Word of Mouth Marketing: 8 must-have points to use WOM referrals and promote your brand

By Saumya Gupta

What’s Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)? To be very concise, it is free advertising based on customer experience. Customers who are happy with the brand talk about its products and services. This includes friends, family, and people who fall in their network. Studies show that Word of Mouth marketing strategy is one the most powerful forms of advertising. Approximately 92% of consumers trust their friends’ recommendations over other forms of media. In its very modern sense, WOMM includes both targeted efforts as well as organic promotion of the brand.

Organic Vs. Amplified Word of Mouth Marketing

There are two types of word of mouth marketing strategies. Organic word of mouth is a natural process where people promote a brand if they like it. They talk about the brand enthusiastically. This comes from within due to personal liking.

Amplified word of mouth refers to campaigns that a brand pursues to speed up the process of WOMM.

Brand promotion through WOM Referrals

It’s understood that any customer would talk about the brand only if they’re happy with it. WOMM works when the customers are happy. Anything negative and there could be negative consequences at that very instant.

Customers who have already received good products and services turn out to be the best recommendations a brand can pass on to potential customers in the community. Those who don’t know anything about the brand might be very hesitant to get involved with it. So, it’s always best to keep customers happy. They pass along a positive message. Plus, they talk from personal experience. That counts as authentic reviews for someone who has never visited the brand before. We have listed some ways in which WOM Referrals turn out to be productive:

1. Sell good products

Brands cannot run successful marketing campaigns if their products are not good enough to please their existing customers. Remember, selling quality products is crucial. It leaves the customer happy and promises better returns in the future. Anyone can work on building a good office. It might have all the necessary staff to take care of specific tasks. But if the product is not good, the customer will not visit the brand anymore. Plus, they might spread negative word of mouth in the community, which would hamper the brand. With good products, the customer also looks for good service. Make sure to make them both happen. It builds the brand over time, paving the way for its success.

Word of Mouth Marketing: 8 must-have points to use WOM referrals and promote your brand

2. Create a well functional website

Considering online trends of shopping nowadays, people get easily frustrated if the website or online platform is not smooth and glitch-free. It becomes important to make the eCommerce site and ordering process easy and compatible on any device. This way, people can access products from any device and it’ll be easier for them to place orders. People will become permanent customers and spread brand referrals in their network, hence promoting WOMM.

3. Take care of delivery operations

Loqate reports claim that 49% of consumers shop online more only if they were confident about the delivery process. According to the same reports, bad delivery rates make 57% of the total consumers reluctant to shop from the brand again.

delivery operations

Manage sales and keep track of products that are sold online. Make sure to maintain operations for on-time deliveries. Also, it’s important to be responsive to queries that the customer poses. Resolving them as soon as possible makes the customer believe in the brand’s service even if mishaps occur.

4. Handle customer interaction responsibly

Whenever customers engage with a brand, they do so in hope of getting direct support from customer executives in case they need assistance. Every customer interacts in a different manner. Put every need in motion, and put every customer first.

Sometimes, brands like KFC convert negative customer feedback to introduce a new item on their menu. It’s the ability of the brand to turn feedback into a marketing campaign, especially one that covers past mistakes.

5. Make your brand unique

The market is full of products that can be replicated, or the idea behind them can be the same. That increases competition in the market. Further, this makes it difficult for the brand to please customers. Customers get attracted to a unique and innovative idea. If the idea is unique, the brand stands out.

If it’s about something the customer cannot get anywhere, they’re forced to talk about it with others, helping in WOMM for the brand.

One way is to send emails about the brand’s progress in the market to the community at large from time to time. Highlight success, and highlight why. Give them interactive experiences. The customer would return, that too with more than just a desire to buy the product.

6. Encourage UGC (user-generated content)

One very good example of this is online video shopping. Through this, customers who bought the product post a video on it. It works like video reviews. Video reviews by customers authenticate the product and encourage other people to buy it. It also builds trust and supports marketers in their campaigns. And this trust can help in word of mouth marketing.

How can a brand get users to generate content? Start working with a unique hashtag on social media platforms. Ask users to use that hashtag in their videos, and incentivize this whole process. This can be done through lucky draws that choose a random winner if they enter the contest. Increase engagement with the audience by posting this content on the brand’s social media handles.


Check out our article on online video shopping to learn how it works. 

7. Work on ratings and reviews

It’s crucial that the brand uses reviews to make better products in the future. Negative feedback should be used positively to know how the product is being received in the market. It’s an effort towards creating a buzz and converting negative feedback into positive experiences for customers. Online reviews reflect how the brand is going to continue in the future. Every customer that goes online to learn more about any product goes through the whole portfolio before making any purchase. In current timers, people read 7 reviews before trusting any brand or business. That is an increase from previous market trends. For them, online reviews are like personal recommendations. Better the review, the more the profit. That’s the mantra every brand should follow consistently. It’s also good to display those reviews on the brand’s website and other marketplaces. They can be in the form of written reviews and average star ratings. These reviews give good products more attention, while those products with bad reviews get a chance to make them better for consumer use.

Rating and reviews

8. Announce an Official Referral Program

Give rewards to those customers who bring in more people to the brand. For instance, Uber India gives coupons and special discounts on every sign-up that is made through the user’s invite code. It motivates them to refer the brand to others for rewards! This marketing strategy takes the burden off of marketers and promoters, who get extra helping hands. This might be a random system, but it sure adds on those people who are connected with the brand. For this, make sure that you keep your customers in touch with daily or weekly updates about the brand. Never let them wait or forget, nudge them to refer to your brand. Take every opportunity.

Word of Mouth Marketing: 8 must-have points to use WOM referrals and promote your brand

WOMM through Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a strong social media presence. This puts their promotion at an advantage over traditional marketing strategies. 49% of people rely on influencer recommendations while making a purchase.

influencer marketing

How do you involve influencers in WOMM? There are many ways in which it can get done. For instance, sending influencers free products is something the brand can start with. Now, influencers receive many free products, so make something that’s irresistible to talk about.

Another way is to connect your brand with a worthy cause. Just recently the pride month received an overwhelming response. Every year, famous brands join the cause by manufacturing specialized merchandise representing the LGBTQ Community. This way, the cause gets more support and gives a bigger platform to the brand too.

Why choose WOMM?

Competition in the market is getting tougher day by day. As this is happening, brands are running out of new ways to generate online sales. Everything is on the plate but is being used by everyone. However, as people are moving forward, they are leaving behind essential strategies. For a human, the community brings a sense of purpose. And so, even if word of mouth marketing is being neglected, it still has a lot of potential to spark profits over time.

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