By Riddhi Kapoor

As we all know YouTube is the most popular video platform on earth. People upload more than 100 hours of video every minute. YouTube acts as a great platform for marketers, influencers, tutors, and many other professionals and people who wish to reach a huge number of audiences without putting in a lot of money. 

It is always easier to convey the messages to the audience either through platforms like or youtube as they are highly shareable and a fast and effective way of communication. 

It becomes extremely necessary for these professionals to know the most effective ways to create youtube videos to reach a max number of people and to make their videos trending and popular on social media. 

Storytelling Videos 

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of youtube content creation these days. The audience is more interested in the understanding of the services and products. 

Sometimes a personal story of the YouTuber may be relatable to the viewer. The idea is to share a story with which the viewer is easily able to identify, relate and empathize with you.  

Tips and Suggestions Youtube Videos 

Such videos are really helpful to the audience. To be a successful YouTuber, one should always search for ways that are easier and more effective and should place their suggestions around these easy ways. 

Suggestions could be of apps, different strategies, sites, behaviors, or just some creative ideas. 

DIY Videos 

Do It Yourself Videos. It is kind of an outdated trend but the DIY video idea still works wonders as it teaches someone to do things on 

their own. 

This could involve anything ranging from some simple crafts to a complex digital template. However, for this kind of video, the YouTuber needs to master the art of video making.

Challenge Youtube Videos 

These videos work as engagement videos. These videos connect a huge number of people. All the YouTuber needs to do to make such videos popular; create a unique challenge, tag people in their videos, and Boom! The video is trending all over social media. 

Interview Videos 

Hosting a specialist in a certain field can provide more appropriate content for the audience and make their experience better with your videos.

In such a way the YouTuber and the guest both can strengthen the audience together. 

Youtube Reaction Videos

Such videos can be extremely funny and creative if planned and executed well. 

Reaction videos can be of literally anything, movies, songs, some event, new products, other people’s videos or messages, etc. 

Q and A Videos 

Reading out questions of your audience and answering them on video can be a hell lot beneficial to the viewers.

YouTubers can start the video by answering the common questions and then they can answer questions on some specific topic. Pro tip: always mention the name of the person who has asked the question, this makes the person feel special and close to you. 

Motivational Videos 

Encouragement in any form is a boost for everyone. Human beings must depend on some kind of encouragement and motivation to overcome certain difficulties in life.

So to make the channel popular and likable by 1000s, create a motivational video with full emotions. This will make you closer to your audience. 

Event Coverage Videos 

There is a super fun event taking place in the city and it is probably a great opportunity for the Youtubers to grab their camera and shoot the whole event.

People love such vlogs. However, if the on-location interview of any organizer or guest, will add more value and professionalism to the video! 

Youtube Travel Videos 

The current scenario is a great opportunity for YouTubers to upload their new or old travel videos.

This will get more audience on their channel. In such videos, they can talk about the culture of the place they are visiting or have visited, along with this they can tell the history and interesting facts about that place.

Product Unboxing Videos 

It is a creative idea to unbox your gift or your purchased product in front of the camera. 

Through this, YouTubers reveal their genuine emotions to their audience and make the decision of buying that product easier. 

At the end of your youtube , you can tell about the quality and pricing of the product in detail. 

Review Videos 

Reviews are the social evidence of what the YouTuber thinks of the product or service. 

Reviews can be about anything, a book, movie, car, salon service, restaurant, etc. With such videos, the YouTubers influence the purchasing decision of the viewers. 

Explainer Youtube Videos 

Explainer youtube videos are a proper audiovisual representation of a product or service.

Such videos gain higher reach and engagement. Viewers find such videos helpful. 

Conduct Webinars 

Talking live about a subject or product or service creates a greater impact in the minds of people than just simply uploading a video about it. 

The shortcut to success is to meet the expectations of the audience. 

Gameplay Videos 

These are quite popular among the young generation. 

Gameplay videos are all about the YouTuber playing the game, telling about the specifications of the game, tricks, and tips to reach the next levels, etc. 

Youtube Tutorial Videos 

If the YouTuber is good at doing nail art, then s/he can teach their audience the techniques to do the nail art. 

The idea is to teach the specific trait to the audience in the simplest possible manner. 

Summary Videos 

Or you can also name them memory videos. These videos are the summarization of anything that has taken place and which people might have forgotten too.

Eg; video on summarization of the hit songs of 2020. 

Tag Videos 

This technique works to get the targeted audience. While uploading the video, the YouTuber can find relevant hashtags or can tag relevant people in their videos to increase the visibility of the video. 

List Videos 

Listing can make things a bit easy and interesting. If the YouTuber just goes on talking about different things then it will be difficult for the audience to understand and kind of boring too.. 

Eg; 5 things to do on a solo trip. 

Comedy Sketch Videos 

Last but not least. Making people laugh is a sure shot way to increase the number of subscribers. 

These are the 20 most popular and creative YouTube ideas to try out in 2021 and to increase your subscribers in a short period with good quality content. 

Good luck!