Twitch Marketing: A step by step guide to help you find the right Twitch Streamers for Your Brand 2021

By Simran Sardana

In the last post, we talked about how twitch builds a promising audience and shared various reasons to start your influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch. Well, today we at Hobo.Video is here to give you some tips and tricks on how to find the right Twitch streamers for your business.

Let’s start gaining knowledge already. Shall we?

The first and foremost thing you should know as a business owner is there are loads of people from the age group of 18- 35 on this platform so, if your product or service can help that kind of audience then just go for it.

Twitch Marketing: A step by step guide to help you find the right Twitch Streamers for Your Brand 2021

What Twitch Influencer Marketing is?

Twitch is a live streaming platform for every niche and influencer marketing is known as spreading the word about a brand with the help of influencers.

In 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch for a total of  $970 million, and henceforth, this platform began expanding the kind of content being displayed and was at that time it was not just for gamers but a bigger community for every type of content creators and influencers.

Twitch influencers have collaborated for a long time with different brands to promote their products and services in various ways.

Why should you as a business owner get involved with Twitch?

Twitch primarily used to focus on gaming but now things have changed, even this platform has evolved vastly.

Nowadays, live-streaming events are happening on Twitch, video podcasts, marketing campaigns, live cooking sessions, art-related live streaming, and whatnot. All you need to do is, decide your target audience and the right influencers to get started.

The type of content delivered on this platform is widening, helping different business owners get involved in different marketing campaigns. It has a really strong audience base and unlike other streaming platforms, people stick around

Twitch is a tight community which means the influencers prefer authenticity over anything. No influencer would try to promote products and services which won’t provide any value to their audience.

Type of products and services business owners can provide

Twitch Marketing: A step by step guide to help you find the right Twitch Streamers for Your Brand 2021

Not all business owners can collaborate with influencers on Twitch because it’s a live-streaming platform. Here, games have a huge advantage over any other product or service. Firstly, there are more gamers on this platform rather than other kinds of influencers. Secondly, you cannot provide a pre-edited video just for the influencer to upload on a streaming platform and it’s done.

Products related to hair care, food, or fashion can be live-streamed accordingly, assuming that you find the perfect streamers.

The other kinds of promotion that can be done are Shoutouts, giveaways, and even unboxing products. These are very much included in marketing strategies.

Who uses Twitch?

As of Feb 2020, Twitch had 3 million broadcasters monthly, over 15 million daily active users consuming a total of over 71 million hours of content daily. Talking about twitch’s partner program, it has grown by 68% since 2017. Most of the audience is male, so male-centric brands can watch out for influencers who might want to collaborate.

It was already mentioned that Twitch has a promising audience, this is based on the fact that its daily active users spend over 90 minutes on live streams.

Twitch Marketing: A step by step guide to help you find the right Twitch Streamers for Your Brand 2021

Twitch’s center segment is men younger than 35, while this larger part has been contracting over the long haul. Twitch’s overwhelmingly gen-z crowd makes the stage a captivating promoting road. Since Twitch’s clients are so drawn in, there’s a huge chance for sponsors hoping to speak with a youthful crowd.

The gamers on here have a marketing strategy that they live stream gaming sessions here and add highlights on YouTube because it is more active than YouTube Live sessions. The gaming brands have an advantage over other brands on this platform because of young male dominance on Twitch over any other platform.

Twitch Marketing: A step by step guide to help you find the right Twitch Streamers for Your Brand 2021

Non- Gaming Brands that can promote Twitch Sponsorship

Various non-gaming channels are being promoted now on this platform related to:

  • Art
  • Foods and drinks
  • Music
  • Beauty products
  • Science
  • Video podcasts
  • Traveling
  • Talk shows, etc.

This has made things pretty easy for non-gaming Twitch users to watch the content of their liking and for various businesses to promote non-gaming products and services to a wide and increasing audience.

How to find the right Twitch streamers

Every marketing strategy depends on the right choice of Twitch streamers and how influential their brand is for the benefit of your business. Perse, there would be no point collaborating with a streamer who has less audience or audience which is irrelevant for your brand. 

For example, you wouldn’t want to send family-friendly products to an influencer who seldom uses foul language while live streaming.

Twitch Marketing: A step by step guide to help you find the right Twitch Streamers for Your Brand 2021

The most important question that you need to ask yourself is what is your marketing goal and how can Twitch live streaming help your brand? Then start by searching what kind of streamer you can collaborate with to reach the right audience.

For example, if you have a marketing campaign for a beauty product then you will reach out to the right kind of influencer for the same. Someone with a promising audience.

From manually searching on Twitch to using other social media platforms like Twitter, there are numerous ways to find influencers who live stream on this platform.

Businesses can even collaborate with influencers collaborating with Hobo.Video and work with them to expand their brand on Twitch.

You can utilize information from Twitch’s API to help distinguish influencers. 10% of streamers represent 95% of the watchers on Twitch. Thus, you can utilize the Twitch API to recognize these top 10% of streamers by an assortment of metrics.

5 tips that you should keep in mind while selecting a Twitch Influencer for your brand:

The marketing goal that you decide upon plays a very important role in selecting the type of your Twitch influencer.

1.    The Niche: The niche of the influencers matters the most for selecting the Twitch Influencer. If the stream in products related to your brand, they have a large and promising audience to cater to.

2.    Your Targeted Audience: In context to services like games, you should research well about what kind of games do the influencers play and do your target audience takes interest in the kind of game you would be providing?

3.    Interest Area: Think about the interest of the audience. Will the audience like your product or participate in your campaign through Twitch streamers that you’d select?

4.    Language: You need to consider the language of the streamer too if the influencer speaks the language of your product or not.

5.    Recommendation: You also need to keep in mind the kind of comments they get, positive and helpful comments or negative comments while streaming.

Twitch can help brands and different influencers with their marketing campaigns, you just need to keep in mind a thing or two and you are good to go. Twitch Influencer Marketing can help brands in long-term business with different streamers.

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