20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

By Saumya Gupta

Running a brand’s social media profile is not a simple task and we agree. It’s tough to generate new ideas, simultaneously handle multiple platforms, and curate content that fits in everywhere. You also cannot repeat the same posts again and again. To ensure audience engagement, your content should be fresh and relevant. In simple words, it should match the pace of digital content.

As you sit to brainstorm, you might feel blocked. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 20 ideas that will help you get through your block. With these, you will be able to create content that’s in demand, as well as keep your audience entertained!

Social Media posts that will work across platforms

Yes. It just might be one of the most important tasks that you need to do. People tend to open their social media accounts one by one at a particular time of the day. Engagement with the audience is highest at that point. For instance, the best time to post on Instagram is 11 a.m. on Wednesdays. Another good slot is 4-5 p.m. in the evening. Facebook has the highest engagement between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and again Wednesday is the most suited day. Choose Tuesdays for LinkedIn, and post between 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

You might not post regularly, but when you do, make sure that the timing fits in with your brand and social media platforms.

With this, pair up trending topics or maybe something that’s relevant for the audience. You can start the week with a fresh quote and end it with how you made that quote come true in real life. While you do this, share progress with your audience.

2. Organize a contest or giveaway

Everyone absolutely loves free stuff. It’s irresistible, as well as an opportunity for you to attract people to your brand. You just need something you can give to the winners at the end of the contest. But that product should SPEAK FOR YOUR BRAND. If the item is unrelated, your audience won’t return even if they like the product. In fact, they’ll find another brand that actually sells the item.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

A contest has a host of terms and conditions that makes it authentic. Draw up some, and include them as pointers when you announce the contest. It has two benefits. First, it will cover your own brand legally. So, in case something goes out of the track, you can always come back to the rules. And second, people won’t think it’s a scam.

3. Post impressive video content

If we take current social media marketing strategies, then it’s hard not to mention bite-sized video clips. Gen Z and Millennials have a very short attention span, so it naturally goes towards interesting and unique content. If the content is not worth it, they skip it and go to the next one. Because there’s limitless content online, your brand needs to stand out. Plus, these videos are also very easy to make and do not need much editing. Introduce your products or influencers through these videos and entertain your audience.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

4. Team up or Collaborate with another brand

In a very recent post, Zomato and Amazon declared their partnership through Instagram that represented both the brands in a single post. Now what they did was something very new and creative. As a brand, you can team up with other brands to get exposed to each other’s audience. It’s known as co-marketing, a strategy that benefits both at the same time.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

5. Social Media takeover is like gossip to your audience

Hand over your brand’s social media handle to an influencer, a celebrity, or even your own employee. They’ll come up with the schedule, plan something of their own, and work it out their way. A much-needed new perspective for a period of 24 hours will give your brand lots of fresh content that the audience would look forward to. Choose a candidate whose audience demographic is relevant to your brand.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

6. Reshare your most relevant content

This change of weather made Vishnu Kaushal reshare a post from a while back. Now, who doesn’t know him? He’s an extremely famous influencer with such relatable video content. This video was about Indian moms reacting to clothes out in the rainy weather!

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

You can use the same strategy for your brand. Reshare a product review that might support an upgraded version of the product. You can also share customer feedback from before to transform your social media into a run-down memory lane for a day. But don’t do this too often as it can also drive your followers away. You still need to keep your feed fresh and happening.

7. Use live streaming

It’s easy, clearly attracts more people, and ensures continuous engagement of the audience. Since people don’t get to be a part of live events in this pandemic era, you can use the opportunity to entertain them. Make a big deal out of your premium product launch, or hold webinars with popular industry leaders. After that, turn it into a Q&A session and respond to people in real-time.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

8. Show off your sense of humor through memes

A brand that talks about its products all the time looks like a sales pitch to its audience. If you want to increase engagement on your social media handles, learn the art of social networking. Memes are a way to amuse your audience. Make sure that you understand the meme before re-working it to suit your brand’s needs. Don’t go for anything offensive. That will have a negative impact on your public image.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

Even with memes, you need to understand trends to understand what the meme portrays. And if you have such people on your marketing team, that makes it all the more interesting and fun.

