How To Get Genuine Instagram Followers Quickly

By Vishakha Nehe

Instagram holds 1st rank after Facebook for the social network where 500+ million users are active on a daily basis worldwide. Where 52% are female and 48% are male.

As per the reports, as of January 2020, nearly 1 billion (100 Crore) people use Instagram every month globally. India ranks 2nd after the US for a number of users over Instagram has 120 million users (12 Crore).

People ask these questions very often- How to get genuine Instagram followers quickly? How do you get more Instagram likes on your posts? And fair enough, who doesn’t want more engagement on their posts? From the team of Hobo Video, we are here with the top strategies which will give you hyper-growth in engagements on your Instagram posts.

How To Get Genuine Instagram Followers Quickly
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Firstly, let’s do not overthink and do not make it complicated. Secondly, just follow these simple steps to get genuine Instagram followers quickly and check your KPIs daily. 

KPI = Key Performance Indicator i.e. A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively somebody is achieving goal objectives. Organizations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets. 

KPI = Key Performance Indicator i.e. A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively somebody is achieving goal objectives. Organizations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets.
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15 tips to get genuine Instagram followers quickly

Hobo Video brings to you fifteen proven tactics and tips to organically increase your engagement and get genuine Instagram followers quickly. Read on to find out more. If interested, also read how to make the best of Instagram creator account here

15 tips to get genuine Instagram followers quickly
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1. Get inspired by another brand

Do you really think you should follow people according to your niche only?

Oh Oh! But you are wrong.

One way to get genuine Instagram followers quickly is to follow your industry or your circle of friends but do not forget to research and find inspirational accounts to follow. Definitely, you will get some inspirational accounts otherwise you won’t find fresh ideas. 

1. Get inspired by another brand

2. Figure out your audience according to your niche

This is the very first and very basic rule to know your targeted audience always. When you know about your niche and exactly what your audience likes (for instance, memes, poetry, or food), uploading content that appeals to them becomes so easy and in turn, you will get genuine Instagram followers quickly. Also, the engagement on your Instagram account will increase.

3. Incredible photos

Good quality of photos plays a very important role while uploading any post or content. Use this as another way to get genuine Instagram followers quickly. Post quality content to widen your follower base.

If your camera is shaking, or the subject is in motion, or if you are not having proper light, or the photo is pixelated, definitely you won’t get the number of likes you are expecting. However, it is not necessary for you to be a professional to take good quality photos. There are plenty of ways in which you can get high-quality photos while using your mobile camera only. Always DSLR is not needed if you have a good quality mobile phone then it is enough. Trust me! 

I would recommend trying either through upgrading your camera or sitting by a window for better lighting or considering your composition more or try by some filter. 

Still, if you do not get it then there are lots of non-copyrighted images available for free on Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, etc. Further, Here are some must-have Instagram creator tools.

4. Make sure your captions are as good as your photos

Well, killer photos are not enough only. You need to write some better captions too with the right tone and voice because, with killer photos, the caption should be equally interesting, engaging, appealing, and heart-touching. Don’t deviate from this mantra to get genuine Instagram followers quickly.

Few folks just avoid it and they think it does not matter and write one-word or even single-sentence captions only. So if you are also on that list then you are shutting one door to get more engagement.

Always avoid one-word or single-sentence captions because people read your captions too.

Moreover, give your followers a chance to know a little more about yourself.

Note that you have the chance to tell a story, to connect with the people, to inspire them, to send them a message, give them some tips, to invoke a feeling. So, take a deep breath, take some time, think wisely, and use the right words. The main thing is a relation. If the audience finds your post relatable enough they will be compelled to leave a message or like it for sure.

Unfortunately, there is no article/website for perfect caption because perfect caption varies as per niche, audience, post, and images.

5. CTA

What CTA stands for? Well, CTA is Call to Action. You must have seen a lot in YouTube videos or in comments or any social website i.e., “like this post if you agree!”, or “leave a like or comment if you’ve experienced this before!”, or “to click the link in your bio”, or “leave a comment”, or “tag a friend instead”, or “Like || Share || Subscribe”, etc.

