By Harneet Kaur 

Fashion is defined as a way of styling and clothing prevalent at a particular time. Fashion makes trends and trends turn into fashion. All of this depending upon the clothes we wear, the way we accessorize, the styles we follow, and the way our hair looks. Fashionable trends come and go. They used to be a one-time occurrence up until now when major throwback trends are coming into the limelight again. Flared denims, bell pants, oversized Victorian sleeves, these long-forgotten trends made a comeback in recent years, thanks to fashion influencers who paired them up with modern looks.

But Who Are Fashion Influencers?

Fashion influencers are public figures who create fashionable content for their social media and through it, try to influence the choices and purchase behavior of their followers.

These influencers can recommend products on their own, through their own wardrobe staples or personal favorites, or they collaborate with fashion brands and labels to promote their collections.

They are called influencers due to the large following they have on social media platforms using which they can drive up sales for the brands they collaborate with and also provide honest opinions and review for them.

10 Indian Fashion Influencers You Must Follow

Hobo.Video brings you a list of 10 Indian fashion influencers who are continually gaining popularity and those who have already amassed a good following. Read on and follow them on social media to turn up your fashion game and get on with the latest trends and fashions.

1. Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Malvika Sitlani Aryan
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image credit: Malvika Sitlani Instagram

Fashion and Beauty blogger Malvika Sitlani rose to fame as a model. She appeared in the first season of India’s Next Top Model and had also acted in the movie Meri Pyaari Bindu. Her love for make-up is well known as she is said to be obsessed with it.

Malvika’s Instagram boasts of 491k followers (and an 11.04% engagement rate) who take inspiration for hair, make-up, fashion and all things related. Her YouTube channel has over 515k subscribers.

Malvika shares makeup looks and how-to’s along with dreamy exotic photographs in picturesque locations and dresses. From western wear to Indian, Malvika’s looks are sure to be head-turning.

Follow her on Instagram: @malvikasitlaniofficial

2. Karron S. Dhinggra

Karron S. Dhinggra
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image credit: Karron Dhinggra Instagram

You won’t believe a lawyer could get a huge following of 431k on his Instagram. Why not? Check out Karron Dhinggra’s profile. As written on his bio, Karron is a lawyer living his passion for fashion. In less than two years of expressing his emotions through fashion, Karron has a loyal following and is among the Top 10 Indian Fashion influencers (with an engagement rate of over 17.36%!)

Unique clothing styles, from formals to casuals to athletic wear, his profile teaches young guys the ins and outs of fashion and grooming. His mantra is “looking good leads to feeling good”. Through his blog, The Formal Edit, he tries to squash the stereotypes associated with grooming and fashion, that they are a female’s forte.

Follow him on Instagram: @theformaledit

3. Mitali Gupta

Mitali Gupta
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Mitali Gupta Instagram

A 22 year old girl from Ludhiana had accomplished in the fashion industry what many could not even in their late twenties. Being crowned as World Supermodel Teen South Asia in 2018, Mitali has garnered a loyal fan base of around 82.3k followers on her Instagram and a 4.69% engagement rate.

Having cheerful, colorful posts includes fashion looks, accessories and cool aesthetic pics added in between. Portraying a bold look and inspiring girls to be comfortable in what they wear, Mitali is a role model for many.

What’s more? She makes fun and interactive reels which many find relatable! Follow her on Instagram: @mitalii.guptaa

4. Shakti Singh Yadav

Shakti Singh Yadav
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Shakti Singh Instagram

From a social media executive to a men’s fashion blogger, Shakti started as a regular Instagrammer, posting Outfit Of The Days, travel and food pictures. While working as a social media executive and handling different brands, he decided to work for himself and make a brand of himself.

Posting cool and stylish photos of his looks along with style guides for guys, his Instagram has dedicated 119k followers who look up at him (with an Instagram engagement rate of 4.19%).

He’s been even nominated as the best best menswear influencer within a span of 2 years of starting his blog. 

Follow his Instagram: @thefebruaryboy

5. Tarini Shah

Tarini Shah
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Tarini Shah Instagram

An upcoming fashion and lifestyle influencer, Tarini Shah lives in Mumbai and loves to create content. She started with and eventually garnering 110k followers on TikTok by April 2020.

