Pink Woolf Shaving Brush and Safety Razor Stand for Bathroom Aluminum with Nickel Finish


The Pink Woolf Aluminum (Nickel Finish) Shaving Razor and Shaving Brush Stand for bathroom is an absolute must for your precious razor and shaving brush. The thick plating resists rusting with minimal carennKeep your bathroom looking elegant, tidy and air-dry the shaver & shaving brush regularly. One slot each for your shaving tool and shaving brush keeps them organized and saves space in the bathroom. The shaving brush diameter is 30 cm and the safety razor slot measures 1.8 cm for the razor basennThe most important thing to prolong the life of your shaving brush is to gently wipe the bristles with a towel after shaving and hang it upside down so the bristles dry out. While wiping, DO NOT PULL THE BRISTLES. To clean, wipe the stand with a damp cloth occasionallynnGreat solution for elegant storage of your razor and shaving brush, facilitates air drying and promotes better hygiene as well. Fits all Pink Woolf safety razors and shaving brushes with a knot of 22 to 28 mmnNOTE THE RAZOR AND BRUSH ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION AND ARE NOT A PART OF THE SALES PACKAGE

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