Make Money On Hobo.Video: 10 Ways To Get Started

By Raja Anjana Kothapalli

Influencer marketing is a growing marketing. This is the reason why brands are shifting from traditional marketing techniques to this marketing strategy. Brands need influencers to boost their sales and revenues. Good influencers are in high demand and earn money in many ways. Smaller influencers know they get paid less than their counterparts with more followers. But most of the time, you don’t earn money. You only get paid in the form of free products. That is not the case here, as we list out 10 ways to make money on Hobo.Video.

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Hobo.Video – Influencers’ New Heaven

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Hobo.Video is one of its kind social e-commerce platform driven by short videos. Here, influencers get more than free samples for their videos. They get a share in the revenue from the sales they generate. The percentage of revenue share they get is highest at Hobo.Video. At Hobo.Video, earning and spending money is fun with friends. It is a vernacular fun video-based localized community, a driven marketplace for Gen Z and millennials. It provides revenue streams to influencers via an engaging video commerce ecosystem.

A Win-Win For All Stakeholders

Influencers use their creativity to make viral content at Hobo.Video. Hobo enables everyone to be a creator. It encourages influencers to share their passion and personal creative expression through their videos. At Hobo, influencers get inspired to create a video experience that is unique to their followers. The majority of influencers at Hobo Video are micro and nano influencers. These include college students, part-time workers, full-time workers, housewives, or resellers. At Hobo, influencers get to earn money, own an online store, sell products, build a follower base, make viral content and connect with trusted brands.

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Hobo.Video is an invite-only platform and partners with trusted brands. To be eligible to partner with us, brands should have a product rating of 3 or more on trusted marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tokopedia, Lazada, etc. Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the brands should be positive. If the above conditions do not apply, Hobo reviews 3 customer testimonials of the brand. With us, partner brands get access to a creative pool of influencers. Hobo’s machine learning algorithm targets the right influencers and followers who are most relevant for the goals of the associated brand. Hobo offers campaign-specific metrics to the brands to measure the ROI.

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The followers of the influencers who are responsible for the generation of sales on the Hobo.Video e-commerce platform are the consumers. Consumers can also be influencers who are purchasing a product on Hobo to make a video with the product. They can also be the followers of the influencers who make a purchase via the videos posted by the influencers. They can also be resellers owning a store on Hobo.

The Best Place To Make Money On Hobo.Video Because…

Hobo.Video offers the highest margin in the market, which starting at 10% goes as high as 35%, depending on the campaign, brand, and membership. Influencers have the opportunity to start their own brand with zero investment. Being a mobile platform Hobo has a much larger reach as is easily accessible across the globe. Hobo.Video inspires the influencers to create a video experience that is unique to their followers.

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The Best Time To Start Is…

It is anytime and anywhere. Influencers can own an online store on Hobo Platform which is extensively operated via mobiles. With Hobo Video you can own a store in your pocket.

How Does It Operate?

Hobo Video is an invite-only platform. In the case of the brands, a specialist team at Hobo Video ventures into the market, onboarding brands with trustworthy products. Influencers have to fill a form (a two-page invite application) asking for an invite to join, which can be accessed here. Hobo Video checks the eligibility and personally verifies every request to protect the interest of all the stakeholders. You can hear back from them within 5 working days.

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Upon successful registration, influencers can set up their profile on the Hobo Video platform. They can own a micro store on the platform, create a store and add products on it and make videos with these products and share them with their followers. The influencers can also buy the products, use them while making creative videos and share them on their social media platforms.

How To Make Money On Hobo.Video?

1. Recruit Members

There are two types of memberships with Hobo.Video:

1. VIP Membership: It is free and any influencer joining Hobo.Video will automatically be a VIP member. The percentage share of revenue that a VIP member earns via video creation, sharing content and tagging will be lesser than the Diamond members.

2. Diamond Membership: It is the next stage for the VIP members. You can become a diamond member by achieving a few preset defined goals on the Hobo platform. The share of revenue of a diamond member is almost double that of a VIP member.

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2. Own A Micro Store

The influencers registered can create a micro store on the Hobo Video platform with easy-to-follow guidelines readily available for all the members. They can explore the products on the Hobo e-commerce platform, find relevant products, and add them to their online micro store.

1. Earn when a user buys: Pitch your micro store products to your followers on various social media platforms. Feature them on your videos. Earn money whenever a user purchases your products.

