A guide to Telegram and its 20 best bots

By Simran Sardana

Hello reader, I am sure you must be familiar with the social media platform Telegram. If not, then there is no need to worry because hobo.video is here to get you started with Telegram and this blog post would be a step-by-step guide to create bots and let you know some tips and tricks as well. We will also be letting you know about the different bots on Telegram that you must know about.

What is Telegram

Firstly, let me give you a basic idea of what this telegram application is and how you can make the best use out of it.

Telegram, “It is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets, or computers. Telegram has over 500 million monthly active users and is one of the 10 most downloaded apps in the world.

what is telegram

With Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos, and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc), as well as create groups for up to 200,000 people or channels for broadcasting to unlimited audiences which makes it different from the other social media applications. You can write to your phone contacts and find people by their usernames. As a result, Telegram is like SMS and email combined — and can take care of all your personal or business messaging needs. In addition to this, it supports end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, as well as voice chats in groups for thousands of participants.”

Another advantage of Telegram is the privacy it offers, if you are a part of some group then no one can see your phone number but only your name.

Features of Telegram

  • It provides a very fast messaging service.
  • Unlike other applications, telegram has no limit on file sharing.
  • It has a mixture of bots and channels as well.
  • People can use Telegram on the web without connecting to the mobile.
  • It is a cloud-based application.

How is Telegram different from WhatsApp?

The first and foremost feature of Telegram that makes it different and better from WhatsApp would be its feature of multiple device login even without a mobile connection.

Telegram supports file sharing up to 2GB which is not the case with WhatsApp which has a limit in megabytes(MB). Also, while sharing a file/image via WhatsApp it compresses the quality whereas this is not the case with Telegram.

While using WhatsApp, you must’ve encountered the problem while creating groups that have a limit of maximum 256 members. Telegram has an advantage over WhatsApp in this case because it gives an allowance of up to 2 lakh people to be added to a group.

In WhatsApp, the users get an option of saving the data on Google Cloud or iCloud but for Telegram users, it provides free cloud storage for its users.

Telegram is compatible with almost every platform such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone/ PC, Linux OS, and every other browser as well.


Monetization for Telegram and WhatsApp

Both the applications have the similarity of monetizing the platform but here too they differ in a way. For WhatsApp users, they need to open a WhatsApp business account to establish their own business on the platform and monetize their work and it charges for the sales made through the business application. Whereas for Telegram users, it was said that some paid features would be introduced for business and premium users of Telegram soon.

What are Bots?

After a long wait of talking about Telegram and its features and the differences with other social media applications like WhatsApp, now we’ll be talking about Bots and their uses along with letting you know what are the best bots on Telegram.

Let’s start gaining knowledge already, shall we?

Do you know what a bot is?

The word bot is defined as, “a computer program that works automaticallyespecially one that searches for and finds information on the internet”.

Bots are the most popular feature that Telegram provides, want to know why?

Keep reading!

Telegram introduced Bots in the year 2015 and since then they’ve been trending. Let me give you an example for better understanding, you must be a YouTube user, right? So, there you subscribe to different YouTube channels and you get notified about the new content that is posted on the channel. The same is the case with Telegram.

Anyone on Telegram can create their channels and can even send broadcast messages to other people.

With this, you must’ve gotten a basic idea about Telegram Bots. If you’re still wondering then watch this video.

social media apps

How to join Telegram Bots?

The steps to joining a Telegram bot is as follows:

  • Join the telegram bot using its specific username.
  • Search for the unique username and various telegram bots will appear on your search tab.
  • When you tap the bot, it will start asking different questions when you press the start button.
  • Keep one thing in mind that every Telegram bot has its unique features and the way it performs various tasks.
  • Enter the required information.
  • On your Telegram screen, you’ll see your desired results. For example, a certain movie or music that you are looking for.

Now that we have discussed how to join Telegram Bots, shall we talk about the 20 best Telegram bots selected by us just for you?

20 best Telegram Bots in 2021

Given below is the list of telegram bots specially curated for you. This list is in no particular order though. 

1. URL shortener bot

Many times, we create certain forms or copy a URL that is way too long and it doesn’t look professional enough to forward it to the other person. This telegram bot comes in handy at that point.
It is one of the most loved bots of telegram from where people can easily get shortened URLs.

