below are examples of some companies that used memes as part of their marketing strategies and have proved to be successful. 

1. Netflix 


2. Barkbox 


3. Apple Airpods


4. Gucci


How to make memes successful

  1. Memes should be short and crisp. 
  2. Memes should be easy to understand and read. 
  3. They should be funny and relatable to the audience. 
  4. The target audience and the marketing goal that needs to be conveyed through the meme should be clear and well presented. 
  5. Memes should be witty as well. 
  6. Brands or influencers should create memes off of the existing trends.

The connection between Influencer and Meme Marketing

Memes and influencer’s posts and videos are both user-generated content. They both had connected content creators and audiences. 

Memes flow from one group to another, however, they can have a limited audience. This is where the influencers play their role. These influencers then share these memes with their audience and make them more popular. 

Rare are the times when even the influencers turn into meme content, this usually happens with the famous influencers with huge numbers of followers. So we can say that influencer and meme marketing share a weaker link with each other.  

State of meme marketing in India 

Memes have become popular in recent years and with the rise of social media users they are getting shared in huge numbers on a daily basis. Memes are short, witty and humorous, this makes them more likeable and relatable amongst the audience. On the other hand marketers take the advantage of this quality and promote their brands through memes. Even if the memes couldn’t promote the services and the products of the brand they at least make the brand recognizable to the people. 

For marketers, meme marketing is cheap, and a time effective strategy. It is here to stay and has proved to be successful in creating a positive impact of the brand in the minds of the people. One such example of a successful meme marketing campaign is tinder. Tinder promoted their services through ‘adulting can wait’ memes. Their main target was the young generation. 


Influencer and meme marketing are here to stay for a longer period. Brands can profit a lot from these two marketing strategies. They help in building a positive image of the brand and make the brand unforgettable to the audience with the help of creating relatable content. 

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