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Are you planning to consider incorporating influencer marketing campaign as a part of your next digital marketing plan? If that is not the case, it would be a mistake to do so. According to a Business Insider Intelligence report, the influencer market is going to become twice its size; i.e., to $15 billion by 2022 from $8 billion in 2019. This is an indicative of minor implications of the coronavirus pandemic, but experts have indicated benefits  from increased screen times and shutdown marketplaces. Apart from being effective brand ambassadors, influencers turn out to be good marketers.

This is very evident from the success story charted out by bag brand Baggit.  The brand recently made the most of Influencer Marketing strategy. 

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About The Brand: Baggit

Baggit is one of the leading brands in India catering to all sections of the customers buying bags. It is a brand known for its style, durability and functionality. An award winner of- ‘Beauty without cruelty’ in 2007 as Baggit manufactures non-leather and eco-friendly products.

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Baggit is one of India’s most popular women’s handbag brands with product availability in in more than 60 cities. It has also started selling in the UK. Started with identifying a gap in the Indian market by sensing there was budding demand for trendy, yet functional handbags. It encashed the opportunity when the middle classes started to expand. With the business growing, people had money for more than just the basic necessities.

Keeping in mind the requirements of consumers clubbed with a strong fashion quotient. Designing along with functionality has always been at the core of collections. The brand Baggit started with an image of young and perky, but over the years it has managed to differentiate itself by retaining youthful strain, thereby, adding a lot of style and design in its’ and appealing to a wider audience appeal across genres.


The Indian designer hand bag brand has chalked out a detailed plan for expanding its footprint in the country.  Thus, with major investment in marketing and expansion, along with concentrating on product reengineering, they are making lower MRP merchandise available for the younger audience. 

Baggit plans to continue with an aggressive digital and omni-channel marketing spree across the country. For doing so, the brand has several new launches coming up along with a sub-brand to appeal to larger consumer base.  The company has also refurbished its website for increasing its online sales.

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The 3-decade old brand earns a revenue of about Rs 100 crore and is now projecting a double-digit growth. It will be done by investing largely on digital and omni-channel marketing and by introducing new product segments. Baggit currently has 52 exclusive brand outlets; with 1,000+ retail outlets in the form of multi-brand and large format stores across the country. It now plans to expand its reach to tier III and IV cities.

Use Of Consumer Relationship Management

Apart from marketing, customer relationship management is one of the necessary activities that the brand is attempting for understanding customer preferences, creating awareness and increasing engagement.

The brand initiated a soft launch of CRM in the year 2018, and are simultaneously preparing for its integration in existing systems by raising the service quality. This has been due to huge response from the end consumers in terms of frequency of visits 

The brand believes that Digital and new-age marketing mediums are equally important mediums for product marketing.

It also believes that Collaboration in business is very important to be a successful brand. Today bloggers, influencers or celebrity engagement activities help in building engagement with the existing consumer base and aid reaching out to new set of consumers.

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Recent Campaigns

Being today one of the most popular brands in country, it recently launched very first TV campaign featuring popular Bollywood fashion icon – Shraddha Kapoor as the brand ambassador, and addressing the issue of #mansplaining

The brand holds the belief that Fashion can be used for making a statement. Thus, we encourage our audience to #PutItOnTheTable and make a statement.  

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With an aim to engage with their audience and map a route for interaction with them for the new Spring Summer collection of the brand, it started the Baggit – #PlayTheLifeGame campaign

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To stir the fervour and initiate excitement for the offline event, pre-buzz on the digital media was started by their set of bloggers from Mumbai. They initiated the campaign by sharing their tweets using #PlayTheLifeGame.

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The bloggers propagating the brand showcased the brand products and they were asked to hold on to the product throughout the event for experiencing it.  It showcased the story behind their Baggits’ new SS collection! 

The event also had a question-answer session along with the bloggers asking them:

“Why have they chosen Baggit product?”

“Would they prefer to opt for another brand instead of their bag and why?”

Initiating the interaction amongst bloggers and content sharing amid them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the word spread far and wide.

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Campaign Reach

The blogs were resultantly shared on their respective social media handles. Influencers shared their stories, re-tweeted brand’s tweets and bloggers posts.

Videos were generated in different cities asking consumers about their favourite bag and how will they #PlayTheLifeGame. Moreover, bloggers shared blogs on their respective pages with the brand choosing the same content for their social media content.

9 Play the Life Game Baggit ideas | life, play, style board
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Another engrossing campaign initiated by the brand was a 2-day one. The brand asked users to guess a particular type of Bag (Crossbody, Messenger etc) and tag a friend who should have it. And also giving the reason why your friend should #PlayTheLifeGame.

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These were portrayed on the digital platform through a GIF format. The person with the maximum number of entries stood chances to win exciting Baggit Goodies.

Campaign Success

The campaign was slated as a successful one being shown on Facebook Live and 

  • receiving 2.1k views. 
  • 185 users participated in the campaign
  • generating more than 2765 conversations.
  • delivering 5,531,042 impressions.

Varied techniques to make the brand popular have been tried by Baggit. These include campaigns like “Play The Life Game”, associating with Lakme Fashion Week and many other fashion events.

The brand has been trying to raise the brand’s equity a notch higher in the minds of target audience. It has plans to expand its distribution network. With the advent in online retail, Baggit plans to strengthen its’ presence  with more creative than usual marketing strategies. 

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