How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

By Taniya  Santani

How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

Today there is huge competition on generating leads on social media platforms. And Facebook is a well known social media platform. According to stats more than one billion people are active on Facebook, and that says there’s a sizable opportunity to generate leads using this popular platform. Also other than facebook there are many other popular platforms like Hobo.Video .

 Here everyone is running to get Facebook leads but not all of them are ready to spend money, rather they are willing to spend time and prefer doing it organically. 

Organic leads are free, and there are plenty of ways to get started. Social media sites like Facebook provide several free tools to start building a community. Including; Facebook Group, Stories and Posts. Facebook also provides insight tools allowing you to measure responsiveness, reach and clicks. Then there is the overall effectiveness of your advertising to get the best results from your campaign, some say it’s better to Combine Paid and Free Social Media Leads. Another advantage with social media leads is these prospects are already interested in your product or service. They may just need some nurturing to convince them to buy. If you need the further reason there it is; your organic ads can allow you to build lasting results from people who already feel they know and trust you. That’s the main benefits covered. 

Getting Facebook leads organically doesn’t need to be complicated with some proven methods you can start getting free traffic from interested prospects.

How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

Below are a few different tips that can help you to land you more prospects and grow your page/business — all for a minimal amount of money.

Join Facebook Groups for your Industries and Post Links to Your Websites

How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

When Facebook announced a greater focus on meaningful discussion it was with positive results. The move meant the social network’s users are now more engaged with groups and Facebook says; 400 million people are there in Groups, which is considered meaningful. Not only that; facebook believes in groups so much that it paid an estimated 10 million for a super blow ad right cnbc. Since these groups already have an active membership of interested followers. Why not reach after them? Join some industry related groups; begin posting helpful content and answering questions where you can feel free to talk about your business and what it does to get people to message you on Facebook or your website. Just make sure you are not being overly promotional.

When looking for suitable groups to join you’ll have to think of your typical audience and the day-to-day problems they may have. If your product or service can solve them then sign up and interact with group members and get conversations rolling.

Optimize Your Facebook Business page

How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

Since their introduction Facebook business pages have undergone considerable changes to continue to improve and evolve. Although business pages are getting increasingly sophisticated, just setting up a page isn’t enough, you’ll want your page to do some work by gaining organic Facebook leads. You can do this by optimizing your page for increased click-through and revenues. However, you’ll only need to optimize the parts relevant to gaining Facebook leads organically.

Facebook suggests you concentrate on three main areas; 

  • Your business name and description: Field, making sure you use all the allowed 250 characters for original content. Original content helps your page rank higher.

This is very useful because the more original text you have here, the more opportunities you get to rank your page for business-related search and quarries. You can use this field to:

  1. Add legal disclaimers.
  2. Add a short business FAQ
  3. Describe your processes and services.
  4. Tell your founder’s story. etc
  • Profile photos and cover photos: It’s much more important than your cover image because it will accompany every page update, even when it’s shared to someone else’s timeline.
  1. The profile picture should be at least 180 x 180 pixels (and square).
  2. The profile picture should be relatable when viewed at 40 x 40 pixels (which is what it looks like in the newsfeed)
  • Call to action (CTA): Your page’s call-to-action is located below your cover photo. You can choose a CTA from main sections, so look for one that’s most relevant to your business:
  1. BOOK services 
  2. Get in touch
  3. Learn more
  4. Make a purchase or donation

                   For each CTA you’ll need to add the most appropriate landing page         where the user will perform the suggested action.

Post Content That Capitalizes on Current Events In Your Industry

How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

Draw an organic Facebook lead by covering industry events and trends. You can track these through newspaper, industry press releases, trade publications and Google trends. Piggybacking and news jacking off current events within your industry tends to work well for two reasons.

Any good marketer will watch their environment and look for changes or opportunities. It’s important to have an ear to the ground and eye on the news. A great tool that Facebook has is “treading page”, where any user can see some of the most frequently talked about topics of the day. Notice trends and talk to people in your company about making a connection to specific events that are relevant to your business.

  • If a subject is at the forefront of people’s minds, they might want to find out more.
  • It demonstrates your company is eager to keep up with developing events and trends.

There are few more methods you could use with this type of content. For instance you could write regular articles or blog posts for around trending topics. However, why not get creative with video commentary and related images. You can also get ideas for such videos from Hobo.Video .

 The more imagination you show, the more shareable your content becomes.

Hold Facebook Live  Events

How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

Facebook provides a few video services, so why use facebook live? 

Well viewership is the most pressing reason. Facebook live has a much higher view rate. Facebook live lets users live stream video content in real time and you can choose the format. Some examples to considerate;

  • Virtual conferences
  • Q&AS
  • Virtual tours
  • Staff introductions

Above all through facebook live is a way to interact with the prospects, so they can get to know you better. This way they can see the faces behind the brand and become more comfortable with your company and what you offer. You can stream from your laptop or mobile and you can choose who can attend your Facebook live events.

You can go live on a page, in a group or to an event on Facebook. Going live on page will give you access to more tools and capabilities than going live to a group or event. Using the online events feature will allow you to benefit from all page live-streaming tools when going live to an event.

There’s also comment moderation and you can schedule events and promote them before a live stream

User Generated Content

How to Get Facebook Leads Organically in 2021: An Ultimate Guide

      Are you looking for a free way to get content to develop Facebook organic    leads? Then consider user generated content (UGC). UGC gives your brand authenticity and credibility in the eyes of potential prospects, after all if happy users feel strongly enough about your brand to create content around it, that’s a good sign right?

UGC is imperative to the purchasing decision and most aged groups are open to it. According to research from media experience platform cloud nary; visual UGC content is popular among varying demographics.

Last year, Facebook reported that user generated content (UGC) featuring a brand drove 6.9x higher engagement than Brand-generated content.

That’s right, those carefully crafted facebook ads you’ve been spending lots of time and money creating are being outperformed by freely created content by other Facebook users.

These are some ways that will definitely help you to get Facebook leads organically.

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