Note that this is a proven fact that your audience can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell them what it is! 

So, simply use CTAs at the end of your caption. There are more chances to get more comments, by asking politely. 

Aren’t manners nice? Don’t overthink this (or any of the other tips in this blog) just include a line at the end of your caption that says ‘Whatever you want from your audience to do’. Now see the magic as you get genuine Instagram followers quickly and compare your KPIs.

6. Use the right hashtag on your posts for the right audience

Right Hashtag, one of the easiest ways to get noticed organically to your brand’s benefit. Note that you should be very selective about your hashtag. Use a brand hashtag always because when you have a brand hashtag, it’s easier to find related content by any user. 

Be sure to choose popular hashtags for sure. But not too much popular(1million+ posts). Otherwise, you would be lost in the shuffle in a matter of minutes. You can also get plenty of hashtags by simply typing in a few words in the Instagram search bar and the most interesting thing is, Instagram auto-generates the hashtag list as per your typed words. 

To use the same hashtags with each post isn’t a good idea because each post has something unique about it so though you may have a handful of core hashtags for your brand; if the hashtags are specific, they’ll help people find you and the post without being disappointed by a mismatch. This in turn will help you to get genuine Instagram followers quickly.

To find the best hashtags for you, use

If you want to generate hashtags, use,, and,

FYI- These hashtags websites are not for promotion.

7. Hashtag on stories

It is really worth it to add hashtags to your Stories to get genuine Instagram followers quickly. Seriously!! 

If you add hashtags to your stories it gives a chance to be discovered by new audiences easily and when people search for a hashtag on Instagram, and if that’s popular enough, they’ll be able to view active, real-time stories on that hashtag’s page including your own. And if they like what they see, they might follow you. So It is a free way to expand your reach to new fans. 

Do not use too many hashtags on a story because they can also ruin the aesthetic of an Instagram story and look “spammy” if you’re posting a ton on each story. 

Try to keep them on-point and relevant to the content.

8. Hashtag on bio

Hashtag on bio
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No matter if you’re promoting an Instagram contest or a UGC campaign, including your branded hashtag in your Instagram bio is a phenomenal way to drive engagement on your posts and to get genuine Instagram followers quickly! 

The hashtag makes your bio even more functional- you can use hashtags for everything from promoting your Instagram community to highlighting your branded content and announcing your Instagram campaigns. 

9. Tag your geolocation

Geolocation is also a very important factor to get genuine Instagram followers quickly. It facilitates your Instagram account to grow organically. If you use ‘Location’ while uploading your content then your post appears under that location (just like hashtags) and it can significantly increase your reach and your engagements! 

Although you can add any location of your choice, for instance, your current location, or any other location of your choice. 

But you should think wisely about what location suits your post and at what locations would your target audience be interested. This can be your other key strategy to get more insights and engagements. 

If your content is good, the likes will come inorganically through the location tag.

Tag your geolocation
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10. Consistency is the key

If you want to become a brand, neither you would like to sound annoying nor you would like to lose your followers with engagement. Right? 

For this, Consistency is the Key. Yes, If you want to grow and get genuine Instagram followers quickly then you have to spend some time at least engaging with others too. When you engage with others’ content via liking their post, leaving a genuine comment, saving content then they also would like to check out your feed and give a little engagement back! 

The social media calendar is a great tool to help you plan out the number of posts necessary to keep people’s attention, without losing quality.

Also, the Instagram algorithm helps you to improve your account ranking because Instagram wants to see that you’re a real person and you use the platform as intended.

11. Ask people to tag their friends

If you want to get genuine Instagram followers quickly, and more engagement on your content, then your posted content that is related to your niche, brand, and product needs to be seen by more people. 

Add a simple CTA (call to action) that encourages your audience to tag a friend on your latest post, to easily increase the amount of traffic to your feed. CTA in the caption simply saying something like “tag a friend who would like this!” or “Would you like to give a challenge to your friend?” or ask them if they can share. 

