CPA Model And YouTube Affiliate Marketing To Make Profits in 2021

By Reez Ndukwe

The prevalence of digital marketing has overtaken the traditional marketing media (such as TV, radio, and newspaper) in terms of extent and speed of outreach. There is no question about that. Some companies have slowed-down marketing expenditure because of slow business growth due to the Covid restrictions and its accompanying challenges worldwide. YouTubers have also been facing challenges in earning profits from influencer marketers and branding as well. Consequently, some vloggers have resorted to an effective business model – the Cost-Per-Action, or the CPA model.

CPA Model
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The Concept of Post-Per-Action

CPA is a system whereby sellers offer a commission to an affiliate when they make people complete a specific action. The affilate can be a content creator like a YouTuber. CPA can also be referred to as cost-per-acquisition — the measurement of the cost per acquisition of a customer. The CPA model measures the success of an online marketing campaign by the ratio of how much the company spent to acquire a customer (CPA) to the actual earning per click (EPC) or conversion rate (CR) without the risk of over expenditure. In any online business niche, the CPA model is very important. It sometimes determines the impact of the campaign in real-time. Moreover, it suggests to marketers if they should cease the marketing campaign or go as far as enhancing Machine Learning algorithms to make sure the customer action would lead to a conversion. 

It’s fine if you don’t fully understand CPA now. But the CPA marketing model goes in tune with businesses that use e-commerce as their medium of revenue like Hobo.  HoboVideo is a social shopping community wherein sellers, buyers and video content creators (or influencers) are using this system to make money for themselves. With Hobo, everyone wins! Teenage and adult participants can add value to the community and by live-video streaming. Influencers recommend quality products they have recently used so that others can have a delightful experience buying and using those products or services. Besides that, know that the CPA Model is where the big buck is. But how do YouTubers apply it?

The CPA Model for YouTubers

Every vlogger or content creator out there knows the benefit of YouTube for affiliate marketing. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to begin making money online. They leverage it by using the CPA model to earn revenues. How is it done? The YouTube personality makes a partnership with YouTube to monetize his or her channel. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the YouTuber makes another partnership with an external company, promising to promote their products or service on a commission basis. The latter is usually done in association with a CPA or affiliate network. Following approval, the company pays the YouTube vlogger a commission (in percentage) for each click that transforms into a sale.

The CPA Model for YouTubers
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In what way is the CPA model better than a fixed budget or wages?

A business organization may hire a vlogger (YouTuber) to make some promotional content about their product or service. The organization allocates some money to funding the new marketing campaign. If funding fails short, the consistent and smooth flowing engagement with the YouTube subscribers would lie dormant for a while until the funds return. First, with CPA, you get to choose what advertising network you want to work with. Similarly, you can select what product line to promote. Second, your audience engagement will be long term because you know that you will be earning routinely from sales. Third, you would not have to depend on profits from YouTube ads promotion alone. Switching to the CPA marketing approach to YouTube videos can offer some additional benefits. For example, the use of a custom promo code for the subscribers to apply upon any purchase. 

CPA Tools that YouTubers Use

Brand promotions with the CPA model has helped YouTubers become aware of the need to build trust among the followers. During lockdown, subscribers to various YouTube channels had more leisure time and followed up the video content by their YouTuber. The YouTuber will make mention of a new product and influence audience to purchase them, even after the lockdown. As a YouTube personality, the CPA marketing tools that make your work less monotonous and manual are stated and highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Promo Codes

For most YouTubers, it is more convenient to use a promo code instead of the affiliate link in video description. As a Youtube vlogger, you can decide a promotional code unique to you and easy to remember by your subscribers. Promo codes are very convenient for YouTube vloggers who include ads in their videos. The code is actually an affiliate link that bears a unique ID number. The unique ID number embedded within the link automatically tracks a sale made to the vlogger’s account. Thereafter, the CPA model rewards the YouTube vlogger with a commission from the sale made. Promo codes can even be applied for people who buy items offline which will still automatically reflect in the account as in the case of a normal link. Extension Extension makes the life of a YouTuber easier. It is an extension in the Chrome browser capable of creating affiliate links with a unique ID number. Extension is created directly on the webpage of the brand’s CPA partner, and from there it is copied into the video description in one click. 

Admitad Bot

To use the Telegram installed bot, one simply needs to copy and paste his raw affiliate link to the bot. The Admitad Bot will reproduce a clean affiliate link in return regardless of the device used to input the initially ugly links. It can create refined affiliate links on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. This is the same function as the well known Admitad extension on Chrome.

YouTube Thumbnail Generator 

GIMP, Pixlr and Canva are common examples of photo editing applications that can help a YouTuber in generating appealing thumbnails for their video cover. A good-looking YouTube thumbnail coupled with a good video title will drive in more traffic to your offers.


Using YouTube videos on one of the other social media platform or blog adds a bit of flavor to the overall content strategy. Woobox tools enables YouTube personalities to simultaneously post their videos on Facebook Tab. Consequently, Facebook followers can view the YouTube video while they are browsing through Facebook. What is interesting about this is that the video will play on the social app or blog page without being redirected to YouTube or another page.

YouTube Marketing Tips for Exponential Growth

The CPA marketing model is not the only factor which makes a YouTube channel grows. As a vlogger, you can sustain your traffic as well as followers by implementing these few tips from HoboVideo.

– As a YouTuber, you’re not just supposed to spread your affiliate link and website URL at every hook and cranny. In order to get a continuous inflow of traffic, you will need to add value to the lives of your viewers and increase their knowledge base as well.

– We advise that about 80% of your posts/ video content should be for entertainment or education purposes only. Whereas, only 20% of your vlogs should have anything to do with promotions. The truth is, new video posts without any fun or valuable insights contained throughout the duration of the video will cause your audience to lose interest. If that happens, the goodwill of your audiences will decrease and thus, your subscribers will no longer be raving fans but passive subscribers. 

– Keyword tools such as WordStream can give you suggestions on the hottest search topics and their keyword entries that users are looking for on YouTube. If you utilize this tool, your channel will always be first to feature the latest developments and the number of viewers will definitely increase. That process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it optimizes your channel for web search engines. Furthermore, you can use the newly discovered keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions. 

The CPA marketing model is not the only factor which makes a YouTube channel grows.
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Video marketing with YouTube is free or at very little cost when compared to other online marketing methods. Imagine, just with your camera or iPhone, you can record a 5-10 minute video and upload into your YouTube channel. Once uploaded, you add a video description and leave affiliate links or your website address. Subscribers consume your video content and if they are satisfied with your product recommendation, they head over to your landing page where you collect leads and direct them to the purchase terminal. How cost effective is that compared with other typical online ads! 

If you have an upcoming YouTube channel or not, you can make money online by using the CPA model discussed earlier. You can also learn and implement ways to make money online with HoboVideo’s guidance, promotional offers and interactive support. You can join the community of thousands of Gen Z youth,  influencers, buyers, and resellers on  Discover the amazing way in which you can make money on Hobo’s social platform by checking out this article.


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