A guide to Telegram and its 20 best bots

2. Skeddy bot

If you are someone who uses the reminder app of your phone the most, then this bot is definitely for you.
Through the Skeddy bot, you can create reminders just by sending one single text.
Influencers on Hobo.Video and other platforms would love to use it as they can schedule the time of their posts using this bot.

3. Alert Bot

You can use the Alert bot on Telegram to create alerts or notifications for chats, groups, or channels of your choice.

4. GitHub Bot

If you are into coding or are technically more active on GitHub and other similar sites, this bot is designed for you.
This Telegram bot lets you follow any repository on GitHub and even notifies you whenever there is some new release on the same repository.

5. Delorean Bot

Delorean Bot is considered to be one of the best bots on Telegram. This bot works as a future reminder which allows you to create notifications or reminders of events that are yet to happen. Another great bot to be used by content creators to set reminders for their posts.

6. Trending Bot

Another telegram bot that is considered to be a part of the best bots list is the trending bot.
Using this bot, you can get information about the things that are trending online such as Google searches, Twitter trending hashtags, YouTube trending videos, etc.
This bot is very useful for influencers who like to stay connected with their audience and deliver fresh content.

7. All questions bot

Although you can google every question that comes to your mind, if you are addicted to telegram or want to experiment with the application, then you can start with using the All Questions Bot, it answers all your questions instantly.

8. Metrics bot

This is a helpful telegram bot for content creators.
One can simply ask for the google analytics of the website using this bot and it’ll give you the exact and accurate results.

9. Gamebot

This bot is designed for people who at times have nothing to do and are in the mood of playing some light games.
It currently has three games which are:
-Math Battle: Yes or No questions based on Maths Quizzes.
-Corsairs: You have to dodge cannonballs to get to the next level.
-Lumberjack Bot: You have to chop wood and save yourself from branches to touch.

10. File to bot

This telegram bot is a savior. It stores your files on the cloud with absolutely unlimited storage. You just need to send the files in chat and there you go; it’ll automatically save all your files on the cloud.

11. Tweet it bot

If you are an Instagram user, then you must have seen the share option while posting something, it allows you to post the same content on other social media accounts as well such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
The same is the feature of this bot, you just need to log in to your Twitter account and from then on you wouldn’t be worried about having a specific Twitter application on your phone. You would be able to post from this Tweet it Bot.

12. Movies tracker

This is the best place to be for the people who start watching a movie after getting all the details and the reviews as well.
By using the Movies Tracker bot, you can easily get all the information regarding the particular movie including the cast, plot, positive and negative reviews, etc.

13. Babelgram bot

Many of us are keen on learning languages from other states or countries but most of the time we get confused because we have never heard or used words from a different language, in this case, the Babelgram bot comes to our rescue.
This bot helps you translate the statements while writing the statement in their native language giving you the privilege to connect with influencers overseas as well.

14. If this then that bot

IFTTT bot is a web-based service with which the user can create conditional work to be performed by the bot.
For example, if your mobile phone connects to Wifi while in the office then your phone must turn to silent mode. There are many more services available using the If This Then That Bot.

15. Eddy travels bot

This is a travel-based bot using which users can search for available flights, hotels, restaurants, etc.

16. Vote bot

Using the Vote Bot, telegram users can create different poles easily and circulate.
This bot is helpful for influencers who want to engage with their audiences and to create content which their audience wants.

17. Yandex bot

Just like the Babelgram bot, this bot also translates your message in the desired language you want.

18. Zoom bot

The Zoom bot on a telegram was used the most in the lockdown because every office meeting or online class was to be attended on the zoom app.
This bot helps Telegram users to create and join a meeting by adding the telegram bot to their contact list.

19. Whale bot

If you are someone who knows all the trending topics, then you must have some knowledge about bitcoin (a kind of cryptocurrency).
Yes, it is a trending topic!
If you have a diverse portfolio, then it is really hard to track the prices of the currency but, worry not. Whale bot is there to help you out by providing you prices, on-demand charts, market capitalization, and whatnot.

20. Verify bot

If you are a social media influencer, then you know the feeling when you get a blue tick along with your name, means a huge thing, right?
Verify Bot is the official verification tool of Telegram. This bot guides you throughout the process of your account verification and gets you that little blue tick.

With these, you are now fully aware of what Telegram is and how Telegram bots work in 2021.

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