So, Tag your friends and have fun!

12. Engagement groups

Instagram engagement group is a group of users who agree to support each other’s likes, comments and save on each others’ posts when published. 

Essentially they create a ‘like for like’ policy, but with genuine users and fellow business owners supporting one another’s marketing efforts, rather than spammy bots. If you’re just starting out on Instagram then those engagement groups are a great tool to get engagement and to get genuine Instagram followers quickly. Your post can go from a 0-n number of likes and comments in split-seconds depending on the number of users in the engagement group.

Engagement groups
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How this works:

Once a user uploads a post, that user will share the post with the engagement group via a direct message or with some smiley, and all participants in the engagement group will support that post via like/share/comment/post.

It’s simple, really, yet the rewards can be big and it is a win situation for all members.

13. SFS

Now, what is SFS? So, SFS stands for ‘Shoutout For Shoutout’ on Instagram which is a way to cross-promote posts on the platform. As your posts get promoted, this will boost your engagement and you will get genuine Instagram followers quickly.

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How this works:

You repost someone’s content to your profile telling your followers to follow them, and the other person does the same telling their followers to follow you. There is an excellent opportunity for you to build a relationship, and an equal opportunity for each other to grow, and etiquette to help with getting people to do this for you for free.

Only approach accounts that are of similar size to yours. Asking for an SFS from an account with 10 million followers while you only have 30,000 is not an equal exchange of value so they’re more likely to say no.

14. Giveaways

The giveaway is “Icing on the cake”.

Instagram giveaway really helps you to improve your engagement, followers, blog readers, email subscribers, etc. The giveaways are a fun and popular way to get genuine Instagram followers quickly

How this works:

No 1 is, you need to decide your goal, whether you want more followers, or email subscribers, or youtube subscribers.

Further, No 2 is, A relevant prize, Make sure you pick a relevant prize which you think your audience is 100% going to benefit from.

Next, No 3 is, Keep it simple.

Further, No 4 is, Don’t make it last too long, The ideal length for giving away is 3–7 days max if you are a small company. Otherwise, people will lose interest or they won’t’ participate. If your giveaway is exciting then you can keep this for 24hrs only.

Next, No 5 is, Promote, promote, and promote as much as you can! You can’t just post a single image on Instagram and expect to get thousands of entries. You need to make sure that you are on top of the minds of people via cross-promoting. Because everyone in your audience won’t always see your Instagram posts, so you can use Instagram stories, Facebook, you can direct message them, send them an email and you are spreading your giveaway by any means.

In fact, You can promote your Instagram page in your Facebook stories, a Facebook post, Reddit, Snapchat story, YouTube video, Pinterest page — wherever you are addicted to on social media! Be sure to make the cross-promotion enticing to the audience to encourage them to follow you in more than one place. For example, if you are a photographer, you could say “want more amazing photos and tips? Follow me on Instagram!” and include your link to a specific, and relevant post.

Finally, No 6 is, Fair winner, Lots of evil people out there, who hosted a giveaway and benefited them and after that, they give the prize to their friends or relatives or do not give the prize at all. In this case, you would totally lose the trust of your audience so be fair and choose your winner who is deserving one.

15. Test out something different

Test out something different
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Try to know your audience a little more via some different contests. For instance: Does your audience prefer inspirational quotes or infographics, or video, or Boomerang catch their eye or branded lenses?

Try! Test! And know a little more. Knowing your followers will in turn help you to get genuine Instagram followers quickly. This will in turn widen your Instagram follower base. Click here for tips to grow your Instagram presence.

Now you have plenty of ways- “To get more likes on Instagram!”. If you think of implementing these tips once and you will get a drastic change then forget it. This is a recurring practice, get comfortable with all these friendly strategies, and keep implementing them! 

After getting a decent follower base, if you are looking to make money on Instagram, then read this article on how to make money on Instagram.

I believe you’ll be on the path to greater success in your Instagram engagement and insights. Comment below or email me at [email protected] to share what strategies have worked for you.

Good luck, #Igers

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