Unique gift guide Ideas for your online customers; A guide for your e-commerce store

By Simran Sardana

How can Hobo.Video help you?

It is your best friend’s birthday in a week and you have no idea what to gift them. Would you prefer having a list of selected items handy to just click and buy, or would you want to go through the pain of selecting everything by yourself in such a short time?

Well, this is the problem eCommerce stores face mostly. If you own an eCommerce store then you must make the gift selection process easy for your customers and retain them for a longer time.

To do this, one idea is to provide your customers with gift guides, it will surely make the process of gift selection easier.

Therefore, we at Hobo.Video are here today to guide you through a few marketing tips which if you’ll follow then for sure, your customers will increase and will retain for a longer time.

Why should an eCommerce store create gift guides?

There are several reasons for an eCommerce store to start creating gift for its online customers. Let me list some of them for you:

  • Gift guides boost brand awareness
    Let’s take the example of the holiday season, Diwali is approaching or Christmas perhaps, that is the best time to create gift guides for. Your customers are most likely to buy things from your gift guides and suggest them to their friends and family as well which will create your brand awareness.
  • They increase sales
    Having a well-designed gift guide lets your customer decide the products they need.
  • Gift guides can even provide content for social media and blog
    For a content creator, content is everywhere. Even while creating gift guides, it can be an important part of the “engaging content” you try to provide your customers. The result would be a highly engaged audience because of your trendy ideas for gift guides for holidays and other vacations.

How to create Unique gift guide for your online customers

The most important question while talking about gift guides in the blog post would be how can an eCommerce store owner create gift guides for their online content.

Let’s see how you can create your very own gift guide:

1. Identify your audience

To build the best gift guides this year, knowing your audience is the first and foremost thing. As a business, you should know their demographic data such as age, gender, marital status, occupation, geographic location, etc. You also need to focus and understand the values, attitudes, interests, personality traits, and even beliefs of your audience.

2. Choose items to include your gift guides

After understanding your audience deeply, the next thing you need to do is to create your unique gift guide for your online customers accordingly.
To do that, check your sales data, look at the buying trends of your customers, check which two items are bought together often, see the popular products every month or on a holiday season basis.
The best way to create a gift guide would be to ask the customer what they want.
Interact with your audience through surveys, polls, quizzes, social media, etc.

If you are still unsure what to add to the gift guide, go for gift bundles. One thing that you can do is to mix and match the products according to your customer’s liking, try experimenting with the products and see what the customer likes the most and make it a part of your gift guide.

The next thing you can do is to ask the supplier of the products for your eCommerce store about what items are bought frequently, fast selling products, and products that complement each other.

3. Craft headlines for your gift guides that evoke emotions and inspire action

Selling a product online is a tough task and writing a great headline that fast-selling is attractive and even helps in selling the product is the most important.
So, craft headlines which can evoke your reader’s attention and emotions. A headline which inspires and motivates your reader to take action and for that you should use powerful words, make your reader imagine, and compel them to use your gift guides.

4. Find quality images of your products

Let’s say that this article was written without adding any images, would you have clicked on this to read it thoroughly? Or would you have even thought about clicking the read more option?
We are the generation that likes visual content more than textual content, so you need to give your audience exactly that.
Let them visualize the information we are providing them, create images that provide instant information, pictures that encourage your customers to share it with people and spread the word.

5. Determine the format of your gift guide

After creating your gift guide, designing a picture, and adding the products, you need to think about the format of your guide. Either it should be a blog post or a slide show, an infographic or a video, or a social media post perhaps.
For getting to know the best platform to post your gift guide, you need to know your audience, check the insights and analytics, see what platform is highly engaged, identify what your niche is and the platform which is best suited to display your gift guide, etc.

6. Market your gift guides

The moment your gift guide is finally ready, show it to the world. Share it on social media, send it to your mailing list, implement practices like keyword search, adding tags to images, strategic linking, focusing on user experience, etc.

Try making it easy for your customers to find your gift guides when they are searching for one.

Now that you know all about creating a gift guide to marketing it, why don’t you look at the other posts from our content creators which can help you increase your content reach and provide some tips and tricks for your eCommerce store.

So this was Unique gift guide ideas for your online customers