CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign: Influencer Marketing Strategy #DuniyaBoliLagayegi

By Rachit Sharma

Adulthood comes with its fair share of problems and privileges, and independence is both. Feels good to have the power to make your own decisions, but it becomes equally important to do that responsibly. Whether buy a smartphone or rent an apartment, financial decisions which you take play a major role in your life.

Buying your first car is one such decision; generally, we buy a new car, although it’s costly it surely gives us satisfaction, cause the first thought that strikes you when you think about a second-hand car is ‘hidden damages’. But what if you are assured of the condition of the used car of your interest by a team of professionals, that’s where CARS24 changed the game.

CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign: Influencer Marketing Strategy
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CARS24 Innovation at its best 

CAR24 is an online platform created for the selling and purchasing of used cars. Purchasing second-hand cars is not a new concept in India, but a large chunk of this used to happen in an unorganized fashion. CARS24 utilized this to their advantage, where people were finding buying a second-hand car a hassle filled with doubts and a lot of paperwork CARS24 made it trustworthy and hassle-free for them. 

All the credit goes to its innovative auction format, a proprietary inspection app, and an algorithm that matches supply and demand across the country. It also features a price discovery mechanism for used vehicles. This changed the game and made CARS24 a great success story, according to Statista they currently occupy a 4% market share of the used car category and clocks 15,000 transactions per month on average. The category is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10-15% Y-o-Y in the next 5 years. 

CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign: Influencer Marketing Strategy
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Even though they seem to have a great future, however, they have a hand full of challenges to face, and two of the biggest problems they have in front are:

  • To make car sellers aware of their state of the art unique bidding system.
  • To win the trust and get noticed by the millennials, through the use of social media.

And they came up with a single solution to both these problems: Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign.

CARS24 #DuniyaBoliLagayegi 

CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign: Influencer Marketing Strategy
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If there is a way to connect with the masses and especially with the young generation is through social media. CARS24 understood this and utilized this tool effectively to reach its target audience. CARS24 Duniya boli lagayegi campaign had two major jobs:

  • To create a buzz about the television commercial which they have launched. 
  • To spread awareness about the unique bidding system over social media.

Moreover, Duniya Boli Lagayegi campaign is divided into 4 phases happening simultaneously to make an impact.

 Influence’s Created A Buzz

CARS24 utilized influencer marketing in a smart way; they use micro and nano Twitter influencers for this due to their higher engagement, in this one influencer writes an amount and their city only in a tweet, and the other will retweet on it writing their amount and city. It was treated as a joke first but persuaded their followers to do the same and is not much time it was a trend. 

And after two days of anticipation CARS24 revealed the reason behind this and hence promoted their unique bidding system. 

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CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign: Influencer Marketing Strategy
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Their whole purpose was to engage a large number of people in this trend so that they can make them aware of their one-of-a-kind system and to hit right at their target audience of millennials.

Meme Marketing For TVC

CARS24 launched a television commercial (TVC), depicting a typical ‘knowing all’ uncle and a smart nephew which directly targeted millennials and the smart decision of buying a used car. But now the important part was its promotion and for this, they used potential but slightly untouched meme marketing. CARS24 collaborated with top meme pages to make memes on their commercial character ‘Mamaji’ and smart nephew viral. This helped in the amplification of their TVC among their target audience.

CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign: Influencer Marketing Strategy
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Moment Marketing and Comparison

CARS24 realized that the time when you can play ‘one size fits all’ advertisements for a longer duration is long gone. In the contemporary world of social media, topical moments play a very strong communication pillar. And they seized it by posting memes including content related to festivals and famous personalities. 

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They also showed a comparison between selling cars on other conventional platforms and on CARS24, using a series of creative’s with each using a unique use narrative to establish the concept. 

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AR Filter

To reach millennials they have to create a trend and for that, they have to use every aspect of social media, and they did the same. The ‘ Guess The Price’ AR filter’s sole purpose was to get as much engagement as possible and to 

CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi Campaign: Influencer Marketing Strategy
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make people aware of the unique bidding system in the most unique and creative way possible.

As the campaign is huge, so was the anticipation of CARS24 for its results.


All their efforts received a tremendous response.

  • Phase one of influencers activity had an impression of 500K+ and an engagement of 200K+ on twitter.
  • Meme marketing had a total reach of 700K+ and an engagement of 100K+.
  • The AR filter had an impression of 10K and used or opened by over 3K+ instagram users.

CARS24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi campaign showed what an important role influencer marketing plays in this new world. 


Cars24 Duniya Boli Lagayegi campaign is a perfect example of how a keen knowledge about your target audience and a splash of creativity can unlock fortunes for you. The world around us is changing and it’s important to understand and evolve according to it. And good market research about your audience and a little endeavor can give you a head start.

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