Guide to Effective Podcast Marketing

By Pritika Matkar

“The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners, and the relationship they have with you- they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening… there is nothing like that.”- Marc Maron, Host- WTF with Maron

Podcasts, or as Wikipedia terms it, ‘radio on-demand’ is gaining popularity as a digital marketing tool. Podcasts are pre-recorded audio programs that are published on either a website or an application and are accessible for listeners to download, or listen to wherever they want. Usually, these podcasts are aired in a series format. Many companies have started to notice that podcasts are emerging as a great marketing tool. If you look at the market statistics, as of 2019, about 51% of the population in a country like the USA listens to podcasts daily. This makes podcast, a reliable and vast platform for digital marketing. Podcasts are gaining popularity amongst all generations alike. To be counted among the best marketing podcasts, you need to build up a strong strategy. At Hobo.Videowe have compiled a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about podcast marketing.

The Rising Popularity of Podcasts

Market studies state that companies who invest in podcast marketing are likely to have a much larger audience base than those who rely on traditional marketing strategies. About 54% of podcast listeners have confirmed that they are more likely to buy products if endorsed or mentioned in a podcast.

Podcasts are gaining popularity with youngsters and older generation alike. One can listen to this audio series anytime and anywhere, be it in a car, home, on the bus or in trains. In the fast-moving world where people have less time, the audience prefers listening to podcasts over audiobooks as they need information in a more quick and comprehensive form. Many companies such as Tinder, McDonald’s, etc. have launched their digital marketing podcasts and, are successfully using this platform as an effective marketing tool.

What is the Need to Start a Podcast?

If the above-mentioned statistics are not convincing enough for you, allow us to highlight more on WHY you must start a podcast.

“You just need one person to listen, get your message and pass it on to someone else, and you have doubled your audience” — Robert Gerrish

A podcast is a huge platform to reach people who are ready to buy your products. There are a few features that we think, make podcast stand apart as the best emerging digital marketing tool.

1. Podcasts are not limited by the time; they can go on for hours depending on the subject matter.

2. Podcasts can be promoted across various platforms including website, iTunes, Spotify and short videos-based content platforms like Hobo.Video

3. Podcasts are a cheaper marketing option than creating digital advertisements.

4. They are convenient for both the creator and the listener.

5. You can address the consumer base directly while talking details of the product you are selling.

6. It is easier to target audience and gain their attention as the voice gives a personal touch to marketing.

Before You Start

Before you start with a podcast, you must remember that it is not going to get a huge success overnight. A successful podcast carves its place after applying many tiresome and extensive promotional strategies. As a new creator in this space, you may be lost over where to start with the podcast creation. Always remember that testing is your best friend. Test out ideas, strategies, concepts, and content through your podcasts and see what works the best.

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As a new creator, you should have two main objectives in your mind when you are starting with the podcast.

1. Identify whom you are targeting to influence

Your podcast might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that is entirely OK! Instead of focusing on a wider audience, target a small set of audience that has an interest in the subject matter of your podcast. Define your content based on this target audience. Of course, you want as many subscribers and listeners as possible, but there is no use of running behind a big crowd if it won’t benefit you by contributing towards your baseline. Be clear with the idea of whom you are trying to reach, what age group they belong to, and the kind of content they would enjoy.

2. Get an idea about what works finest

You cannot just set a specific format for your podcast content and stick to it. Experiment with the content and the styles to find out what works best for your podcast. Try coming up with different podcast marketing strategy every week. Play with the content but give the audience just what they wish for. Put every idea to test and then analyse to know what works best for your audience base.

When creating a podcast, always do the research about the type of content would your target audience enjoy. For instance, if you are targeting a teenager consumer base, they are least likely to be interested in listening to statistical values and boring facts. On the other hand, if you are targeting an audience of a broader age range, you would want to include some statistical analysis to generate engagement. Having a content plan definitely helps with curation. You can plan more efficiently when you know what content you are supposed to present.

Thumb Rules to Follow for an Efficient Promotional Podcast

As a podcast marketing thumb rule, the content of your podcast should be both informative and entertaining. Think of your podcast like your journal and be loud about things that are important to you.

“Podcast is essentially radio Netflix.” — Jordan Harbinger

There are few rules if followed, make a digital marketing podcast, stand apart from other marketing techniques.

1. The advertising in the podcast should always be organic. It should never sound intrusive or burdening.

2. You should always have a script that includes the advertisement in a way that is entertaining to the listeners.

3. You should record the podcast in a quiet space and with professional pieces of equipment.

4. Try to keep the script as entertaining throughout to not lose the audience’s attention even for a minute.

5. Release podcast in episodes rather than making one long audio clip.

According to market analysis, podcasts have a high potential to promote a business over other advertising strategies. An effective podcast serves the customer with a balanced dose of entertainment and information, making it a convenient and practical alternative to TV or radio ads. Creating such operative podcasts requires a lot of strategizing and brainstorming. Compiled below is a list of what we think are the best strategies to promote your podcast as an effective digital marketing tool.