9. Hold an Audience Poll

Twitter and Instagram poll options are simple and easy to use. Brands use it to take inputs from their audience on various topics. It’s not necessary that you only have to ask sales or marketing-related questions in polls. You can make it informal to interact with your audience when you don’t have anything else to post. Plus, with the data that you have, who knows if you can use it while working on or launching new products?

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

10. Run exclusive deals for your members or followers

A few days ago, we posted about how you can use discord to announce exclusive deals for your server’s members. You can join such social networking sites as Hobo.Video, Clubhouse, Twitch, and Snapchat. They have a variety of features that are new and people are on these platforms to feel like they’re a part of a community. Here, you get a chance to interact with them on a more personal level. Segregation of your audience would be easier on discord when members join your dedicated channels. Now you can understand their needs in a better way to run social media campaigns.

11. Go BTS (Behind the Scenes)

The image of your brand can be all professional and creative, but behind that works a team of innovative minds. These people transform hundreds of trials and errors into a picture that is suitable for the market. Your audience will be very interested to learn more about them. Your social media account is the perfect way to show the brains behind successful brand campaigns.

You can also post videos and photos to show how you conduct fun workplace events where people interact in a casual way. Another BTS idea is to show the process of manufacturing your most sought-after product or packing them for shipping. This makes people trust your brand even more.

12. Ask your audience to tag their special ones in the comment box

Tagging people in posts brings more people to your social media profile. Recently, hundreds of brands asked their followers to tag their friends on a post celebrating Friendship Day.

13. Post regular Instagram Story updates

Apart from posting, you can use Instagram stories to highlight your content. It’s a great way to conduct polls or quizzes, mention customers, and give them shoutouts. Since a story only remains for 24 hours, you can use it for small updates or sneak peeks.

14. Celebrate Holidays

From Holi to Christmas, there are endless special days that you can post about. This way you have a calendar, and you get some extra posts that you can talk about apart from your brand to keep your audience engaged.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

15. Brands with a blog should post its direct link to their feed

If you have a blog like Hobo.Video, and if you have writers who enable you to post regularly, then you automatically have regular content. All you need to do is use free tools like Canva to make a poster that describes the article and share it with the link so that your followers can read it.

16. Create a Spotify Playlist

Spotify campaigns are now used by brands to make things interesting for their followers and customers. Ask your dear marketers to make a list of some of the best songs and add them to your playlist one by one. Since each playlist has a shareable link, you can put it up on your social media platforms. Let your audience know what tunes go around in your office!

17. Use Hashtags

Whether it’s 2012 or 2021, hashtags have been around at all times. Promote your content and page using the most relevant hashtags. You can also create some that were exclusively made by you so that people can use them during contests and while posting about your products.

18. Value UGC (User Generated Content)

Now that you have your own hashtag, click on it and you’ll be able to view content that your customers posted. They might be unboxing a product, or trying on new clothes or shoes and showing it to their followers. If you like something, you can always use the repost app to share it on your profile and highlight a good customer experience.

20 Ways to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

19. Post about your upcoming products

You can keep your audience engaged by starting a discussion about your new summer or fall collection. Customers with good experiences always return to the brand looking for something new. Make them stick to your brand in the long run by bringing in new products and creating a buzz about them.

20. Talk about your achievements

Did your brand make a full-page feature in a newspaper? Or are you celebrating a 10-year brand anniversary? Whatever it may be, it’s always a good thing to make your customers know about your success. Sharing such personal moments comes along with a human touch that makes people feel more connected to your brand.


Curating meaningful and engaging content has never been easier. As a brand, you should not limit yourself to only one type of content. The digital market is so full of ideas that it’s hard to mention them all in one post. That’s why we keep working to make you more aware of the market each passing day. Bite-sized videos and GIFs have taken over the market, and Hobo.Video realizes their potential. Our social marketplace is filled with this type of content, and we welcome everyone. Register on Hobo and learn more about these strategies while exploring our communities and brand campaigns!

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