2. Earn when your VIP recruits: You can recruit other VIP members to the platform by inspiring them through your content using your network. Whenever your VIP recruit generates a sale on his micro store, you earn a share of 10–15% of the revenue created.

3. Earn when your Diamond recruits: You can recruit Diamond members to the platform. This yields more share in revenue than the previous scenario. Whenever your Diamond recruit generates a sale on his micro store, you earn a share of 25–35% of the revenue created.

3. Upload Product Videos

There are numerous products for sale under different categories on the Hobo e-commerce platform. Make videos featuring these products and share them on your social media platforms. Within them, provide a link directing your followers to purchase those products. Get a share in the revenue of the sales generates via your shared URLs. As mentioned above, you earn whenever a user makes a purchase through your videos. You also earn whenever your videos bring in more VIP and Diamond recruits and they generate sales.

4. Tag Products On Videos

As an influencer and vlogger, you regularly make engaging videos and share them on social media. You can earn money through regular vlogs without any additional work. There is no need to make product-specific videos only for your micro store as mentioned earlier. You can also earn by tagging the products on the Hobo e-commerce platform on your regular videos.

Whenever your tagged videos generate sales for Hobo Video you earn money. You also earn money whenever your tagged videos recruit new VIP and Diamond members for Hobo Video and these recruits generate sales.

5. Brand Campaigns

Hobo Video has a specialist team that is dedicated to onboard trusted brands. Influencers of the Hobo Video network get to associate with these brands. Whenever a partner brand needs influencers for its campaigns, Hobo Video’s machine learning algorithm helps shortlist the relevant influencers. It helps the brand on picking the right influencers using multiple filters such as gender, location, language, age, OS, engagement type, etc.

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Hobo Video offers many types of campaigns for all the partner brands. Some of the campaigns curated by Hobo Video include hashtag challenges, branded lens, brands anthems, product review & unboxing, and duets & contests. Every campaign gives different outputs and campaign metrics. These metrics help brands can select the campaign they need based on their goals.

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6. Hashtag Challenge

This challenge drives the ROI through community-driven short videos created by hundreds of influencers to make brand hashtags viral over a social media platform. Influencers are encouraged to create authentic and relatable UGC with trackable attribution link which makes strong resonance and drive conversions for the brands.

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Hashtag challenge has a high potential to increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Around 91% of social media users use a hashtag to search for any content. Hashtags create a ripple effect among followers, catalyzing them to use the same popular hashtags in their social media posts.

7. Branded Lens

Produced in-house, this campaign creates 2D and 3D lenses to radically transform the influencer’s environment. Hobo Video partners with brands to create their own relatable lens to be used by influencers. These branded lenses stimulate deeper engagement to leave a long-lasting impact on the audience, therefore generating high brand discovery and conversions.

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8. Brands Anthems

Hobo Video partners with musicians to create trending music to be used as a brand anthem by influencers and followers in their short videos. Influencers download the music from the campaign detail screen on the platform and upload it along with their creative short videos. This is a great strategy, since 88% of short videos on social media platforms are lip-syncing videos with trending brand music.

When a brand anthem is combined with another campaign like hashtag challenge, it creates deeper and wide resonance with the audience for a longer time. Hoichoi, an Indian on-demand video streaming platform, launched its brand anthem in 2018. Such brand anthems boost brand recall value for potential users, thus creating a more loyal customer base.

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9. Product Review & Unboxing

This is a highly authentic and targeted campaign for a brand to drive high conversion. Products are reviewed or unboxed by the influencers in a short video giving the audience the real look and feel of the product. Hobo Video recommends its brands distribute sample products to the influencers to promote realism in the videos. About 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase, and by using them on their online websites, brands generate more trust and revenue.

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10. Duets & Contests

This campaign generates a major engagement with Gen Z and Gen Y audiences. Influencers invite followers to create duet videos that fire trends and create FOMO. Influencers launch contests to create a buzz and high engagement. Contests create a craving for the brand products among the target audience. Prizes are focused on the brand’s product giveaways for the winners. Influencers collaborate for the same brand to catalyze the virality. This campaign gives a wider reach, higher engagement, and insights for brands.

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Join Hobo.Video Now!

Have we enticed you to check us out yet? With its unique business model, Hobo Video protects the interests of both influencers and brands. It is the only platform that offers as high as 35% share in revenue for its huge network of micro and nano influencers. So if you are one, why delay on an amazing opportunity to make yourself a good name and income? Join Hobo Video by asking for an invite here and become a paid influencer.

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