Top 10 Highest Earning YouTubers You Need To Check Out

By Chandra Shekher Iyer.

“Just one more video and then I’ll go back to sleep.” We’ve all been at this place where we found ourselves at 4 AM still watching videos on YouTube. Be it DIY videos, game highlights, cooking tutorials, or movie trailers, Youtube has become the most dominant platform for watching videos. In today’s story, Hobo.Video is here with the Top 10 highest-earning YouTubers.

YouTube’s infestation into people’s lives created new horizons in the social media sphere besides watching, people started uploading their own videos on the site which has turned ordinary people into millionaires who now have an army of subscribers and finally into YouTube Influencers.

Since the platform has elevated to a global level, many brands have looked at the video platform as a marketing and advertising venture where there are YouTubers to create videos for their brands, a new age brand-influencer collaboration.

Hobo.Video, a video-based e-commerce platform where budding influencers can create interactive videos for a wide array of brands and resellers which can help influencers get recognition worldwide. Let’s dive in, starting with some interesting facts about YouTube!

Facts about YouTube:-

YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine after google.

According to YouTube Analytics (2021), the platform has logins of more than 2 billion users per month. These billions of users have accounted for a watch time of a billion hours every day.

YouTube was bought by Google in November 2006 for 1.65 $ Billion.

YouTube in America has reached more mobile users than any other television network.

Top 10 Highest Earning YouTubers

1. T-Series($136 Million)

Top 10 Highest Earning YouTubers
Image source: YouTube

For starters, we’d like to say that this is the most subscribed YouTube channel all over the world with 184 million subscribers. This fact says pretty much about the channel, which also ranks at number one for the most viewed channel with over 155 billion views. T-series annual earning estimates are said to be around $136 million. 

This channel is an example of switching platforms as this company was a music company whose sales were made from cassette sales in the ’90s. They then opened their official Youtube channel in March 2006 where they started uploading songs mainly from Indian movies.

2. Anastasia Radzinskaya ($52 Million)

nastya's youtube profile with 7.44 crore subscribers
Image source: YouTube

On this list of Top 10 highest-earning YouTubers, we have a child star who has earned over $50 million. Anastasia’s channel Like Nastya creates vlogs and unboxings and has over 74 million subscribers. She creates vlogs featuring her father and pets which viewers find adorable to watch. Anastasia’s channel is the 5th most subscribed channel in the US.

3. Ryan’s World($22 Million)

ryan kaji's youtube profile with 2.98 crore subscribers
Image source: YouTube

On 17 March 2015, Ryan Kaji’s parents decided to upload a video of their child unboxing a toy on YouTube and the rest is history. Ryan’s video started getting hits and became viral. Now, Ryan’s World is a famous YouTube channel with over 29 million subscribers, creating toy reviews and educational interactive videos for children.

This channel is an example of when an influencer wants to target a specific audience. Ryan has an annual income of $22 million and his channel is only 6 years old. At his age, he is among the highest earning YouTubers.

4. Marques Brownlee ($18 Million)

Marques is a tech reviewer who makes informative videos about smartphones.
Image source: YouTube

Marques is a tech reviewer who makes informative videos about smartphones, laptops and other techy stuff. He created his channel back in 2008 & has 14.2 million subscribers, with annually earning $1.7 million.

He gets to test prototypes of gadgets that big tech brands like Samsung, Apple are about to launch. People usually watch his videos before finally deciding to buy a product.

5. PewDiePie ($7 Million) 

MKBHD's youtube profile with 1.42 crore subscribers
Image source: YouTube 

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg who is better known by his Youtube username, PewDiePie has been around on the video platform for more than 10 years. Now, if you are into dank memes then you must be knowing about the contribution of PewDiePie.

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, PewDiePie is a comedian, musician and gamer rolled into one. It can be said that he’s one of the first people who started the trend of roasting and reacting to videos on Youtube. Felix’s annual earnings fall around $7 million.

If you are an “influencer”, what can be learnt from PewDiePie is that you have to be unique with your ideas. Also, Felix’s channel is the second most subscribed YouTube channel after T-series, which started a whole feud between T-series and PewDiePie’s channels. Who’s side are you on? Let us know in the comments.