While her Instagram is a bit behind, with around 90k followers, her engagement rate on the platform is a whopping 40.6%! Creating interactive, fashionable and even personal experience sharing reels and posting girl-next-door content, her social butterfly personality helped her connect with her audience easily.

Follow her on Instagram: @tarini_shah

6. Allen Claudius

Allen Claudius
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Allen Claudius Instagram

Allen’s blog Bowties and Bones reflects his casual street style which majority consistes of sneakers. Yes. Sneakers get the front-of-camera treatment.

He’s sticked to his niche and been consistent in producing content. He likes to pair with brands that he’d like to buy himself. He’d prefer to work with real life content than just go around and pose with brands who expect him to act something.

His Instagram boasts of 18.8k followers who look up at him to get inspiration for the flourishing streetwear style and sneaker vibes. His engagement rate is at 4.16%.

Follow him on Instagram: @bowtiesandbonesblog

7. Anshita Juneja

Anshita Juneja
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Anshita Juneja Instagram

Digital creator Anshita has got a few blogs under her name. In her Vanity No Apologies blog, she talks about various beuty trends, makeup tutorials, product reviews and recommendations.

In her Petite Peeve blog, she mainly focuses on fashion trends, clothing hacks and tips, travel and food content. Her Instagram boasts of a 181k following with a nice 28.11% engagement rate. There you can see her in ethnic as well as modern wear. And she rocks them both. 

She’s a real beauty with brains, having done her Bachelor’s in Economics and then an Intensive MBA course. But she’s managed them both with balance and dedication.

Follow her on Instagram: @anshitajunejaa

8. Nikhil Kandhari

Nikhil Kandhari
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Nikhil Kandhari Instagram

Nikhil’s Instagram contains stunning picturesque views with his dashing stylish personality thrown in. He is a full time blogger and musician from Mumbai.

Starting his blog in 2016, Nikhil has experimented with his inspiration and tried to find creative and versatile ways to present his style as an influencer. His content showcases him in casual t-shirts and capris, jackets and hoodies and formal wear- both traditional and western. He’s been awarded Cosmo India’s Best Lifestyle Blogger for the year 2019 to 2020.

Using the power of reels and IGTV, Nikhil gives out fashion hacks and workout techniques. His Instagram following is 60.8k (with a 7.42% engagement rate) and is consistently increasing.

Follow him on Instagram: @iamnkhl

9. Mehr Panchal

Mehr Panchal
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Mehr Panchal Instagram

Mehr is a 22 year old Mumbai based fashion  blogger, having over 106k followers and an engagement rate of 10.73% on Instagram. 

Mehr’s Instagram represents her fun and bubbly side, with fashion content ranging over colourful apparels, quirky reels and sometimes, bold, intense looks. She rocks the pretty Indian looks as well as the IT girl look.

Her posts inspire girls to be bold and beautiful. Follow her on Instagram: @mehrpanchal

10. Rajvatan Singh

Rajvatan Singh
Image: Fashion influencers to follow | Image: Image credit: Rajvatan Singh Instagram

Rajvatan has paved a way for Sikh men to turn to fashion and trends. His Instagram account, is followed by over 25k people and he’s got an engagement rate of around 7.95%. His posts include formal wear, ethnic wear and even experimental styling.

What makes him unique is his versatile style and his ability to make outfits and apparels look brilliant with a turban. From tuxedos to woolen cardigans and suits, his colourful turbans match up with them.

Rajvatan walked as UK’s First Sikh Model in Lakme Fashion Week and he’s also been enlisted in Top 10 Punjabi Influencers for 2020. What’s more? He’s a model, dancer, actor and even a history/sociology teacher!

Follow him on Instagram: @rajvatansingh_

To Conclude

These were some of the up and coming Indian fashion influencers on Instagram who have taken charge of the fashion game and turned it to their tune. 

Hope you liked the article and followed some of the account’s for your next awesome look.  Be sure to check out the list of different influencers, compiled by Hobo.Video.