By Rabjot Kaur

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction

“The Customer is King”. 

The utmost important factor to keep in mind to build a successful business is Customer Satisfaction. According to the marketing concept and philosophy the business should make all the efforts it can, to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs while meeting the organisational goals. Without Customer Satisfaction a business will never survive for a longer period of time. So an organisational head should always keep in mind that, Customer is God ! and Customer rules the market !  

So today, Hobo.Video is here to present some of the most important benefits of customer satisfaction to business !

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction to Business:

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction
  1. Helps in Building Loyal Customers– If your customer is satisfied by your service then it, itself increases the chances of your customer’s return. It is likely that your customer returns for your products or services because of the past satisfactory experience they had. Customer Satisfaction will build the trust for your products and services. To know if your customer is satisfied you will be required to measure customer satisfaction. Measuring customer satisfaction can be done by using various customer satisfaction index and customer satisfaction surveys. According to the latest customer surveys 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. Customers are highly valuing great customer experiences these days.  You can build questionnaires asking consumers questions about the product and services you deliver. As well as you can ask them to rate your products and services. By these surveys and ratings you will get to know about your potential loyal customers as well as the areas where you can work to improve your services.
  1. Helps in Marketing– There are a lot of benefits of customer satisfaction to business, one of them is the customer satisfaction in marketing. Customer satisfaction will always help you in marketing your product as satisfied customers will always spread a good word about your product and services among their contacts. A satisfied customer will act as an unpaid ad agency for your brand if you use the resources in the correct possible way. Further , satisfied customers will always be a support pillar for the brand and will prove their efficiency by supporting the brand in trying and testing times of your business. 
  1. Helps in Increasing Revenue– Your business will have an increase in it’s revenue and if not it will definitely remain steady,  this will happen only if you provide the best service quality and improve your customer satisfaction rate. If you apply this on your business your old customers will stick with you and the chain of new customers will keep on growing which will eventually lead to increase in your revenue. 
  1.  Helps in building goodwill and popularity – Customer satisfaction helps in building a brand’s goodwill and popularity. A good online customer review is a must these days for the growth of your brand’s goodwill. Many of the big brands have dedicated teams to look out for the customer reviews and they try to work on the negative feedback to improve their services. On the other hand a good online review can make a good impression on the other consumers who were thinking of buying your product. This will increase the goodwill and the popularity of your brand.
  1. Helps in achieving long term goals– One of the most important benefits of customer satisfaction to business is that it eventually helps the business to achieve the long term goals. If a business does not stay true to what it says and provides faulty products or services to its consumers. It becomes obvious that those consumers will never trust the brand again. The negative reviews of a consumer will impact the new potential buyers, and the business will probably lose the old clients as well. Without the customer a business is nothing. Not giving customer satisfaction importance can lead to loss of clients and eventually running out of business which will become a hindrance in achieving the long term goals of a business.

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction of your Business :

  1.  Firstly, to increase the customer satisfaction experience for a customer a business should always provide up to the mark services and products to their consumers.
  1. There should be a proper protocol and team for handling customer queries.
  1. Regular surveys should be conducted to know what is working in the favour of the brand.
  1.  Customers should be provided with a feedback form or a rating scale chart after every service being provided.
  1. Last but most importantly, the feedback forms and ratings scales should be taken seriously by the business. And the business should work on changing the negative feedbacks into positive ones.

Conclusion – 

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