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Strategies for Effective Podcast Marketing

For acing the marketing tactics using this platform, your podcast marketing strategy must be well aligned with your cause. HoboVideo brings together a list of effective podcast marketing strategies, that we think would help you run a successful and effective digital marketing podcast.

1. Understand why are you doing this

Before you start with your podcast, you must have a clear image as to why are you doing this. What is the need and purpose behind your podcast? And what are the ultimate results that you look for with this podcast? It is always easier to achieve goals when you are aware of what you need.

2. Create strong content

Do not market your goods or services explicitly via your podcast. No listener is interested in downloading and listening to infomercials. It is imperative to maintain a balance with content and organically place the advertisement in the podcast script.

“No one wants to listen to a 10-episode podcast about how great ZipRecruiter is at finding a job or helping hire the right applicant. But if we can create a show with someone like entrepreneur and author Seth Godin about what it means to be successful and being the most productive person around, that’s going to appeal to exactly the kind of people that ZipRecruiter wants to reach.”- Lex Friedman, CRO of Midroll

Remember that an effective digital marketing podcast is not about what is that brand; it is more about what the brand has a passion for and what distinct stories can a brand bring to the table.

3. Launch few episodes back-to-back

When you are starting with a podcast, it is advisable that you post at least five to ten episodes back-to-back. This strategy helps to keep the audience engaged in your podcast. If you start with only one episode, there is no compelling reason for the audience to subscribe to your content. Having more content at the beginning leaves a better impression on your listeners and makes your podcast look serious to the audience.

4. Start your channel and pages

Having your website or blog helps to establish your authenticity. People are more likely to be interested in what you are saying when they find this podcast on your channel, rather than on some public marketing platform. You can embed links to your podcast on your website and drive the traffic there. Through your website or channel, you can control and drive the engagement and your audience can get to know more about you.

5. SEO optimization

Optimize your website and podcast titles for SEO search. Find the keywords that are most likely to be used by your target audience in their searches. Add those keywords to the episode titles and description. Podcast SEO optimization is quite similar to YouTube SEO and you can easily learn to do it easily.

6. Upload your content across different podcast directories

One of the quickest ways to market your podcast is by submitting it across different podcast directories. You have many options to choose from-

1. Apple podcast

2. Google Play

3. Stitcher

4. iHeartRadio

5. SoundCloud

6. Spotify

7. Podtail

8. Podbay

You can create an account on any of these platforms and upload run your podcast there to reach a wider audience.

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7. Start sending email newsletters

Email newsletters have the highest ROI at 4200%, among all digital marketing tool. That means for every dollar you invest in an email; you are likely to get $42 back. These newsletters are the best way to share episode updates and ask people to subscribe to your podcast channel. It is highly recommended that you should set up and run an email newsletter service for your podcast.

8. Increase the engagement

There are several ways to increase the listener’s engagement with your podcasts. You can collaborate, host giveaways, keep new contests, and appear on other podcasts. Few operative ways include-

1. Add a call to action. Ask your audience to like, share, and leave a review.

2. Schedule guest appearances on your podcast. Sometimes, the audience would want to learn more from experts about a topic rather than just believing what you say. Bringing over an expert guest to your podcast helps to establish the authenticity of your content.

3. Set a publishing schedule and try to stick to it. If your episodes are uploaded irregularly, the audience might end up losing interest in your content.

4. Appearing on other podcasts will help you pitch yourself to a new set of audience. Approach other podcasters and try to collaborate with them.

5. Reach out to brands and people you mention, for suitable collaboration. The brand would promote your podcast on their social channels as well, serving you with a fresh set of audience.

6. Promote your podcast across various social media platforms.

9. Refurbish your podcast content

As a new creator, you have the flexibility to refurbish your existing as well as new podcast content and promote it on different social media platforms. You can start a blog related to one of your episodes, or you may create graphic designs or infographics promoting the subject matter. You can also take the liberty and turn your podcast content into a YouTube video.

10. Run paid podcast ads

Paid podcast ads are the best ways to reach an audience. Running advertisements for your show in another podcast with a similar subject matter and audience base is a significant way to boost your engagements and reach out to a wider audience.

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A Windup

At Hobo.Video, we encourage creators to use the best platforms to make their presence known to the internet world. The podcast is a widely expanding digital marketing tool which is gaining huge attention from the consumer base across the world. Although podcasts are easy to create, you need to follow an efficient strategy to ensure its success. Your voice is a tool and you must use it to reach your goals.

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