MX TakaTak: A Comprehensive Guide to Use and Make Money On It

By Paul Harrison

MX TakaTak is MX Player’s version of TikTok, released in August 2020. It was a month after the ban of TikTok along with many other apps and web services created by the Chinese. In a few days of its release, the app witnessed a huge surge in the number of Users as the Users got exactly what they were looking for. MX TakaTak not only forayed into the market to fill in for TikTok but also provided a platform to create content with the same quality as it.

TakaTak offers a variety of videos from Lip synced dialogues, songs Comedy, DIY, Cooking, Sports, Gaming and so forth.

Using TakaTak is not very difficult to use if you are a millennial. You will get used to it within a couple of minutes you start using it since many features match other apps in the category.

TakaTak offers short videos that are fun to watch. You can share with friends over various other Social Media platforms like WhatsApp, TakaTak and Instagram.

Setting Up MX TakaTak

You can install it from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. New users or existing users need to Login or Sign up to their account to have their own personalized profile to create, watch and share videos.

Signing up for an account is required in order to follow friends and other content creators on the platform.

Watching Videos

The video viewing screen has two different sections namely For You and Following.

The For You section is algorithmically put together by videos that are like your regular engagement. These are suggestions for content and creators that provide content similar to what you seem to enjoy. They are also videos that are trending globally across the platform.

Further, the algorithm of the For You section works as such that there are several videos lined up for your viewing. This lineup is in fact composed by picking up numerous signals that are based on your engagement with different types of content.

Swipe right while watching a video in the For You section and you will find the profile of the owner of the video you are watching. Which also gives you an option to follow the creator if you like his/her content and would like to get them on your feed regularly.

In The Following section you find videos of the accounts you follow. This content line up is also assembled algorithmically by picking similar signals just like the For You section. In this section, only content from accounts you choose to follow are shown.

Showing Love To The Content You Enjoyed

To the right of every video you are watching are a series of icons. The first one takes you to the profile of the person who posted the video. Followed by a heart that works just like the Instagram one and then Comments and finally an arrow pointing right for sharing it on various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

At the bottom, the numbers denote the number of likes, comments, and shares of the specific video that is being viewed. Besides these, there is a Spinning Record. Tapping on the Spinning Record, the track’s name, artist and other videos created using the same track can be found.

Creating Videos On MX TakaTak

For first time users, phone numbers, Google or Facebook account’s credentials can be used to sign up in order to create an account with MX TakaTak.

1. Tapping on the “+” on the home screen.

2. The desired duration of the video is to be selected in the next page either 15 secs or 60 secs.

3. Shoot the video when the Red Button appears. Some customisations can be made before the video is being shot, like, ratio, effects, speed, timer. After finalising it, the video can be shot by long-pressing the Red button.

4. A music track for your video can be chosen from the music library in order to enhance your content.

5. If the video is not up to the mark, it can be discarded by pressing “X”.

6. Press the red check to do editing.

7. There are numerous filters and effects to choose from.

8. You can add special effects on the completion of video.

9. Press COMPLETE option to finish editing. You are then moved on to a page where the video can be Posted or saved as a draft.

Monetizing MX TakaTak

If you are regularly creating interesting and engaging videos on TakaTak and have a large following, you fit the bill to make money on TakaTak.

1. MX TakaTak itself gives its creators to earn money through one of its content creator encouragement programs. Time and again MX TakaTak has invited content creators to participate in this program. The call-to-action had an email address to which content creators are asked to send a description along with their video. Monetary compensation is rewarded after further interaction.

2. Once you have started to regularly post videos and garnered an audience to your content, you can reach out to brands looking to collaborate with influencers to promote their products. Your email ID in your profile’s bio for brands to get in touch with you for collaborations. These collaboration proposals usually come with an offer of monetary compensation. Collaborate confirmation will give you this. The compensation can be stated in the contract for a period you decide to stay with the brand. Or it can be the number of posts you create endorsing the brand’s products in them.

3. MX TakaTak also promotes affiliate marketing. Further, an affiliate link can be posted on the video description along with the product that you are endorsing. Affiliate marketers are provided with a link that is trackable and unique. Both the influencer and the brand can track the sales of their products through this.

4. Using the TakaTak app and the content created through the app a YouTube account can be created and these videos can also be posted on YouTube to be viewed by a wider audience.


In short, no matter how much ever money you would like to make out of content creation through MX TakaTak, the money you make out of it will always be proportional to the number of followers you have gained and how interesting and unique your content is.

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