7 Reasons to Launch Influencer Marketing Campaign on Twitch 2021

By Simran Sardana

What Is Twitch?

According to Business Insider, “Twitch is a live-streaming platform built mostly for gamers and lifestyle casters that support building communities around a shared and streamable interest. Twitch streamers broadcast their gameplay or any activity by sharing their screens with the audience/ fans/ subscribers who can hear and watch them live.”

If you are someone who has a slight interest in gaming or making videos for instance and have not checked out twitch yet, then you are missing out on all the fun.

We at Hobo.Video always try and encourage our audience to keep in touch with the new and upcoming brand collaborations and technologies that might end up creating a fan base for our influencers and hence today’s story features seven different reasons for you to launch your marketing campaign as an influencer on the platform called Twitch.

What Is Twitch?
Source: Twitch

Reasons for joining Twitch

The platform twitch was launched in 2011 and since then it has been popular amongst gamers and has now reached a user capacity of 3.8 million unique broadcasters till February 2020. Isn’t this a reason in itself for joining this widely growing platform, having to connect with your audience in a way where no middlemen are included too, there is transparency.

Reasons for joining Twitch
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Twitch was once a game streaming platform but it is no more just related to it, now there are more than 80k different channels all streaming live videos like sports, fashion, games, showcasing their talent, marketing their products, and much more. It has more than 15 million active users who watch their favourite content creators daily.

 According to one of the content creators online,

  • It is made for live streaming and it shows
  •  Interaction with the chat is so much better
  •  The gamification for creators is amazing
  •  Potential for support between content creators is MUCH better on Twitch
  • Twitch is a lot more fun
  • Easier to set up because of the better control interface

Twitch platform is for the people who love live streaming, who like talking to their audiences and interacting with them in real-time that too regularly.

Difference between Twitch and other streaming platforms, such as YouTube

If you are wondering, how is it different from YouTube, then let me take you through the differences as well.

The most important difference is the interest of your audience. When Twitch focuses only on live streaming, YouTube on the other hand focuses on content creation. Twitch recommends popular streamers and doesn’t let you change the thumbnails but YouTube permits a content creator to edit the video and change their thumbnails as well.

Difference between Twitch and other streaming platforms, such as YouTube
Source: Vlogfund

If we talk about money, then Twitch is the platform you should consider working on. It has easier monetization qualification as compared to any other streaming platform. You can even become a Twitch Affiliate and can start monetizing your channel as early as the influencer wishes. The only eligibility criteria that the influencer needs to complete is a total of 500 minutes broadcast over a week with an average of 3 viewers and 50 followers.

Now that you are onto the path of being an influencer and have thought about the pros and cons of Twitch and other streaming platforms as well, let me take you through the different reasons that might change your mind, only if you are in any kind of doubt, and will give you clarity on how Twitch is a better streaming platform and how you can benefit from this platform as an influencer mainly focusing on launching your Marketing campaigns.

Brands and influencers using Twitch

As you know by now that Twitch is one of the fastest-growing platforms, users have doubled from 3.6 million to 6.9 million in the year 2020 itself and they are consuming content daily which totals around 2 billion hours of content. This is the reason why different brands and influencers are shifting from basic content-creating platforms and are now trusting Twitch to increase their demographic reach.

Brands and influencers using Twitch
Source: Twitch

Now, you can see more and more beauty brands, like Elf, being a part of this streaming platform and not just beauty brands various brands are now collaborating with different influencers, old and new, and are marketing themselves.

Brands like Nike, Adidas, Wendy’s, Red Bull, 1000 Dreams Fund, WildEarth, Nissin Noodles, Indeed, etc. They are making use of this platform in different ways which are exciting for the audience of the influencer.

Let me explain to you an example, a certain beauty brand collaborated with a gaming influencer who in turn recreated her look to her favorite game character, which helped both the influencer and the beauty brand as well to market themselves.

Different reasons to launch Influencer marketing campaign on Twitch

Reason #1: Twitch fans are seriously devoted compared to users of other social media.

On average, Twitch users spend approximately 95-100 minutes watching their favorite streamers which is more than the average time Facebook or Twitter users spend daily, and hence, your audience on Twitch will be more devoted to your content as compared to the other social media platforms.

Reason #2: Twitch isn’t just for gaming anymore.

Twitch was made for live streaming of different games but, that is not the case anymore. Now, this platform is being utilized by every kind of influencer to reach their audience on a more personal level, talking to the audience daily is a thing now, and creating content along with great monetization is a bonus.

Reason #3: Twitch is a great way to market to people who hate marketing.

Streamers will in general have uncommonly steadfast fans that respond adversely to promoting on more mainstream stages, so showcasing on Twitch is a brilliant method to contact these safe crowds.

Reason #5: Live interactive promotions are effective.

The first and foremost thing to prioritize on Twitch is interaction with the audience. By using this platform, the influencers can interact with their audience in real-time. Now, this makes it easier to promote different brands. People feel that there is a real connection between them and the streamer. This kind of touch is often missing in other influencer platforms.

Reason #6: Twitch’s reach is truly impressive.

If your goal as an influencer is to increase your exposure as a brand demographically, Twitch is the right platform. It has an 82% male audience with 55% between the ages of 18 and 34. So, if your brand focuses on the aforementioned age group or gender. Then it is highly likely for you to reach way more audience as compared to other streaming platforms.

 Twitch’s reach is truly impressive.
Source: twitchtracker.com/statistics


Reason #7: Content creators support each other and Twitch is more fun

According to many Twitch users, it is real-time interaction with their audiences which makes it a lot more fun. To talk to the people watching them and most of them end up interacting more. Even after the live streaming which helps in marketing oneself as an individual and gaining more market knowledge.

It is a platform where your audience will stick with you. The main thing you need to prioritize is creating consistent content.

Now that we have a detailed knowledge of this streaming platform. It gives you so many reasons for joining it and launching our influencer campaigns, then what is the wait for? Hurry, sign up to Twitch and get started already.

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Now, you have an idea about Twitch and how live streaming works. Let’s move on to the next post.

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