6. Dude Perfect(6.5 million)

dude perfect's youtube profile with 5.62 crore subscribers
Image source: YouTube

If you like practising trick shots with your friends then you might’ve watched Dude Perfect’s videos. A team of creators who make sports entertainment videos or if we simply put it guys trying impossible trick shots. They are a group of five guys namely Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, twins Cory and Coby Cotton and Garett Hilbert. 

Dude Perfect hail from Texas and started their channel on 17th March 2009. The story goes like this: these guys were trying trick basketball shots betting sandwiches and uploaded the video on YouTube and it became viral as people asked them for more videos like these. If you’re reading this, this is your sign to get over your shyness and upload that video hiding in your smartphone’s gallery.

They have 50.2 million subscribers on their channel 13 billion views. Dude Perfect is the 3rd most subscribed sports channel and their yearly estimated earnings are $6.5 million.

7. Preston Arsement (3 Million)

prestonplayz youtube profile with 1.03 crore subscribers
Image source: YouTube

Preston is known by his YouTube channel called PrestonPlayz famous for Call of Duty and Minecraft gameplay videos. When Preston started as a YouTuber he had 2 channels TBNRFrags and  PrestonPlayz.

On TBNRFrags which was his first channels Preston used to play “Call of Duty”, “Far Cry” and “Castle Crashers”.Later, he created PrestonPlayz where he started uploading “Minecraft” content. His most-watched video “7 ways to steal Noob1234’s Diamonds-Minecraft” has over 40 million views.

Preston has 17 million subscribers and his estimated yearly earnings are over 3 million.

Preston is an inspiration for a whole generation of kids who want to be professional gamers and he gets a spot in our edition of Top 10 highest-earning YouTubers.

8. Logan Paul and Jake Paul ($2.4 & $1.1 Millon)

logan paul's youtube profile with 2.31 crore subscribers
Image source: YouTube

Logan Paul and Jake Paul are influencers and vloggers. Both brothers started creating videos on YouTube since they were kids and gained popularity. 

Logan has 23 million subscribers and his annual income is estimated at $2.4 million while his younger brother Jake has 20 million subscribers with annual estimated earnings amounting to 1.1 million. 

jake paul's youtube banner with 2.04 crore subscribers shown
Image source: YouTube

Both have recently turned into boxers in a partnership with Social media platforms like Triller where vloggers and influencers challenge each other for different tasks, a PPV(Pay Per View) which has been a lucrative venture for both the platform and the platform influencers.

If you are an influencer who’s looking for a partnership that is both lucrative and does not curb your growth then you should check Hobo.Video which has a lot of trusted brands with whom you can partner.

9. James Charles (752 K)

james charles youtube profile wih 2.52 corroe subscribers shown
Image source: YouTube

James is an American make-up artist, musician and entertainer. He used to work with celebrities and then on the first of December in 2015 he started his YouTube channel where he started uploading beauty tutorial videos. 

His videos have been a rage with his followers which led his channel to get over 25 million subscribers. James’ estimated annual earnings are over  752 K while his net worth is $19 million.

10. Jeffree Star ( 375 K)

jeffree star's youtube banner with 1.64 corore subscribers shown
Image source: YouTube

Former musician now a YouTube  Jeffrey Lynn Steininger better known as Jeffree Star who is now a beauty YouTuber, model, musician and entrepreneur.

Jeffree started in the music industry with the starlet dropping an album that had a song featuring Nikki Minaj. But due to some controversies surrounding her music career, she dropped out. She then cashed in on her outrageous personality on YouTube and since then has a lot of fans. Jeffree has 16.4 million subscribers on her channel and her annual estimated income is over 375 K. She has over 2.5 billion collective views on her channel.


For those people who were doubting social media, space had perhaps forgotten the saying “Never say never” and YouTube is one such example where it has created young budding video creators into brands with which many big corporations want to collaborate. That’s it from our side on this story about the Top 10 Highest-earning YouTubers.

If you are looking to join a space as an influencer you should check out Hobo.Video a space with many household brands with which you can collaborate and build your empire.

Let us know your favourite YouTube channels in the comments.

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