Reel to reality: Life of influencers

By Yash Raj Mishra 

Over the course of the last two years there has been a paradigm shift in not only the relationship between the influencers and their audiences but also in the life of influencers itself. The pandemic has vanished the barrier that seemed to be in the way of the influencer and the viewer/audience, the lives of influencers has had a big boom during the course of this pandemic.The relationship with influencers seems to be more real than ever before.

Influencers over years have cemented a permanent place in our lives through their regularity and consistency , which in turn has led to a huge social following for them in creating a community of followers. Post the pandemic influencers have turned to various online platforms like Hobo.Video , which have not only expanded their social outreach but also helped them to collaborate with brands.

Reel to reality: Life of influencers

Bridging the gap 

Pre pandemic the relationship between the influencer and the audience was defined. Basically a checkpoint to checkpoint journey through their lives but due to the pandemic where the viewer has basically become a part of their lives. Influencers have been bridging these gaps in various ways like 

  • Collaborating with brands continuously 
  • Provide for the people suffering due to the pandemic
  • helped in bringing joy to the lives of people by entertaining them with their content
  • Being consistently present in the lives of the followers 

Since there are almost no more boundaries in the life of influencers , we as an audience get to witness their unedited life of these influencers.

Reel to reality: Life of influencers

Social interactions in life of influencers 

The biggest group of influencers which have gotten a platform to connect with people during the pandemic have been micro and nano influencers , who with help of platforms like Hobo.Video have had successful brand collaborations which has not only been been an example for great influencer marketing but also build a trust with the consumer for the product.

Major impacts of social interactions 

  • Micro and Nano level influencers had to adjust to new realities
  • Strong connection between the community of people 
  • Rise of authentic and real relationship between the creator and the consumer 
  • Growth in the sensibilities of the creator 
  • Constant evolution of the content 
  • Connectivity with the consumer 
Reel to reality: Life of Influencers

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” 

                                                                        ~ Seth Godin

This quote by Seth Godin is basically the heart of influencer marketing strategy. People are no longer looking just for appearances , everyone wants a context to everything. So it makes all the more sense for people to long for stories and more importantly authenticity with those stories. 

Before the pandemic set in

  • Influencer Marketing Hub, a research firm, reported influencer marketing was expected to grow to a $9.7 billion 
  • Nearly a 50% increase from 2019
  •  More recent evidence suggests that companies are still piling in, even faster than predicted.

These numbers just go on to show how big the online influencer outreach has gone. There have been various ways in which influencers have been telling stories and creating content either be artist collaboration or brand collaborations every influencer is  looking to curate their own stories.

Finding your voice  

Since the internet boom many influencers have come onto the big stage and made it happen just by their sheer dedication. Either be it beer biceps or be it mostly sane. Most of the blueprint of their success remains the same 

  • Finding your niche and working towards it 
  • Creating relevant and interesting content 
  • Being in alignment with their respective audiences 
  • Having a resilience about your work ethic 
  • And most importantly having a give and take relationship with their viewers 
Reel to reality: Life of influencers

Here an Influencer, There an Influencer…

In a world where almost everyone can be considered an influencer , one of the biggest challenges in life of influencers is how to stand out. This can be achieved by simple techniques like 

  • Not underestimating your own opinions and stories 
  • Being able to bring a unique and a different perspective to things 
  • Choosing different mediums to get through to people 
  • Creating your own little universe with your followers
  • Teaming up with platforms like Hobo.Video and being an effective social media influencer 

“When you want to really scale and when you want to reach new audiences, you need content that makes people WANT you — and that comes from having great content.

One of the best ways to get this content is from influencers – they know how to tell a story that fits the social media channel’s objective.”

                                        — William Harris, Founder & CEO at Elumynt.

Reel to reality:Life of Influencers

Adopting influencing as a modern day career 

  • Influencing as a career is no longer just a freelance pursuit. 
  • Over the last few years it has not only been recognised but also celebrated as a well to do career.
  • 17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers 
  • Social media influencing has not only made its mark on the online world but also now it is spreading its hands onto the corporations of the real world as well 
  • Due to brand awareness and direct response from the people influencing as a career has been getting major attention 
  • Generating  more sales for the brand 
  • Creating a new and wider audience 

Which just goes to show the symbiotic relationship between influencers and brands will only get stronger with time. This is the best time for anyone to pick up this as a profession. Influencing is truly a 21st century career option and probably the career option which allows people to truly be independent and choose the people and brands they want to engage with.

Reel to reality: Life of influencers

Roadblocks in the pathway of becoming an influencer 

As cliche as it may sound, authenticity still remains one of the biggest virtues in order to stand out from others in the life of influencers. In a world where everyone is connected to everyone there are some pitfalls that are needed to be avoided.

  • Falling prey to fake following 
  • Inauthentic engagement with people 
  • Choosing quantity over quality 
  • Making irrelevant content 
  • Not being aware of what people expect from them 

Any influencer can avoid these things by being in touch with their audience and moving to platforms like Hobo.Video which provides them exclusivity with their followers and build a foundation with people which is based on trust. 

Reel to reality: Life of influencers

Perfect time to be an influencer…?!

Reel to reality: Life of influencers

For anyone asking this question when is the perfect time to be an influencer ,the answer to that question is…NOW!. In a world where connectivity is more than ever , the want for unique stories is at an all time high and opportunities right at your feet it only makes sense to hop on this train and be a part of this crazy ride. 

Hobo.Video is not only giving you an opportunity to get on the train but also it is willing to take the journey with you and be a part of it as much as you.

It’s time to seamlessly switch from being just a passenger to being the engine driver and only stop at platforms and never end this journey.

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