The Top Indian YouTubers To Subscribe To Today

Ahile Shima

YouTube has been a great source of information for several years with over 31 million YouTube channels. According to an article on the official YouTube blog, there are about 2 billion active users each month and 30 million active users daily. In fact, most people who have learnt skills off YouTube fondly say it was learnt from ‘The University of YouTube’. 62% of businesses across the world use YouTube, and YouTube is the second most used internet search engine claiming 37% of all mobile internet traffic according to Omnicore. It doesn’t matter what information you are seeking, you are sure to find it on YouTube; with options. Moreover, given by interesting YouTubers.

For someone intending to become a social media influencer one day, or looking to improve as a social media influencer, it is very important to take a look at those in the market before you and learn from them. There are several active Youtubers but randomly subscribing to any influencers page is not the right way to go. As an influencer, you have to carefully consider the path you want your influencer marketing to follow. You also have to consider several market strategies that will work for you including the kinds of brands you look forward to partnering with in the long run. This is the same for brands looking to collaborate with Youtube influencers. 

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What Is YouTube?

YouTube is a digital platform that can be accessed using internet connection from virtually any telecommunications gadget. While other social media platforms exist for marketing and entertainment, YouTube is unique in the sense. It was primarily made for just videos and does not restrict an author to a few minutes of record time. YouTube also has the option of live feed meaning that you can interact with a YouTube channel in real-time. This is wonderful right? As a micro or nano influencer, you should be able to interact with the owner of whatever content you are interested in for better understanding. 

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With YouTube, you get to see what is done, how it is done. If you are familiar with the phrase: videos never lie, you will understand how this is very useful for a learning process. While YouTube is a great entertainment tool, YouTube is also an affordable and easily accessible learning source.

How Does YouTube Channel Work?

You can watch YouTube videos without creating an account. Doing this however means you cannot save videos that interest you to watch later. It also means that you cannot subscribe to a channel you find interesting and relevant to you. With YouTube, the more likes a video gets, the more reach the video has. There is a simple and straightforward way of finding out how popular a YouTube channel is. This is through views and likes on each of the videos on the channel.

Another way of determining the popularity of a YouTuber is by taking note of the progression of its video likes and views consistent with the number of subscribers. YouTube has the option of turning on post notifications after a channel has been subscribed to. This allows you to get notifications for live streams and new posts on the channel. If you are subscribed to a YouTube channel for the purpose of learning and personal improvement, this feature of YouTube gives you an opportunity to never miss out on content that might be vital to you and your influencer brand.

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YouTube is so popular in India such that Indian makes up the second largest Youtube market after the United States of America. In fact, the most subscribed channel on Youtube is an Indian channel for movies called T-Series with 179 million subscribers.

YouTubers And What They Do

Several Youtubers do a lot of different things on their channels. This article is a result of research work that has been done with the purpose of making it easy for an Indian nano or micro influencer to easily break into the social media marketplace and create a niche for them. For the purpose of doing this, several Indian Youtubers were considered. And after carefully analyzing each channel and the quality of content, the top YouTube channels to subscribe to have been decided. It is important to note that there are 265 million active YouTube users from India alone. And about 1700 Youtube channels with the smallest having at least 1 million subscribers according to Economic Times. This has made India the fastest growing market for YouTube in terms of users according to DD Blogger

In this section we are going to be exploring in detail the most common methods of confirming how influential a YouTube channel is. Search Engine Optimization has great tools for analyzing data and obtaining relevant information. SEO tools are one of the more preferred methods. However; if you are just starting up your brand and are looking for influencers who YouTube you can learn some useful tips from, you just have to go on YouTube and search through channels relevant to you. Hobo.Video is a medium that is committed to brand growth and an exciting shopping experience. This is why we have done the work of checking out Influential YouTubers and organizing the most relevant to this discussion.

Top Five Indian YouTubers to Follow Today

According to BusinessInsider, the Indian YouTube channel popularity list has consistently been reshuffled. There are several YouTube channels and influencers to be interested in but when it comes to following Youtubers for the purpose of brand improvement, you need to be more critical of who you follow. We at Hobo are committed to optimizing every virtual market place experience so we have put together five youtubers you can benefit from.

Bhuvan Bam

He is an indigenous comedian, actor, writer and singer. Born in 1994, he has successfully created a career for himself as a YouTube blogger. His comedy channel BB Ki Vines has over 20 million subscribers. In 2018, he was the first Indian to have 10 million subscribers. Bhuvan’s channel has a laid back air to it that shows you that you can have fun while doing a business that sustains you.

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Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep at 40 years can easily boast of a successful career as a motivational speaker and a well known and loved Youtuber. As someone who has experienced failure and setbacks, his channel is mainly an opportunity for upcoming brands to learn how to deal with the different stages of business as he gives impactful lectures. He has an app with a 4.5 rating on Google play and his channel is named after himself: Sandeep Maheshwari.

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Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish is a popular digital influencer who makes his trade on YouTube. A graduate of engineering from India, he started his channel 6 years ago and averaged 2 million views on his earliest posts. Most of his posts are funny but relatable life situations and they cover just about anything. At over 24 million subscribers and an average  20-85 million views, his YouTube channel: Ashish Chanchlani Vines gives you a close look at a climb to success.

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Ajey Nagar

This Youtuber is popularly known as CarryMinati who streams from Faridabad right in India. At 21 years, he runs two YouTube channels which are both doing very well; CarryMinati at 29.6 million subscribers and CarryIsLive at 8.95 million subscribers. His channels feature his music, comedy and a glimpse into his personal ideas and thoughts about several topics. He is fond of offering helping lifestyle hacks on his CarryIsLive channel.

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Prajakta Koli.

Known popularly by her YouTube channel name: Mostly Insane, Prajakta loves to do funny skits while doubling as a successful actress at age 27. Although she hasn’t consistently created comedy skits for too long; about 2 years, she can boast of over 1 million views to her 6.16 million subscribers. Her comedy skits are always relatable to life in India. And if you are looking for a Youtuber whose growth and success is not overwhelming, she is your go-to.

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It’s one thing to randomly follow popular and funny channels on YouTube. But when you have a goal in mind, it is always best to approach the matter of subscribing candidly. Whether it is as a mentor, inspiration, encouragement or brand model, subscribing to a YouTube channel is something that should be taken seriously. While Hobo.Video is a platform for connecting brands, influencers and clients, it is also a platform that is interested in making you an entity that others will like to connect with. If you want to connect with us by subscribing to our YouTube channel here. These five Youtubers are just a few in the vast sea of others making a difference in their niche today.

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